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Chapter 1058

Wang Lin's expression was still cold as he instantly closed the hundreds of feet gap and arrived next to the bubble. He coldly looked at the girl in pink and the beautiful middle-aged woman.

The woman in pink's eyes were wary and the snowflake rune shined brightly. She was very nervous at this moment as she had no way of stopping Wang Lin from doing anything. The only thing she could rely on was the snowflake mark between her eyebrows; it was the life-saving treasure her senior sister had given her.

Wang Lin looked at the girl and sent out a divine sense message. "Are you the Brilliant Void Saintess?" His divine sense seemed to fuse with the magma, and a ripple echoed, causing the bubble around the girl in pink to tremble violently as if it could break at any moment.

The girl in pink's face immediately turned pale. She bit her lower lip as she shook her head and said, "I'm not the Brilliant Void Saintess, my senior sister is."

Wang Lin pointed at the beautiful woman and asked, "What is your relationship with her?"

"She is my elder in the Brilliant Void Realm." The girl in pink didn't dare to not answer. If Wang Lin broke this bubble, the middle-aged woman would immediately fall into the magma. The middle-aged woman was already seriously affected by fire poison, and falling into the magma would only make it worse or cause her soul to be destroyed.

"Although Master Void has harmed you, we didn't offend you… You…" Before the girl in pink could finish speaking, her pupils shrank and she quickly retreated a few steps. The snowflake between her eyebrows began flashing.

She saw that Wang Lin had already stepped through the bubble while she spoke and stood opposite of her.

"Put away your treasure." Wang Lin entered the bubble and squatted down next to the beautiful middle-aged woman who was in a coma. His eyes revealed a strange light. As for girl in pink, Wang Lin didn't consider her a threat at all. Even though she had the snowflake treasure, she still wasn't a threat in Wang Lin's eyes.

"What are you doing?" The girl in pink's heart pounded rapidly. When she saw Wang Lin's finger land between the beautiful middle-aged woman's eyebrows, she was going to shout at him to stop.

However, just as she was about to attack, Wang Lin didn't turn around but casually pointed with his finger.


The Stop spell was suddenly used and the girl in pink suddenly stopped. Although her body was stopped, the snowflakes around her split into countless more and surrounded her body, forming a tight defense.

Wang Lin no longer paid any attention to the girl in pink but placed his right index finger between the eyebrows of the middle-aged woman. Taking the chance while her origin soul was weak and unconscious, his divine sense swept through her mind.

The memories of the beautiful middle-aged woman appeared in Wang Lin's mind. Although her cultivation level was higher than Wang Lin's, his divine sense swept through her memories. Whether she lived or die wasn't important; Wang Lin just wanted her memories.

All memories related to the Brilliant Void Realm were important information for Wang Lin. The real reason he needed this information was due to the figure that caused him so much pain that he saw when his mind spread out across the Brilliant Void Realm when he reached peak of the Nirvana Scryer stage.

As his divine sense spread across each of her memories, Wang Lin gradually gained an understanding of the Brilliant Void Realm, and his expression became serious. However, none of this was information he wanted to know. As he searched her memories, the beautiful middle-aged woman's body trembled and her eyelashes shook lightly. Her beautiful and mature face was flushed red and could cause anyone's heart to skip a beat.

As Wang Lin searched her soul, it was obvious that it made it so she wasn't able to suppress the fire poison, and it showed signs of erupting. The girl in pink became anxious and looked at Wang Lin with hatred in her eyes. However, she wasn't strong enough to put up any resistance against Wang Lin's Stop spell.

As Wang Lin's swept through the middle-aged woman's memories, he was suddenly startled as he found what he was looking for. There was an arrogant figure in her memories.

This figure was the person Wang Lin saw when his mind swept through the Brilliant Void Realm!

"Brilliant Void Saintess Mu Bingmei!" Wang Lin had a complex expression as he lifted his right index finger up.

This middle-aged woman respected the Brilliant Void Saintess a lot but didn't know much. She only knew that the Saintess cultivated a very strange cultivation method. Once it's complete, the Saintess would become the strongest person in the Brilliant Void Realm.

Unfortunately, it seemed this method was extremely difficult to complete. Aside from the first generation Saintess, no one else had succeeded in it. However, it seemed this seventh generation Saintess, Mu Bingmei, had achieved some success.

"Liu Mei… Mu Bingmei…" Wang Lin felt pain come from his mind. He could even feel Wang Ping, who was inside the heaven defying bead, show signs of awakening due to the fluctuations in his mind.

Thinking about Wang Ping, Wang Lin felt like his heart was cut by a knife. Wang Ping always had a wish, but he only mentioned it once in his life. After not receiving an answer, he never mentioned it again in his life.

