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Chapter 1073 - All Out

The sound of the waves continued to enter the ears of the four people here. This sound seemed to contain a strange rhythm and seemed to contain the law of the world.

However, as the sound the waves echoed, the grey-robed All-Seer's mouth felt dry. He wasn't the only one; the other two avatars felt the same. In fact, they were even worse off, and fear grew within their hearts at an uncontrollable rate.

Master Void had completely awakened when he looked at the bright red sun appearing over the horizon. Although only a small portion of the sun was exposed, the dazzling light was like swords that wanted to tear the night apart.

He who was within the night was like part of the night, and would be destroyed with it.

This was the power of Sundered Night!

Time seemed to last for forever, but it also felt like it only took an instant for the sun to rise up!

The moment the sun went up, an unimaginable force appeared. This was the power of the rising sun that could destroy anything blocking it. It also completely displayed the power of that sliver of law of origin!

The dark night was forcibly torn apart. This power was strong enough to reverse the world, shake the heavens, and cause the night to collapse. The shattered night would be blown away and the world would be covered with light!

It also contained Wang Lin's monstrous killing intent. It contained Wang Lin's unwillingness that was born after being hunted throughout the Celestial Emperor Cave and becoming a helper to the All-Seer and Ancient Devil Ta Jia's plan in the end. It also contained the suppressed anger that he had been holding this whole time!

Wang Lin's two Vermillion Bird awakenings caused an unimaginable heat to appear. This heat was far stronger than anything Wang Lin's spell could produce. Thanks to the law of origin, Wang Lin's Sundered Night was able to harvest the moment of intense heat from the rising sun and magnify it to an unimaginable degree.

The sun that rose from the sea released unprecedented golden light and incredible heat. It wasn't as simple as just tearing the night apart; it was going to completely crush everything and burn everything to ashes!

The first person to face Wang Lin's Sundered Night was Master Void, who was the closest. The sunlight swept across the earth along with the extreme heat. Master Void was already dying, and his origin soul was dissipating form failing his first Heaven's Blight. If not for the seal Ancient Devil Ta Jia had placed on him, Master Void would have been long dead. 

At this moment, under the boundless sunlight, the night was torn and Master Void's face turned pale. His body was formed by the first Heaven's Blight, and at this moment, both of his legs collapsed into mist. However, the mist immediately dissipated without a trace due to the bright sunlight.

But the current him couldn't feel pain. The only thing that he felt was the boundless fear and the feeling of disbelief.

After his legs collapsed, the ancient devil mark between his eyebrows only lasted a moment before dissipating as well. After it dissipated, Master Void let out a miserable scream and his body dissipated, but he tried to back away.

However, this world was very large. Not even the night could escape the power of Sundered Night, so how could Master Void? No matter how far he retreated, he couldn't escape death. As he retreated, the sunlight rushed forward. Master Void's screams echoed as the sunlight pierced through his body. He vanished with a miserable smile and was filled with despair...

Master Void was a powerful peak Nirvana Shatterer cultivator with a high status within the Alliance, and he was even the junior brother of Master Zhong Xuan. He was once so famous, yet he couldn't escape the reincarnation cycle, the first Heaven's Blight, and the consequences of his own ill actions!

Master Void disappeared with endless regret and an urge to live...

All of this happened in an instant. At the instant the sun rose, Master Void died. Without pausing, the light tore apart the night and swept toward the grey-robed All-Seer and the other two All-Seer avatars.

At this instant, the grey-robed All-Seer felt the pain of being torn apart from every part of his body. Even his independent origin soul was wrapped in this power. He had never felt this kind of pain before; it was as if every part of his body was being torn to pieces!

A powerful sense of life and death crisis filled his heart. He suppressed the fear in his heart and then let out a roar and opened his arms. A monstrous amount of origin energy spread out from his body and turned into endless slaughter energy.

