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Chapter 1071 - Arrival

The illusion of the palace in the sky above the Demon Spirit Land gradually turned from an illusion into solid form. It was as if it had teleported from Qing Lin's cave.

The moment the Flower Imperial Concubine walked out from the palace, the entire palace and the thousands of purple flowers around it shrank and became a palm-sized hairpin.

She closed her jade-like hands and the hairpin disappeared, fusing into her body.

She lited her gentle hand that could cause most people's hearts to pound. The Flower Imperial Concubine looked at Ancient Devil Ta Jia with melancholy and sadness in her eyes. They were so close, but they hadn't met since they separated countless years ago. Now that she was able to finally meet him, it was like seeing the moon in the water or the flower in the mirror. It was not the same soul as back then...

It was like standing by the river and looking across. Below you there is the blue river and across is the green mountain. However, after you cross the river, you that find something is lacking… The green mountain and blue river are still there, but there is one thing missing: the soul.

Ancient Devil Ta Jia's eyes shined red as he looked at the Flower Imperial Concubine with greed and bloodlust, then he laughed. "I have long heard that Qing Lin was flooded with good fortune and that all his eight of imperial concubines were all extremely beautiful women. In particular, the Flower Imperial Concubine was above the rest. It was said that she came from the Wind Celestial Realm and was the little sister Wind Celestial Emperor Lan Yun. Back then, I missed the chance to get a look, but looking at you today, it seems the rumors were indeed true!

"Although your husband, Qing Lin, is dead, his body is still there. Simply become this devil's Flower Concubine and become a cultivation furnace. Won't that be a joy?" Ta Jia laughed as he stepped forward and reached out with his right hand.

Although Ancient Devil Ta Jia laughed, he was filled with caution. He wasn't afraid of the Flower Imperial Concubine, but his fear of Qing Lin was too strong. According to her, Qing Lin had already prepared for failure and had left more plans. The appearance of the Flower Imperial Concubine was obviously one of Qing Lin's plans.

" Qing Lin was the most powerful Celestial Emperor; he was so powerful that even people from the outer realm knew his name. In addition to his powerful cultivation, he was able to calculate the future as if he was the heavens themselves, and he never missed a thing!"

As Ancient Devil Ta Jia moved, the Demon Spirit Land suddenly trembled. Black fog appeared in the sky and spread out. As Ta Jia's right hand reached out and the black fog condensed into a giant arm that reached for the Flower Imperial Concubine.

At the same time, the human-shaped thing next to Ta Jia coldly looked at everyone and locked onto Wang Lin. In a flash, it charged at Wang Lin, and before it even got close to Wang Lin, sonic booms could already be heard.

Master Void's condition was extremely bad. Although he was standing there, his breathing was very difficult. Even if you were at a distance, you could hear him trying to breathe.

This was no longer the sound a person could make; it was as if he was a beast.

What was even more terrifying was that not only was his breathing rough, even drool was dripping down the side of his mouth. This drool was very thick, so it stretched out like silk. It was enough to make you feel nauseous just by looking at it.

His eyes were swelled and his bloodshot eyes were sluggish yet filled with madness. His already old appearance no longer looked human, and his facial features were twisted together as if he had gone crazy.

He also stared at Wang Lin. His last trace of memory was his hatred and killing intent toward Wang Lin. Master Void let out a roar as he shot toward Wang Lin closely after the human-shaped thing.

The All-Seer still looked calm, and his eyes revealed a gaze that made seem like everything was clear and normal. It was as if this trip to the Celestial Emperor Cave was all within his calculations.

Ling Tianhou still had his head lowered and was struggling. He had a complex expression along with a dazed look, and most of all guilt...

The human-shaped thing and Master Void were naturally blocked by the Celestial Cloud Couple. However, they were both injured, and the human-shaped thing was extremely strange, so it was difficult for a winner to be decided quickly.

Master Void was breathing hard, and when Wang Wei and Hu Juan tried to block him, he became even more crazy. His target was Wang Lin, and if anyone dared to block him, he would charge without any care for the repercussions.

The moment Wang Wei closed in, Master Void let out a roar and all the flesh on his body moved. It was very strange. Wang Wei's expression changed and he retreated without hesitation.

However, just as he retreated, Master Void opened his mouth and spat out a large mouthful of black blood. This black blood gave off a powerful stench, and Master Void trembled after coughing it out. That was a majority of the blood inside Master Void's body!

