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Chapter 1072 - The Most Powerful Spell --- Sundered Night

For the first time, the All-Seer frowned slightly. Everything that had happened within the Celestial Emperor Cave had been within his calculations. He also knew that although the trip within the cave seemed simple, every step contained plans left by Celestial Emperor Qing Lin. The All-Seer rushing into here meant that he had become part of the Celestial Emperor's plan. Just thinking about how he was indirectly competing with Celestial Emperor Qing Lin made his eternally calm heart pound rapidly.

Was the former Celestial Emperor really omnipotent or was the All-Seer a step above? He didn't know the answer, but this chance was extremely precious for the All-Seer! Once he succeed, his dao heart would grow by leaps and bound. The powerful self-confidence and momentum of beating Celestial Emperor Qing Lin's plan would allow him to recover from the injuries of the past and advance even further!

Even if he failed, it would still be a fortune for the All-Seer. He could use this plan that he had calculated for countless years to comprehend everything he needed to!

In order to get this opportunity, he was willing to pay any price. What about Ancient Devil Ta Jia or the Cultivation Alliance? Even if he had to cause a catastrophe, it wouldn't stop the All-Seer's dao heart!

Everyone else wanted Celestial Emperor Qing Lin's body or spells. Some even wanted to find the secret of the third step. Others might think he was crazy, but what he wanted was to battle Qing Lin with a war of predictions!

"Since you wanted seal the ancient devil and set many plans to deal with the ancient devil in the future, I'll destroy all of this. The ancient devil is merely my tool to have a battle with Celestial Emperor Qing Lin!" No one could guess what the All-Seer was thinking… If there was one person, it would be Ling Tianhou.

However, within the Celestial Emperor Cave, Wang Lin's first Vermillion Bird awakening was something outside of the All-Seer's plan. From that moment on, the All-Ser felt a sense of pressure.

In his original plan, Ancient Devil Ta Jia would take his advice and use an illusion to confuse everyone. This made everyone that entered his helper in breaking the plan Qing Lin had laid out on the first floor.

However, the All-Seer would have never thought that that damn Wang Lin would awaken a second time! The moment Wang Lin's second awakening occurred, countless unpredictable variables appeared in the All-Seer's plan.

At this moment, the change in the sky caused the All-Seer's expression to become gloomy. He took a deep breath. The All-Seer understand that he had to personally act now.

His eyes suddenly closed, and at this moment, seven-colored light shined from his body. Then grey was added, and as a result, eight colors appeared!

These eight colors flickered and then suddenly eight different avatars wearing different colored robes walked out! The grey-robed All-Seer was one of them.

Although the eight All-Seers looked the same, they all had different auras. They immediately scattered toward Wang Lin and the Celestial Cloud Couple. Three of them charged toward the collapsed sky.

At the same time, the Flower Imperial Concubine was surrounded by starlight, and with a bang, the starlight was pushed away. She walked out from within the nine balls. Although they had dimmed quite a bit, her expression was still calm.

Ancient Devil Ta Jia looked at the sky and revealed a serious expression. His hand reached out and the large black blade appeared in his hand. Holding the blade, he faced not the Flower Imperial Concubine, but the sky, and slashed his sword, sending a ray of blade energy at the sky.

The Flower Imperial Concubine revealed a smile. The moment the change occured in the sky, she knew that what Qing Lin had said back then had come true!

"The person who saves me will be named Wang. When the Celestial Spirit Heaven Realm collapses, I will have a chance to awaken!"

At this moment, Ancient Devil Ta Jia's blade energy charged into the sky, and the Flower Imperial Concubine's body gradually disappeared. When she reappeared, she was in the sky before the blade energy. She took a deep breath and then the nine balls charged forward to collide with the blade energy.

A thunderous rumble echoed, and the powerful impact caused her to retreat. Killing intent flashed across Ta Jia's eyes and then he charged at the Flower Imperial Concubine.

As for Wang Lin, when the All-Seer's avatar arrived, he was put into a dangerous situation, especially with Master Void's crazy attack. The glacier Wang Wei had placed didn't last. It collapsed, and Master Void charged like crazy toward Wang Lin.

There was also the All-Seer's avatar. The grey-robed All-Seer was the fastest; he was closing in on Wang Lin with an indifferent expression. In addition, there were two more All-Seer avatars closely behind the grey-robed All-Seer.

