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Chapter 1066

At the same time, inside the Brilliant Void Realm, the old man who noticed Wang Lin before revealed a complex expression. He shook his head as he stepped forward, and his gaze fell on the indifferent Brilliant Void Saintess, Mu Bingmei.

"Your ninth avatar was destroyed due to a calamity. Why do you still hide even though the calamity has arrived?"

The beautiful woman with the cold expression lowered her head and pondered.

"Since that ninth avatar was destroyed because of him, no matter how much you avoid it, you still have to face it in the end.… When you saved that little girl, Zhou Ru, this old man already knew that your mind was a mess due to the ninth avatar." The old man let out a sigh as he looked up at the void.

"Remember, you are the Brilliant Void Saintess, Mu Bingmei, not Liu Mei from planet Suzaku, who had a son with an ordinary cultivator! You are responsible for carrying out the mission of the Brilliant Void Realm and responsible for defending against the people from outside the sealed realm. The boundary between the inner and outer realms will open soon…"

"He is not an ordinary cultivator…" Before the old man could finish, the indifferent woman lifted her head and calmly spoke. Her beautiful face was enough to make anyone's heart pound and be willing to do anything for her.

"You… Are you still stubbornly indulging yourself in that illusion!?" The old man frowned.

"I'm just telling you that he is not an ordinary cultivator!" The indifferent woman's voice was still calm, but her tone was slightly heavier.

"Fine. Even if he isn't an ordinary cultivator, even though his mind was able to enter here through some unknown method, even if he reaches the peak of the second step, so what?" The old man revealed a look of disdain.

"In the end, he is still just a cultivator!"

This old man didn't know that this little cultivator he spoke of was someone who had survived the Vermillion Bird awakening, and the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect would protect him with all their might. He also didn't know that this little cultivator had the blood of an ancient god. This wasn't power he had inherited; he had gained it after his own body collapsed, and he reformed it based on Tu Si's memories. This body was the root of his bloodline.

He also didn't know that this little cultivator had the heaven defying bead...

The beautiful woman looked at the old man and calmly said, "You were once only a cultivator."

The old man revealed a bitter smile and didn't know what to say for a moment.

"You can rest assured. I won't evade the responsibility of the Brilliant Void Realm as the Brilliant Void Saintess. However, you can't interfere in my private affairs, and you don't have the right to interfere. I don't need anyone else to get involved in the matter between us!" The beautiful woman's voice was resolute, and she refused to compromise.

The old man let out a sigh and didn't continue this topic. He looked at the sky and said, "My old friend's body has been possessed, so I'm going on a trip. Are you going as well?"

The beautiful woman pondered a bit and revealed a complex expression. However, in the end, she became determined and nodded. "I'll go!"

Inside the seventh floor of the Celestial Emperor Cave, all of the magma had condensed into a fire dragon. The fire dragon lifted its head and stared at everyone below it. An invisible pressure suddenly spread.

Two strands of heat waves came out of the fire dragon's nose along with this pressure. The two giant dragon horns were red and gave off intense temperatures.

Its python-like body was coiled up, giving the dragon an aura that made it seem like it looked down upon the world.

Its angry gaze swept through the people below and locked onto Wang Lin. He could feel a hint of familiar aura from Wang Lin's small and weak body. This was the aura of fire origin energy.

Wang Lin's mind trembled when the fire dragon looked at him. He didn't bow his head but slowly retreated. The dragon quickly withdrew its gaze and stared at Master Void, Ancient Demon Bei Lou, and Ancient Devil Ta Jia. It let out a roar and charged at the three of them.

Wang Lin let out a sigh of relief and rapidly retreated. When his divine sense spread out, he saw that the seventh floor had become a sea of flames when the fire dragon roared. As the dense fire burned, Ancient Demon Bei Lou's eyes lit up and he unexpectedly stopped escaping. He turned around and his hand formed a seal. A giant green demon head appeared behind him and charged at the ancient devil.

Master Void's hand formed a seal and formed a storm of yellow sand, creating a 100 foot barrier around him, blocking the flames. However, with his current cultivation level, he couldn't hold the fire off for long. When the sand came into contact with the flames, there were popping sounds, and the sand cracked and collapsed.

As for Ancient Devil Ta Jia, his eyes became cold, and he was filled with bloodthirst. With a step, he let out a hoarse laugh. "Why did you stop running? A mere fire dragon spirit that was only a guard dares to bite its master?"

