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Chapter 1080 - I Don't Need You to Save Me

"Brilliant Void Saintess!!" The All-Seer's expression immediately became serious. He quickly retreated a few steps while holding the trident, but then his gaze quickly moved toward the old man in the air.

"Lu Yundao!" The All-Seer frowned and said, "Could it be that your Brilliant Void Realm wants to get involved as well?"

The old man looked at the All-Seer and then at the gloomy-looking Ancient Devil Ta Jia. When he looked at Ancient Devil Ta Jia, there was a hint of remembrance in his gaze.

"This old man's target is him!" The old man let out a sigh and walked toward Ta Jia.

The ancient devil's eyes were filled with devilish flames as he stared at the old man, and they became serious. His right hand grabbed the blade and swung forward as he gloomly said, "It's you! It turns out you didn't die!"

"I should have already died, but Brother Qing Lin saved me. Although our feud was deep, since he saved me once, I owe him. I'll repay that debt with you!" As the old man spoke, he walked toward the ancient devil. His expression was calm, as if the ancient devil wasn't worthy of his attention.

Ta Jia let out a roar and a monstrous black mist came from his body. The mist turned into a devilish shadow, and it opened its mouth to try to devour the old man.

In the blink of an eye, the ancient devil and the old man were shrouded in a cloud of black mist. The ancient devil's roar came out and thunderous rumble echoed.

Mu Bingmei put down Wang Lin and shot straight toward the All-Seer.

The All-Seer frowned as he retreated and calmly said, "Brilliant Void Saintess, I don't want to make an enemy out of your Brilliant Void Realm. This Wang Lin has no relationship with you. No one can stop me from killing him."

"You're not qualified to kill him!" Mu Bingmei shook her head as she flew into the air. With a wave of her right hand, illusions appeared. They unexpectedly all looked exactly the same as Mu Bingmei!

However, there were only eight of them!

"Spirit Lock the Soul, Refine the Heavens for Energy!" Mu Bingmei's voice was calm, and the moment she finished speaking, the eight avatars immediately formed seals with their hands. A powerful surge of origin energy gathered. It formed a pillar of origin energy that suddenly came crashing down.

The All-Seer's eyes revealed a strange light and he muttered something. The origin energy pillar that descended from the sky began trembling.

Mu Bingmei shook her head and softly said, "Your heavenly fate spell is useless against me!" As she spoke, her right hand reached at the void and endless origin energy gathered to form a bamboo slip. The moment the bamboo slip opened, a seven-colored light was released. Numerous runes flew out and surrounded Mu Bingmei's body.

"Although I'm only at the first Heaven's Blight, none of the origin energy inside the Brilliant Void can escape my control. If I don't want you to have any origin energy, you can't take even a speck!" Mu Bingmei's jade-like hand pointed at the runes around her. The runes suddenly scattered and disappeared within the world.

At this instant, all of the origin energy in the entire world changed greatly and gathered toward the origin energy pillar.

Mu Bingmei stared at the All-Seer and said, "Seal all of the All-Seer's external origin energy!" Although her voice was calm, it contained an unquestionable tone!

At this instant, all of the origin energy around the All-Seer separated from him as if it were rejecting him. It dissipated fast and was exhausted in an instant.

Only the origin energy inside the All-Seer that was refined wasn't affected.

However, this inconceivable spell was far beyond anyone's imagination. Even the All-Seer's expression became gloomy.

"I have long heard that within the Brilliant Void Realm, the Brilliant Void Saintess has a powerful spell. The title of Brilliant Void Saintess has been passed down for generations since ancients time. Even when Celestials still existed, her identity was a match for the Celestial Palace. There were four Celestial Realms, and each one had a star system below them. Rumor has it that there is one person in each star system that has an inheritance from the Ancient Celestial Realm!

"Each of the four star systems' Saintesses control different powers. When I entered the Brilliant Void Realm to cultivate, I heard many rumors about the Brilliant Void Saintess. Today I see that those rumors are true."

Mu Bingmei didn't speak as she pointed at the origin energy pillar. The pillar rapidly shrank until it was a glittering short sword made of light.

Holding the short sword, Mu Bingmei raised her head and moved like a butterfly toward the All-Seer. Even until now, she didn't look at Wang Lin a second time. The complex feelings in her heart made it so she didn't know how to face this familiar stranger.