The four powerhouses all contained powerful cultivation. Now they all charged at Wang Lin, causing his pupils to shrink, and he quickly retreated.

Just at this instant, the sky suddenly collapsed and the law of origin in the sky entered the Demon Spirit Land.

The moment the sky collapsed, it was like a mirror being shattered. The broken fragments were hit by the impact of the flames and pushed downwards.

Behind the fragments, a heaven-shaking Vermillion Bird cry from the Vermillion Bird's true spirit echoed across the entire Demon Spirit Land!

However, due to the crisis Wang Lin was facing, he didn't have time to look up at the sky. But as he retreated, he felt a familiar power of law appear around him.

This familiar power of law was what Wang Lin had comprehended after sitting on the mountain peak for a few months on planet Water Spirit. It was also the power of his first self-created spell, Sundered Night!

The sundered night born from the sea!

At this moment, even while facing the attack of Master Void and three of the All-Seer's avatars, Wang Lin stopped without hesitation when he felt this power. His eyes were filled with madness as he raised his arms and stared at the four of them. Then the law that had just appeared seemed to be attracted by something and rushed at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's mind thoroughly entered a mysterious state, and everything before him disappeared. The only thing in his mind was that moment of beginning, when he comprehended the force that tore the darkness of the night apart!

The pupils of the grey-robed All-Seer, who was chasing after Wang Lin, suddenly shrank, and his eyes revealed a trace of shock. Not only him, but the other two All-Seer avatars were also startled as they looked at Wang Lin with disbelief.

"This is…" The grey-robed All-Seer gasped.

Only Master Void was completely unaware of all this. Although his body looked real, it was formed by his origin soul during his first Heaven's Blight. Whether it was the blood or guts, they were all formed by his origin soul. When it finally decayed, his origin soul would be destroyed as well.

He was lost in madness as he charged out. He pounced at Wang Lin with only the thought of devouring Wang Lin.

However, just when he was within hundreds of feet of Wang Lin, Wang Lin completely disappeared from his eyes. The entire world unexpectedly became night!

Even the sea of flames that had fallen from the sky when it shattered disappeared. It was as if at this moment, Wang Lin was no longer in the Demon Spirit Land, but in a boundless, independant space.

Not only was the sky completely dark, but the sound of waves moving was entering your ears. Even the grey-robed All-Seer and the other two avatars were in this endless night.

No matter how much their divine senses spread out, they couldn't find a trace of Wang Lin. It was as if Wang Lin had completely merged with the law of the world, and it was impossible to find a single trace of him!

The surroundings were completely quiet aside from the sound of the raging waves. It was so real, it was terrifying!

Looking ahead, one could vaguely see that they were in a vast and boundless sea. The waves were not raging but slowly rising up and down.

The wind blew by, carrying the smell of the sea. All of this made it hard for people to believe it was not real!

Master Void's angry roar echoed across the quiet sea. Being unable to find Wang Lin made him go crazy. He continued to attack the sea, setting off powerful waves.

The grey-robed All-Seer looked ahead, and a feeling of fear he hadn't felt for countless years appeared. This was a very unfamiliar feeling for him, but he couldn't help but feel it. He vaguely learned something, but the more he learned, the more shocked he became, and his eyelids twitch uncontrollably.

Just at this moment, a red light appeared in the distance. The moment the red light appeared, never-before-seen fear appeared in the grey-robed All-Seer's eyes. He recognized it as the power of law, and he couldn't believe Wang Lin possessed it!

The grey-robed All-Seer retreated without any hesitation. His scalp was numb, but no matter how much he ran, he was still above the sea.

The red glow from the horizon became even brighter, and what appeared before everyone was the fiery red sun!

The sun was completely red, and the waves raged below it. At this moment, almost everyone saw an illusion showing that their bodies had dissipated and turned into the endless night sky.

Even the crazed Master Void was startled, and he unexpectedly awakened from his confused state. However, his eyes were soon filled with unimaginable horror.

"La…. Law of origin!!!"

When he was at the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer, he comprehend the law of the world and created Sundered Night. Right now, Wang Lin's cultivation level was far above what it was back then, at the peak Nirvana Scryer and only one step away from Nirvana Cleanser. At his current cultivation level, if he were to cast this spell that he could only use during the rare moments the law of origin revealed itself… not even Wang Lin knew how powerful it would be.

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