As the ancient devil spoke, his hand formed a seal and pointed. He shouted, "Let me show you Qing Lin's spell. Burn the Heavens!"

After he spoke, a black devilish flame appeared where he pointed. The devilish flame immediately began to spread and intense temperatures filled the seventh floor.

Even the sky was shrouded by the devilish flames. In an instant, the sky was black because it was covered in these devilish flames. Not only could it burn everything, but the invading devilish energy could cause your origin soul to collapse.

In an instant, the devilish flames covered the sky and the fire dragon let out a roar. Flames came from its body like crazy in order to fight the black flames in the sky. The entire seventh floor shook as the fire dragon's giant body rushed at the ancient devil.

The ancient devil revealed a sneer as his right hand pointed at the fire dragon. All of the devilish flames in the sky descended like meteors and surrounded the fire dragon.

This scene was heaven-shaking. In an instant, the devilish flames fell and covered the fire dragon. At this moment, it looked as if the fire dragon was giving off monstrous devilish energy.

Waves of angry and painful roars echoed from the fire dragon, and it struggle to charge at the ancient devil. However, when it got close, Ta Jia's right hand pressed down, creating an invisible force. When the fire dragon was within 100 feet of him, Ta Jia caught the fire dragon.

No matter how much the fire dragon struggled and roared, it couldn't escape. This made Ancient Demon Bei Lou suck in a breath of cold air.

"You can use Qing Lin's avatar and the invisible force in his body!" Bei Lou was aghast at the situation. He clearly knew that it meant Ancient Devil Ta Jia's possession had become one with the mind.

Ancient Demon Bei Lou gave up all intentions of attacking, a bitter feeling arising in his heart. He understood that with his own strength, even if he got everyone else to help, they no longer had the power to change the fact Qing Lin's body had been possessed.

"This devil was willing to pay any price and fought with Qing Lin inside his body for countless years. All of this was for Qing Lin's memories and his cultivation, but more importantly, it was for this body!" The ancient devil held the fire dragon as it moved forward, and arrogant laughter came from his mouth.

"Ancient demon, you and I were great enemies in the outside realm, but now you are a mere ant before me. Once this devil completely takes over Qing Lin's body, I'll own the body Qing Lin has refined for countless years. A body that can break all laws. A body that can enter any place!

"With this body, I can retrace the footsteps of my ancestors and become a 9-star ancient devil. Once I reach 9-stars, I'll be able to enter the ancient devil tower ruin and obtain the true power of the ancestors!"

Ancient Devil Ta Jia's mad laughter echoed. The fire dragon struggled to retreat. However, it was thrown aside by Ta Jia.

"Qing Lin's spell, Burn the Heavens, Boil the Oceans!" The devilish flame in Ta Jia's eyes suddenly moved and the seventh floor was filled with devilish energy. This devilish energy was so dense, it seemed like it was corporeal. Then, in the blink of an eye, it turned into a devilish ocean.

As the waves raged, Wang Lin's eyes were filled with shock and he was trapped inside the ocean. Not just him, but Master Void was also trapped inside the ocean. Even Ancient Demon Bei Lou couldn't escape.

In the distance, the fire dragon was roaring inside the ocean, but there was fear in its eyes.

As Ancient Devil Ta Jia spoke, the ocean formed by the devilish energy began to boil. Devilish gas floated into the air and bubbles appeared in the raging ocean due to it reaching an unimaginable temperature.

This Burn the Heavens, Boil the Oceans was going to boil the ocean until it dissipated completely. This also made it impossible for the people trapped inside to struggle.

During his brief contact with Ta Jia, Wang Lin found that as time passed, Ta Jia became even more powerful. Back on the ninth floor, Ta Jia would've found it difficult to use these spells, but now he was able to use the Celestial Emperor's spells.

Thinking about Celestial Emperor Qing Lin's countless spells, Wang Lin's scalp felt numb. However, right now was not the time to think about it, as the ocean waves raged. The devilish flames in the sky continued to descend and large amounts of water vapor appeared.

In the distance, Master Void revealed a miserable smile when he saw the ocean that wanted to boil them alive shrink and the fire from the sky close in. He hit his forehead with his palm and his body collapsed!

A crazy shockwave spread out from this collapse, and it created a whirlpool in the ocean. It also pushed the descending devilish flames away.

The moment his body exploded, Master Void's origin soul charged out.

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