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Chapter 1079 - Mu Bingmei

At this moment, Ta Jia opened his arms and the illusion of a crescent moon appeared behind him. Then, with one "Moon Burial," the Void treasures before the five elders collapsed. They were blown back and they coughed out blood.

The flame giant formed by almost 100 Vermillion Bird Divine Sect disciples collapsed under the spell and the nearly 100 origin souls returned to their bodies.

They all coughed out a large mouthful of blood.

The All-Seer turned a blind eye to all of this as he stared at the tattoo-covered Ta Shan and slowly said, "You have been hiding down there for a long time. I thought you weren't going to come out."

Ta Shan silently pondered. He had indeed been hiding down there for a long time. He didn't have to come out for this fight; after all, this had little to do with him.

In truth, this was his intention. However, just now, when Wang Lin faced the moment of life and death, he let out a roar. His body seemed to lose control and he charged out.

"Ta Shan…" Wang Lin's expression looked haggard, but his eyes became even more sharp. At this moment, Ta Shan was helping him stand, and blood was coming out from the corner of his mouth.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and said, "Let go of me and go help Big Head!" His hand clenched the sword sheath as he stared at the All-Seer with monstrous killing intent.

He seemed to have reverted back to how he was when he was on planet Suzaku, a fiend with monstrous killing intent!

"I, Wang Lin, am a heaven-defying cultivator. Even if I die, I'll die an indomitable spirit!! There is nothing to fear in life, it is merely death!!" The sword sheath in Wang Lin's hand shattered into countless pieces, leaving only the rusty iron sword!

Ta Shan hesitated slightly before silently retreating. He looked at Wang Lin, and for a moment, luster returned to Wang Lin's eyes.

Then Ta Shan suddenly turned around and charged to where Big Head and Master Hollow Wind were.

Wang Lin had asked Ta Shan to leave because he understood that with Ta Shan's cultivation level, even with the Tattoo Clan Holy Ancestor's inheritance, he still wasn't strong enough to stop the All-Seer. Although Ta Shan didn't look that injured from taking that blow, Wang Lin knew that Ta Shan wouldn't be able to withstand a second blow!

Holding the iron sword, Wang Lin took a deep breath. He looked at the All-Seer and revealed a hint of bitterness.

"Let me call you Teacher once more… Without you, I don't know where I would be. Maybe I would have still left planet Suzaku, maybe I would have chosen a remote place to go into seclusion...

"This is my struggle for survival! If I die, Teacher, please bury me back on planet Suzaku. Even if I can't re-enter the reincarnation cycle, let me be buried in my homeland! Situ and the others don't have anything to do with you. If I die, I hope Teacher can let them go…"

The All-Seer's expression was calm as he looked at Wang Lin. After pondering a bit, he nodded.

Wang Lin laughed loudly, and this laugh was filled with arrogance. His body was in pain and his origin soul was fragmenting, but his hands didn't tremble. He held the iron sword and slowly lifted it.

"All-Seer!" As Wang Lin shouted, he swung his right hand and all the origin energy in his body entered the iron sword. The sword released a harsh sword hymn and the illusion of a giant sword appeared in the air and swept toward the All-Seer.

One strike, two strikes, three strikes...

The All-Seer didn't move and just calmly looked at Wang Lin, calmly looked at the sword strikes connecting one after the other.

Seven strikes, eight strikes, nine strikes… Before one swing dissipated, another swing came. The sword strikes surrounded the All-Seer and replaced all other light.

Ten strikes, eleven strikes… Until the 19th strike, where Wang Lin coughed out blood and his crimson red armor dimmed.

20 strikes, 21 strikes… 23 strikes! When Wang Lin reached his limit, the armor around him dissipated into fire origin energy and entered the iron sword.

24th strike! Popping sounds came from Wang Lin's body and two streams of blood flow from his eyes. His expression became even more ferocious as he lifted the iron sword once more.

The sword lights around the All-Seer whistled, and in the blink of an eye, the 25th strike formed!

The moment the 25th strike appeared, blood sprayed out of Wang Lin's chest and his wound opened. His body trembled, but a powerful will prevented his body from falling.

With a miserable smile, Wang Lin lifted the iron sword once more. The 26th strike appeared and swept by the All-Seer.

At this moment, the All-Seer was moved. He stared at Wang Lin and pondered.

"What you're doing is useless… With my First Heaven's Blight cultivation, you need at least 30 blows with that Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure to stop me from advancing."

