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Chapter 1070

Ancient gods had Moongazer Serpents in their bodies, and the ancient devils had something similar. The human-shaped thing was obviously that!

This thing didn't exist before the ancient gods died, but it somehow was released during the struggle between the ancient devil and the Celestial Emperor. After it got seperated, it somehow went into the ancient god skull deep under the Celestial Burial Pool.

Although Master Void was standing behind Ancient Devil Ta Jia, he was in an extremely strange state. His eyes were filled with madness and there was a rune on his forehead emitting powerful devilish energy. It was obviously a seal, but Wang Lin could clearly see Master Void's life force rapidly dissipating. He was on the brink of death.

Ling Tianhou's expression revealed a complex gaze and he subconsciously avoided Wang Lin's gaze. He looked to the side, and no one knew what he was thinking. The most unpredictable was, of course, the All-Seer.

The All-Seer's expression was calm, just like it was when he entered the cave. His eyes were clear, as if he had seen through everything. When Wang Lin looked at him, he revealed a smile.

When Wang Lin saw the All-Seer and company appear, he let out a sigh. He knew that the blood on the restrictions would only affect the Ancient Devil Ta Jia and was useless on everyone else.

However, this was the first floor of the Celestial Emperor Cave, so it wasn't difficult to leave.

But for some reason, he had always felt in his heart that there was something weird about everything he had experienced just now, but he couldn't tell what was wrong. There was a hint that something bad was going to happen. When he saw the All-Seer behind Ancient Devil Ta Jia, that feeling became even stronger.

In truth, everything that had just happened had happened far too quickly for him to think. Looking back, it seemed like everything they had done was forced by the ancient devil...

It was as if everything was intentionally planned out by the ancient devil… The kind of terrifying feeling that the All-Seer gave people surrounded Wang Lin's heart. He rapidly retreated while pondering.

Situ Nan kept an eye on Wang Lin. When he saw Wang Lin retreat, he headed toward Wang Lin and retreated with him.

Wang Wei and Hu Juan also did the same. At this instant, all the surrounding cultivators rushed to leave.

The All-Seer revealed a smile and then raised his finger and pointed. There was a flash of grey gas and the grey-robed All-Seer appeared. He coldly stared at his original body and let out a cold snort, but then he charged at the restrictions.

Endless slaughter energy appeared and charged into the restrictions. Thunderous rumbles echoed and the restrictions began to light up.

However, the restrictions weren't only placed by Wang Lin; Wang Wei and Hu Juan had also placed them. Hu Juan's restrictions were far more powerful than Wang Lin's, so the restrictions here weren't something the grey-robed All-Seer could easily break.

This bought everyone time. While Wang Wei retreated, he pointed up and a pillar of water appeared and turned into a giant. The giant waved its giant first and hit directly above, causing large amounts of rocks to fall.

Hu Juan didn't leave but stood in the distance, placing down large amounts of restrictions and reinforcing their strength.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up, and his hand formed seals and he used spells to attack the sky with Wang Wei. The surrounding cultivators didn't hesitate and all attacked as well.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the first floor of the cave.

And at this moment, in the space outside the Demon Spirit Land, the six Nirvana Shatterer cultivators sat across from each other with theirs hands forming seals as they chanted. They would occasionally raise their fingers to point at the Vermillion Bird's true spirit, which caused the flames around it to become even stronger.

A moment later, the Vermillion Bird true spirit suddenly let out a cry and a sea of flames spread out. The flames had no effect on members of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, but they would destroy any cultivators or any dust that divine sense couldn't see.

As the flames spread, all the dust was burned to nothing, leaving only one dust particle that hadn't collapsed. This was the location of the Demon Spirit Land!

A flame began to burn on the only remaining dust particle, revealing this location to everyone. The Vermillion Bird's true spirit let out a cry and charged at this speck of dust.

Endless rumbles echoed as the Vermillion Bird's true spirit smashed into the seal on this dust particle. Every time it collided, the seal would loosen a bit.

The six Nirvana Shatterer cultivators all began using spells to bombard the dust particle. The seal that was personally left by Qing Lin before the Celestial Realm collapsed trembled even more violently.

The external impacts clearly transmitted into the Demon Spirit Land, causing the entire place to tremble violently. Even the people inside the cave clearly felt these trembles.

However, no one paid any attention to them. As everyone attacked, the barrier between the Celestial Emperor Cave and the Demon Spirit Land suddenly collapsed!

The moment the barrier broke, the grey-robed All-Seer broke through Hu Juan's restrictions. Hu Juan's face was pale as Wang Wei pulled her back, and they charged out of the broken barrier.

Ancient Devil Ta Jia stepped out. He then let out a grim smile and suddenly inhaled. Suddenly, endless devilish energy came out of his mouth and turned into roaring black dragons. The second brother of the three Chen brothers was caught by the black dragons. There was despair in his eyes as he was devoured by the ancient devil.

Wang Lin wanted to save him, but he was too late.