This slaughter energy was endless and covered the entire sky. The roar of the slaughter energy tried to suppress the sound of the sea. It also tried to suppress the power of this Sundered Night that was enough to make him almost lose his wits.

Not just him, but the other two All-Seer avatars turned pale and used their own spells. The yellow-robed All-Seer rotated rapidly. His body turned into a storm and he charged into the sky.

The sky suddenly changed colors and countless yellow ripples appeared in the darkness, then the Heavenly Fate Finger came crashing down.

The yellow-robed All-Seer was the one that possessed the the law of heavenly fate!

At this moment, as he roared, the giant finger carried an aura that could make all mortals bow down in worship as it charged at the rising sun!

He wanted to destroy this sun!

The purple-robed All-Seer's hand formed a seal and a purple mist appeared behind him. The purple mist rose into the air and fused with the night. Even the purple-robed All-Seer fused with the night.

In an instant, there was a hint of purple within the night, and hideous figures walked out one by one. They all look different, and there were men and women among them. They looked like angry ghosts that had been trapped in hell. The moment they walked out, they let out loud hisses and roars.

These people who were the people devoured in the Heavenly Fate Sect over the countless years!

However, the moment their spells appeared, they were pierced by the sunlight just like the darkness of the night.

The evil figures that came out of the purple night all charged toward the sun, but before the burning sun, they were torn apart. They were like moths rushing into the flame. Some began to burn as they were pierced by the sunlight and were torn apart. It only took a moment for them to dissipate completely.

The purple-robed All-Seer was forced out from the night with a twisted expression. His face was pale and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. His pupils shrank violently, and the terror in his heart reached an extreme.

As for the Heavenly Fate Finger, it carried powerful momentum as it charged for the sun. However, before it got close, it was swept by the sunlight, and popping sounds came from inside it. It also began burning, and the fire rapidly spread. In just a moment, the finger collapsed just like the night.

"Law of origin, the origin of all law in the universe!" The yellow-robed All-Seer had a pale expression. He felt pain from his body and blood came out from all of his orifices. He coughed out a mouthful of blood and revealed a miserable smile.

Then the grey-robed All-Seer's countless slaughter energy charged at the sun like fierce dragons. However, the sunlight caused the stands of cold slaughter energy to dissipate one by one. Even those that didn't dissipate were torn apart by the sun.

The grey-robed All-Seer's face was pale, but his eyes were ferocious. He had independent will and knew that if he didn't give it his all, he might die under this spell!

Going all out!! The grey-robed All-Seer's hand formed a seal and pointed to his body. Popping sounds came from his body and his eyes turned completely red. Then a ray light flew out from his forehead. It was a crimson blood sword!

This blood sword was the root of all the slaughter energy he had cultivated and the source of slaughter! The moment the blood sword appeared, the world was enveloped in endless killing intent. The grey-robed All-Seer pointed, and the blood sword charged at the sun like a bolt of thunder.

The yellow-robed All-Seer also let out a roar, and his hands spread out as he charged into the sky. In the blink of an eye, his head turned into a thumb. His arm turned into the index and middle fingers. His legs turned into the ring finger and pinkie. Then his body turned into the palm. He turned into an unimaginably large palm. This palm was like the Heavenly Fate Finger, only even more powerful, and it contained all the power inside the yellow-robed All-Seer!

As this palm charged at the sun, it opened its hand, and it was about to ruthlessly grab it!

The purple-robed All-Seer also wiped the blood from his mouth, and his eyes were filled with madness. When he moved, something strange happened. Thousands of shadows appeared behind him. They were like afterimages that he left behind because he was moving too fast.

However, every single shadow was different. As the purple-robed All-Seer closed in on the sun, each of the shadows fused with his body. As he got closer to the sun, the purple-robed All-Seer's aura was monstrous.

The three of them were already as desperate as trapped beasts. If they couldn't break this spell that was making them lose their wits, they'd have no chance of survival!

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