No one could understand her mind, because even she was still confused… She only knew that she couldn't stand watching Wang Lin die. She couldn't remain indifferent while others tried to kill Wang Lin.

There was an even more complex feeling that made her heart very painful… Due to this feeling, she wouldn't allow anyone to kill Wang Lin.

This thought had lingered in her heart for a very long time and filled her heart. Many times, she would be awakened from her cultivation due to shock late at night. She would stand alone on the highest mountain of the Brilliant Void Realm and look at the endless void. That painful feeling would make her feel like her heart was bleeding. That idea would make her almost lose control.

She had gone through countless years feeling like this… Today, when she saw Wang Lin, that complex feeling and pain brewing in her heart filled her mind.

She didn't dare to lower her head to look at Wang Lin, who might still be unconscious. She… didn't dare.

She only held the short sword and charge at the All-Seer with that complex feeling. It felt like that was the only thing that could calm her heart.

The All-Seer's expression was gloomy. Although he knew a lot about the Brilliant Void Saintess, he didn't think she would be able to seal the world's origin energy. This meant that his heavenly fate spells had no effect on her.

The heavenly fate spells were a way of communicating with the world. This communication allowed him to obtain an intangible law to use!

He let out a cold snort as he swung his trident. Three rays of light shot at Mu Bingmei.

As rumbles echoed, Wang Lin opened his eyes on the ground. When he saw Mu Bingmei battling the All-Seer, his eyes revealed a very complex expression along with a trace of unerasable pain.

He didn't think he would actually meet her so quickly, and at a time like this. Whenever Wang Lin thought of Liu Mei, the pain he felt was far more intense than any injury could cause. His heart hurt every time he thought about the bitterness in Wang Ping's body.

While pondering, Wang Lin sat down in the lotus position and took a deep breath. He was out of spells, and it seemed he had nothing left to fight against fate with.

"I still have one more spell!" Wang Lin looked at the endless space that had appeared when the sword storm broke the sky of the Demon Spirit Land. The powerful origin energy coming from outside surrounded the Demon Spirit Land.

"Although the azure light shield was broken in half, it didn't disappear. The life-saving blow of an 8-star ancient god is stored inside. Although I don't know its power, it can't be weak!" As Wang Lin pondered, his right eye shined blue. The vague shadow of the azure light shield appeared.

However, this azure light shield was split in half and was rapidly fusing with Wang Lin's eye. Even if hadn't fused, the 8-star ancient god spell stored inside could still be used. The requirement was that… there was enough ancient god energy!

Wang Lin had an idea of dealing with the problem of obtaining ancient god power before. That was to split his avatar and original body and allow his original body to settle down somewhere to gradually absorb ancient god power with the azure light shield.

However, it would take too long. Originally, Wang Lin planned to do this after he left the Demon Spirit Land. However, right now he had to find a shortcut!

However, if it was a shortcut, it would come at a price. It was a price Wang Lin would have to pay.

Wang Lin looked at Liu Mei battling with the All-Seer. His eyes became firm and resolute.

"I don't need her to save me, and I don't want to owe her anything!"

While pondering, the five ancient god stars suddenly appeared between Wang Lin's eyebrows and rotated rapidly. A large amount of ancient god power emerged and entered the azure light shield in his right eye.

As the ancient god power entered his right eye, the blue light from his right eye became so bright that it was blinding!

The price of using his own ancient god power to fill the azure light shield was very costly for Wang Lin. Although his stars didn't shatter, using all of his ancient god power caused his fifth star to dim and look extremely bleak.

However, as long as the ancient god star didn't shatter, it could be restored!

However, the azure light shield required too much ancient god power. As the light from Wang Lin's right eye shined brighter, more ancient god power entered his right eye and the fourth star also dimmed.

The blue light from Wang Lin's right hand exploded and shrouded the area. Even Mu Bingmei and the All-Seer, who were battling, noticed this strange, blue light.

The stars between his eyebrows rotated faster and faster. The third star dimmed, followed by the second star. Finally, the last remaining star also slowly faded.

However, at this instant, the blue light from Wang Lin's right eye shot out like a sword into the sky. He looked at the 50-kilometer-wide pillar that had risen into the air due to the All-Seer's spell. The pillar immediately rumbled as it was unable to withstand Wang Lin's gaze and then collapsed!

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