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Chapter 1078 - Ta Shan Appears

There was an extremely strange domain in the star system. It was a boundless domain and was one of the forbidden lands of the Cultivation Alliance.

The reason it was strange was that from a distance, it looked like a land of illusions. There were trees piercing through the sky and grass as far as the eyes could see. At a glance, it looked extremely fake.

This beautiful jungle that should exist on a planet just floated in boundless space. It also wasn't just a jungle, but a vast forest that seemed to have always existed.

Dense, wood origin energy filled the star domain. It formed a green mist that shrouded the star domain and lingered for a long time...

Any cultivator that got close would find their origin energy stop, and some would even find their origin energy disappear without a trace.

Even the Cultivation Alliance dreaded this place, so they made it a forbidden zone.

Only a few old monsters that have been around for a long time still had vague memories of this green mist-filled place. Although the memories were vague, they hadn't forgotten.

This was the location of the Four Divine Sect's Azure Dragon Divine Sect!

At this moment, a person slowly appeared in the distance. This person looked middle-aged, and there was a trace of reminiscence and melancholy in his eyes. He looked at the Azure Dragon Divine Sect and let out a sigh.

He then raised his right hand and pointed forward. The shadow of a Vermillion Bird appeared and let out a cry that echoed across the world as it charged into the green mist.

A moment later, several figures flew out from the green light. The three people that charged out all had white hair and there were traces of time on their faces. Behind them were six elders followingly closely after them.

"Greetings, Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor." After the nine old men walked out from the green mist and saw the middle-aged man, they revealed looks of respect as they clasped their hands.

"The Vermillion Bird awakener has appeared and I need to borrow your Azure Dragon Divine Sect's holy treasure. I also need you all to come with me!" The middle-aged man was the origin soul of the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor. To ensure nothing would go wrong on this trip, he had already gone to the Black Tortoise Divine Sect and the White Tiger Divine Sect. The Azure Dragon Divine Sect was the last one.

The nine old men from the Azure Dragon Divine Sect looked at each other and didn't hesitate much. One of the three elders in front respectfully nodded. "We will obey the order of the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor!"

As for what was going on in the Demon Spirit Land, by borrowing the self-destruction of one of the six Vermillion Bird Divine Sect elders, Wang Lin was able to get away from the All-Seer. His eyes were completely red and intense pain shot through his heart due to his injuries.

In the distance, the five remaining elders of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect were too late to come to help. The five of them weren't at peak Nirvana Shatterer cultivators; they were mostly in the early and mid stages, and they were already finding it difficult to deal with Ancient Devil Ta Jia. If they were distracted for a moment, they would be seriously injured.

These five elders were surrounded by flames and had magic treasures surrounding them. These were no ordinary treasure either; they were all Void treasures stored by the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect for countless years. Although they were not as good as Pseudo Nirvana Void treasures, the way the five of them used them with the flame giant and adding on the Flower Imperial Concubine, who had won over the human-like thing, they were able to confront the ancient devil. However, when the ancient devil used spells, it was obvious they were at a disadvantage.

The All-Seer's expression was calm. After tearing the mark from between his eyebrows, he had a powerful aura around him. He slowly approached Wang Lin.

"To be killed by me while I'm at first Heaven's Blight, you can laugh in hell." The All-Seer walked one step and a stormed echoed. Before he even got close, the storm swept Wang Lin. It was as if knives were cutting his body, creating popping sounds, and then Wang Lin was knocked back.

Wang Lin coughed out a mouthful of blood and revealed a ferocious expression. During his entire cultivation life, if not for his struggling and resilience, he would have already died.

There was still blood at the corner of his mouth as he slapped his bag of holding, causing dozens of flying swords to appear. With a roar, he pointed at the All-Seer and they all shot forward. At the same time, Wang Lin took out the third God Slaying War Chariot!

When the third war chariot appeared, it turned into the butterfly, and with a flap of its wings, laws appeared.

The All-Seer's expression was calm, and his feet didn't stop at all. Facing the dozens of swords, only his mouth moved lightly as if he was chanting a spell.

The dozens of swords suddenly paused in the air and then there was a thunderous rumble. The dozens of sword all shattered into pieces, and the pieces flew at Wang Lin,

As the fragments flew back due to some unknown spell casted by the All-Seer, they formed into a dragon.

This dragon was covered in sharp blade fragments and charged straight at Wang Lin, but it crashed into the butterfly.