He very much wanted to see his mother once...

Wang Lin stood up while silently pondering and looked at the girl in pink. From the middle-aged woman's memories, Wang Lin knew that this girl was Liu Mei's junior sister and that she cultivated the same method. Her relationship with the middle-aged woman wasn't simple. The middle-aged woman had watched the girl in pink grow up before she became Liu Mei's junior sister.

Wang Lin's eyes became cold and calmly said, "If I don't save her, she will without a doubt die within 15 minutes!"

The beautiful woman's body was a rosy red. This red was a demonic kind of red. Lots of sweat  was coming out from her body, but in the blink of an eye, it turned into white gas.

If this continued, it wouldn't take long for the middle-aged woman to become a mummy, and her origin soul would be destroyed. Even if Wang Lin didn't search her memories, she wouldn't have lasted long. Maybe a bit longer, but the result would've been the same.

"We can make a deal. I'll save you, take you two into the palace, and into the eighth floor. In return, you will let me search your memories!" Wang Lin spoke calmly and gave the girl a choice. If the she agreed, it would be fine, but if she didn't, Wang Lin would attack.

The girl in pink let out a bitter smile. She could see the determination in Wang Lin's words. She was smart, so she naturally knew that Wang Lin want to search her memories to look for something.

After observing him, she knew that he was certainly searching for something related to her senior sister. Even if she didn't agree, it would be pointless.

She nodded and gave up resisting.

Wang Lin no longer spoke but waved his sleeves. He took the two women and stepped directly outside the bubble. He then charged straight ahead.

Soon, he closed in on the palace and entered. After he entered, Wang Lin's right hand formed a seal and pointed, causing all the magma to surge out of the palace. Once no lava was left inside the palace, the gate suddenly closed shut.

Although there was no more magma inside, this place still gave off intense heat. Wang Lin waved his sleeves and the two women landed on the side.

His right hand reached out and the beautiful woman's body flew toward him. Wang Lin's right hand hit multiple spots on the beautiful woman, not caring that she was female at all. Every time he hit a part of her body, her face would become a bit more red.

After seven minutes, her body was almost completely red. Wang Lin placed his right hand on her forehead and a suction force came from his hand. All of the fire poison in her body rushed into Wang Lin's hand.

The beautiful woman's body gradually returned to normal. However, she was extremely weak and fell to the side.

"Now it's your turn." Wang Lin looked at the girl in pink.

The girl in pink bit her lower lip and, after pondering a bit, she sat down. She pointed between her eyebrows with her right hand and the snowflakes around her body slowly disappeared. She closed her eyes and remained motionless.

Wang Lin didn't have any other thoughts; it was only an exchange for him. His right hand pointed between to her eyebrows and his divine sense spread out and searched her memories.

The girl in pink's body trembled, but she clenched her teeth. Although searching memories was harmful, Wang Lin wasn't too tyrannical. As long as she didn't resist, he wouldn't break through by force. So in the end it would all depend on whether she completely gave up resisting or not.

As Wang Lin searched, he gradually understood more about Mu Bingmei. After a long time, he withdrew his right hand, and his expression became even more complex.

"Heavenly Soul Dao… To pretend the heavens' dao has a soul and to cultivate this dao with countless avatars. After many experiences, one will cultivate many different cultivation methods and retain their original heart while obtaining countless domains. In the end, all of the avatars unite to complete the Heavenly Soul Dao…"

This Heavenly Soul Dao was the peak cultivation method of the Brilliant Void Realm, and only the first generation Saintess had succeeded in cultivating it. All future generations failed because they lost sight of their original hearts and died.

This Mu Bingmei was the seventh generation Saintess. She had unexpectedly found a shortcut by using her ruthless domain. After an avatar was formed from cultivating the Heavenly Soul Dao, she didn't allow it to retain her memories. Instead, she'd send the avatar to survive on its own. This allowed the avatar to create a new consciousness that didn't know of the existence of the original body. Only after the avatar's cultivation level reached a certain point could the memory inheritance be activated, and the avatar would then fuse back with the original body.

The heavens' dao was ruthless, so her avatar needed to be ruthless too!

Also, she didn't have countless avatars like previous generation Saintesses, she only had nine!

She had calculated very far into the future when she selected the planets to place them on. After countless years, the first eight avatar had all awakened while retaining their virgin bodies.

However, the ninth avatar on planet Suzaku had an accident! As for what the accident was, the girl in pink didn't know. She just knew that the ninth avatar was named Liu Mei and that it had caused her senior sister to enter a struggle.

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