After the large amount of blood was spat out, it seemed to have intelligence, and it formed a net that charged after Wang Wei. Wang Wei's right hand formed a seal while he retreated, and he pointed forward. With a bang, an ice mountain appeared out of thin air!

The ice mountain suddenly appeared and immediately blocked the black blood. However, the blood seemed to contain extreme heat, so the moment it touched the ice mountain, the ice mountain began to melt. It also dyed the entire ice mountain black.

"Wang Lin, this is the first of the five Heaven's Blight peak Nirvana Shatterer cultivators face, Body Blight. His body will continue to deteriorate until his soul dies!" Wang Wei wanted to continue blocking, but due to previous injuries, Hu Juan was constantly pushed back by the human-shaped thing.

At this moment of crisis, Wang Wei waved his hand and a large amount if icebergs appeared before Wang Lin. Then he charged toward Hu Juan to help her block the human-shaped thing.

Without anyone blocking him, Master Void jumped at Wang Lin with drool and black blood leaking from his mouth. His eyes were filled with madness. At this moment, he no longer looked like the elder of the Alliance; he was obviously an ugly beast!

Looking at Master Void, Wang Lin was shocked. He wasn't shocked by Master Void's arrival, but by the five Heaven's Blights he kept hearing about recently!

"This is the first Heaven's Blight…"

After one reaches the second step, their lifespan is almost limitless. If they absorb the world's origin energy, it can be transformed into endless vitality. However, how could the heavens allow something to exist as long as itself? The five Heaven's Blights were the boundless calamities that Nirvana Shatterer cultivators had to face!

It wasn't that cultivators who didn't reach the Nirvana Shatterer stage would be fine. There would be even more terrifying calamities awaiting the ones that didn't...

At this moment, Master Void rushed in with heavy breathing and closed in on the iceberg. He opened his mouth to spit again, but this time there wasn't much blood left. Aside from the foul smell, there were pieces of rotten innards.

The moment the giant hand formed by the black fog from Ta Jia closed in, she lifted her jade-like hand and a sphere immediately appeared at the tip of her finger.

There was a cloud of gas inside the sphere, and countless illusion of flowers appeared within it. The moment the giant hand closed in, the small sphere collided with it. The giant hand unexpectedly collapsed into endless black fog and was pushed back.

Ancient Devil Ta Jia's pupils shrank. He let out a cold snort and then charged at the Flower Imperial Concubine. Both of his hands moved to form a seal, and the world immediately changed colors. As the wind blew, the black fog covering the sky began to gather and formed blobs of black fog. The moment those blobs of black fog appeared, they began to move.

"I believe you must be very familiar with this spell!" Ancient Devil Ta Jia laughed as his right hand mercilessly grasped at the sky and he shouted, "Star Burial!"

After he spoke, the countless blobs of black fog began to move even more than before and suddenly turned into spheres. These spheres emitted bright starlight.

It was currently night, but with the endless starlight coming from the spheres, the land was completely bright.

"The Star Burial of my husband's Sun, Moon, and Star spell…" The Flower Imperial Concubine revealed a complex gaze, but she shook her head and softly said, "However, with just your power, you can't display the true power of my husband's spell."

Ta Jia sneered and waved his right hand. The spheres formed by the black fog emitting the starlight became even more dazzling. Then these spheres transformed from incorporeal into corporeal forms. The rays of light crossed and filled the sky. As Ta Jia waved his hand, the endless starlight gathered and descended toward the Flower Imperial Concubine.

It was as if it wanted to bury the Flower Imperial Concubine here!

"If my husband used this Star Burial celestial spell, he could extract the power of this star system and use a spell that could fill up the entire star system. Battling 10,000 people or 100,000 people would the same. If he was facing just one person, then that person would have to withstand the power of the entire star system!" There was a hint of disdain  as she looked at the starlight falling from the sky. She formed a seal with her right hand and spat out a mouthful of fragrance that turned into nine balls!

There was source origin energy inside these nine balls, and they floated around the Flower Imperial Concubine like a formation. The moment the formation appeared, the starlight gathered on her body.

At this moment, the location she was at became the brightest spot in the star system.

At the same time, in the space outside the Demon Spirit Land, as the Vermillion Bird's true spirit and the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect continued to attack the seal on the Demon Spirit Land, the seal finally began to collapse.

Along with it, the entire sky of the Demon Spirit Land collapsed. The sky collapsed inch by inch as if it was the seal itself. It collapsed… and was replaced with the starry sky...

The Vermillion Bird Divine Sect arrived!

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