The butterfly flapped its wings and crackling sounds came from the dragon. This sound was very harsh; it was like countless metal pieces were rubbing each other. In just a moment, the dragon shattered once more into powder that scattered with the wind.

This scene caused Wang Lin's scalp go numb. This was the first time he had been in a situation where he didn't even know what spell the other party had used and he almost died. If not for the fact that he had pulled out the God Slaying War Chariot quickly enough, he would have been caught unprepared.

The butterfly flapped its wings and invisible wind containing law blew toward the All-Seer. However, the All-Seer's expression didn't change when the butterfly appeared; he just chanted once more.

Earth-shattering explosions went off before the butterfly and layers of ripples spread. It caused the butterfly to tremble and show signs of collapse.

Wang Lin's expression revealed a deep struggle as his hand formed a seal and he coughed out a large mouthful of blood on the butterfly. He then shouted. "Activate the third seal!"

The butterfly trembled and flapped its wings once more. Four incomplete petals appeared above the butterfly, and as it flapped its wings, the four incomplete petals floated forward.

The All-Seer exclaimed slightly as he raised his right hand and waved.

Large amounts of fragments appeared in the void before him as if he had shattered the sky with the wave of his hand. Those fragments all flew toward Wang Lin.

The butterfly still had the four petals out, but they didn't have time to display their true power before the fragments swept past Wang Lin and it disappeared.

And at this moment, the All-Seer closed in. He had a calm expression as he raised his right index finger and ruthlessly pointed between to Wang Lin's eyebrows!

If this finger landed, even Wang Lin's ancient god body would immediately collapse and his weaken origin soul would instantly disappear. From that day on, there wouldn't be anyone named Wang Lin anymore!

The All-Seer's strength was like a giant mountain that stood before Wang Lin. Wang Lin subconsciously felt like he couldn't resist, and even if he did resist, he wouldn't be able to cross this mountain.

However, this feeling was suppressed by Wang Lin the moment it appeared!

"I'm not willing!!" Wang Lin's voice echoed across with a roar of madness. As the All-Seer's finger fell, Wang Lin took out a sword sheath from his bag of holding and held it out before him.

In an instant, the All-Seer's index finger collided with that sword sheath.

There was a heaven-shaking sound and cracks appeared on the sword sheath. Although it didn't shatter, the force threw Wang Lin into the distance.

He coughed out a large mouthful of blood. Wang Lin's vision had blurred and his origin soul was almost ripped asunder. He felt like he was about to fall apart, and at this moment, the only thing holding him together was his unwillingness to surrender and his will to defy the heavens!

The All-Seer paused. Although he looked calm during that attack, the rebound force from the sword sheath had shocked him. Killing intent flashed across his eyes as he took a step and seemed to teleported before Wang Lin.

He raised his right hand and was about to ruthlessly slam down.

Just at this instant, an intense killing intent came from within the depths of the Demon Spirit Land. The ground erupted and a shadow covered in tattoos appeared from below the earth.

This shadow was even several times faster than the All-Seer. It quickly closed in like a bolt of thunder, and a gloomy roar echoed through the world.

"Anyone who hurts my lord will be Ta Shan's mortal enemy!"

The moment the All-Seer's palm descended, the shadow threw out a talisman made of animal skin, and it burned into smoke. This smoke made this shadow several times faster, and in a flash, he arrived before Wang Lin to block that palm.

A thundering rumble echoed as the person covered in tattoos retreated with Wang Lin in his arms and coughed out blood. A lot of the tattoos on his body collapsed, but he revealed a ferocious expression.

The smoke around his body quickly entered his body to heal him, and a portion of it entered Wang Lin's body.

Just at this instant, Big Head's miserable scream echoed. His body was destroyed by the All-Seer's avatar and his origin soul was seriously injured. He was about to be destroyed by the All-Seer's avatar.

Just at this moment, the seriously injured Lei Ji let out a roar. He was very close, and he rushed out before Big Head and collided with the All-Seer's avatar's attack.


Lei Ji's body collapsed and his origin soul almost dissipated. Master Hollow Wind waved his sleeves and collected Lei Ji's origin soul. However, the price was his chest was pierced through by a sword from one of the All-Seer's avatars.

Master Hollow Wind coughed out blood and retreated with a miserable smile. He then closed in on the also seriously injured two Chen brothers.

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