"Is that so…" Wang Lin's vision was still a blur, but his right hand didn't stop and waved again. The sword light around the All-Seer whistled and the 27th strike appeared!

Blood came out of Wang Lin's orifices, but he let out a roar and threw the iron sword at the All-Seer. It turned into the 28th and 29th strikes!

The All-Seer shook his head, but at this moment, Wang Lin's origin soul began to collapse on a large scale. Although it hadn't dissipated, he became even weaker. However, he was able to exchange it for even more origin energy.

The iron sword erupted with even stronger light. As it circled the All-Seer, the 30th strike appeared!

This didn't stop. After the 30th strike, the 31st and 32nd strikes appeared as quick as lightning!

"33 strikes!!" Wang Lin let out a startling roar, and large amounts of blood gushed out from his body, forming the last strike, the 33rd strike!"

These 33 strikes circled the All-Seer, and with one final point from Wang Lin, they released a sword energy that could pierce the Demon Spirit Land. It contained monstrous power and killing intent as it charged at the All-Seer.

The rust from the iron sword fused with the sword light.

Rumble, rumble, rumble!

An impact that shook the heavens appeared around the All-Seer. At this moment, everyone stopped their battles and looked over at this unimaginable impact.

Even Ancient Devil Ta Jia revealed a strange gaze as he looked over.

"Master…" Ta Shan clenched his fist and his body trembled.

"Master!" Big Head's origin soul stared straight ahead. He felt an indescribable pain fill his origin soul.

"Little Lin!" Situ Nan was battling the All-Seer's avatar and was covered in blood. At this moment, he stared at where Wang Lin was with bloodshot eyes!

A sword storm appeared where Wang Lin and the All-Seer were, and this storm connected to the heavens. The entire Demon Spirit Land trembled violently, the earth collapsed, and the sky changed colors.

As thunderous rumbles echoed, the entire sky was torn open, revealing the endless space outside!

When the sword storm swept by, the Demon Spirit Land collapsed. As the sky collapsed, endless origin energy rushed in.

This fierce impact caused a huge shockwave. After the impact dissipated, the All-Seer calmly stood there. In his hand he held a trident that gave off an ancient aura!

However, most of his clothes fragmented when the wind blew by. Even a large amount of his hair fragmented and disappeared.

Wang Lin's body contained a trace of unwillingness as he slowly fell backward. His body fell from the towering pillar and plummeted toward the collapsing earth...

"I'm about to… visit my mom and dad…" As wang Lin's body fell, his confused eye looked at the torn sky. He could faintly see his father and mother waving as him. They revealed smiles of kindness that he hadn't seen in over 1,000 years.

These smiles only existed deep within heart. It was his most precious and cherished memory.

"Perhaps… This is for the best…" Wang Lin smiled, and in his eyes, Li Muwan and Wang Ping appeared behind his parents.

"You guys… Were waiting for me…" Wang Lin's eyes were filled with confusion. He muttered to himself while he fell.

"It's just Situ… Zhou Yi… I was unable to fulfill my promise… I'm sorry…" Wang Lin closed his eyes, and the moment he closed them, two  figure appeared in the sky above the Demon Spirit Land.

These two figures were a male and female. The man was the old man from the Brilliant Void Realm and the woman was… Mu Bingmei!

Mu Bingmei's absolute beauty and endless coldness collapsed the moment she saw Wang Lin's body fall from the pillar.

An unknown complex feeling appeared in her mind. At this moment, she lost control of her body and she took a step and shot toward Wang Lin.

The old man beside her frowned and let out a sigh. He didn't stop her but looked at everyone in the Demon Spirit Land.

Mu Bingmei was like a fluttering butterfly as she arrived next to Wang Lin and held him. Looking at the man so close to her, the complex feelings in her heart couldn't be diluted at all.

To be exact, this was the first time she had faced him...

Letting out a sigh, Mu Bingmei waved her jade-like hand and a crack appeared before her. A jade bottle containing only one pill flew out. This bottle was made from the best celestial jade and contained numerous restrictions on it to preserve the effect of the medicine. Since the bottle was like this, there was no need to talk about the only pill inside.

Mu Bingmei took out the pill and placed it next to Wang Lin's mouth without hesitation.

This pill didn't need to be devoured. The moment it touched his lips, it turned into two strands of milky white gas and entered his nostrils.

"No one in this world can kill you before I do!" Mu Bingmei raised her beautiful hand that could cause any cultivator's heart to tremble. She looked at the All-Seer, and her eyes revealed a cold gaze!

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