One of the female disciples of the beautiful woman was caught by the black dragon and was pulled back. Even Qian Qin had a pale face and was about to be caught by the black dragon. At this moment, the girl in pink covered by the snowstorm arrived and pulled Qian Qin out toward the exit. The black dragon arrived and collided with the snowstorm, causing her to cough out blood. The snowflake treasure had protected her from countless attacks, and at this moment, it couldn't withstand them anymore. It cracked and shattered.

However, the girl in pink pulled Qian Qin and charged out.

Big Head and company managed to charge out with the help of Situ Na and Master Hollow Wind, along with the woman in silver, who Wang Lin had taken out of his bag.

However, the danger wasn't over. Ancient Devil Ta Jia stepped out and his right hand mercilessly reached forward and squeezed!

With this squeeze, everyone who had just escaped the cave to the Demon Spirit Land immediately felt a powerful pressure surrounding them. Qian Qin had the lowest cultivation level, so she coughed out blood and her whole body collapsed.

Even the girl in pink trembled, and her body collapsed as well. However, there was a treasure from the Brilliant Void Realm in her origin soul. This treasure shined and then its light surrounded her and Qian Qin's origin souls.

However, the two girls' origin souls were seriously injured, and under the protection of the light from the treasure, they began to fuse...

It was not only the two of them. Among the remaining two Chen brothers, the third brother's body also collapsed. Master Yi Chen quickly saved his third brother's origin soul and escaped.

Although Lei Ji's cultivation was ordinary, his physical body was very strong, but half of his body collapsed. The remaining half was saved by Big Head, who luckily had taken no damage during this moment of crisis.

As for Master Hollow Wind and Situ Nan, both were at the Nirvana Cleanser stage, so while they were seriously injured and coughed out blood, their bodies didn't collapse. However, Situ Nan's expression became strange. The poison in his body had activated due to the serious injuries!

The ancient devil's spell originally could have annihilated everyone here. The reason it didn't was largely due to Wang Wei and Hu Juan. The moment the ancient devil used the spell, they quickly used their own spells to interfere, and they withstood a majority of the attack.

The reason they did this was because they knew there were people here that were close to Wang Lin. They had to repay Wang Lin!

Wang Lin had also helped resist this spell; he shared this blow with Wang Wei and Hu Juan. He coughed out blood and was extremely weak. His origin soul was seriously injured and began to rapidly dissipate. Although he had endless fire origin energy inside his body, it didn't stop his origin soul from dissipating.

Not even the Ancient God Leather Armor could do much against these constant injuries. After all, Wang Lin's enemy was an ancient devil that had possessed Qing Lin's body!

Wang Lin didn't hesitate and took out the pill Wang Wei had gifted him. He crushed the pill and swallowed it. This pill was indeed miraculous; his origin soul stopped dissipating and rapidly healed.

Wang Wei and Hu Juan's expressions were also bad, and blood came out from the corners of their mouths. The couple revealed bitter smiles, but their eyes were filled with determination.

"Wang Lin, the two of us will use our lives to stall the ancient devil. Forget about resurrecting Teacher. If you have the chance in the future, save Qing Shuang for us!" Wang Wei's right hand reached at the void before him and a crack appeared and then he thew Zhou Yi out.

"The two of us have lived for too long and have entered the cave many times. However, due to various reasons, we never got close. I didn't expect such a thing would happen when we got close…" Wang Wei had a complex expression.

At this moment, Ancient Devil Ta Jia slowly walked out from the barrier, and he looked up at the sky. There was a hint of excitement in his eyes, and he began to laugh like crazy.

"Qing Lin, ah, Qing Lin, in order to prevent me from successfully escaping, you made it so your body couldn't break any of the restrictions in the cave. But this devil merely used an illusion, and all these people that came to save you broke all the restrictions you set to stop me!"

Ancient Devil Ta Jia clenched his fist as he looked at this world. The excitement in his eyes became even stronger.

After he spoke, Wang Wei and Hu Juan's faces suddenly turned pale. Wang Lin gasped. He finally understood the bad feeling he had in his heart. He looked at the ancient devil and his pupils shrank.

"Now let me show you my real power!" Ta Jia raised his right hand as he laughed. His eyes were filled with a crazy amount of bloodthirst.

Just at this instant, the entire earth trembled and even the sky distorted. An illusion appeared in the sky. This was the illusion of a palace within a sea of purple flowers.

"Ancient devil… You can break one of my husband's plans, but you didn't know that by stepping outside, you'd enter the second rule my husband set for you."

A cold and beautiful voice echoed across the world. A woman in white gradually walked out from the illusionary palace that appeared in the sky...

"Flower Imperial Concubine!" Wang Lin suddenly looked at the sky.

At the same moment, the seal on the dust particle where the Demon Spirit Land was had loosened under the constant attacks of the Vermillion Bird's true spirit. It could be broken at any time.

At the same time, a law similar to the change between day and night on a planet shined on the dust particle the Demon Spirit Land was in… It arrived during sunrise...

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