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Chapter 1048 - Precious Treasure

The moment Wang Lin held the iron sword, all the killing intent from his eyes completely disappeared and his eyes were as calm as water.

It was as if all this killing intent he had toward Master Void was absorbed by the iron sword. However, this gaze without any killing intent was several times more terrifying than the gaze with monstrous killing intent.

Wang Lin vaguely felt that the iron sword had its own spirit, and it was about awaken at this moment. When it awakened, it was going to release a power that could destroy the world.

The beautiful woman was still staring at Wang Lin. The moment Wang Lin took out the sword sheath, she frowned, still not recognizing what it was. However, the moment Wang Lin's gaze became calm, her eyes suddenly widened and filled with disbelief as a trace of her memory was jogged.

There was also the man in black. His gaze also landed on the sword sheath in Wang Lin's hand, and his pupils violently shrank.

Wang Lin's eyes were calm as he held the sword handle and suddenly pulled it out. When the iron sword left the sword sheath, a terrifying aura surged out.

This aura was very strong. The moment it appeared, even crackling sounds came from the hall, as if it was going to collapse. Countless cracks appeared on the two statues next to Wang Lin in the blink of an eye, making it seem like they were going to shatter at any moment.

In just an instant, the iron sword came out from the sword sheath completely. Wang Lin didn't hesitate to raise the iron sword and mercilessly chop down at Master Void, who was still immersed in comprehending the source origin!

Master Void originally didn't consider Wang Lin a threat at all. In his eyes, Wang Lin was merely an ant. His divine sense quickly spread out around the source origin and attempted to find out the secret of creating source origin.

His intuition told him that if he could find the answer, that meant he could find the right path to the third step. The more he thought about this, the more excited he became.

He could even hear his own heartbeat accelerating. However, just as he was rapidly comprehending and was just about to find a clue, his body immediately went cold and the feeling of a life and death crisis was upon him.

This feeling of a life and death crisis was no weaker than than the collapse of the Celestial Burial Pool. In fact, it was several times stronger than that collapse. Master Void even felt like this aura was a bit familiar. His pupils shrank as he stared at the iron sword in Wang Lin's hand.

"Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure!!!"

Although the sword didn't leave Wang Lin's hand, the illusion of an giant, 100,000-foot-long silver sword appeared between Wang Li and Master Void.

This large sword was completely made of silver light and gave off a harsh glow. The moment it appeared, it mercilessly smashed down on Master Void. Master Void sucked in a breath of cold air and his eyes filled with shock.

He didn't have time to dodge at all. Wang Lin's timing was very good, and that was the key of this killing formation. The silver sword was too fast, far faster than a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator could cast a spell. The silver light smashed into Master Void's chest.

Just at this instant, Master Void's origin soul came out of his body at an unimaginable speed and surrounded his body. Master Void's body shined purple, and his origin soul was completely purple.

An ordinary cultivator's origin soul was very fragile, so they relied on their physical body. However, when you reach a high cultivation level like Master Void, your origin soul will be far stronger than your body. Master Void surrounded his body with his origin soul to block the silver sword!

The silver light flashed violently and Master Void's body trembled, and his face turned red before coughed out blood. His origin soul trembled before returning into his body.

Master Void's revealed a hideous expression he had never revealed before and popping sounds came from inside his body. He was pushed back, but he forced himself to stop, so he stayed within the source origin. This allowed the source origin to invade his body, making his injuries even worse.

"Little bastard, even with a Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure, you don't have the qualifications to kill me!" Master Void's eyes narrowed as he mercilessly clawed at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's face was pale as his origin energy had left his body and went into the iron sword like crazy. He had already checked the iron sword before and knew that he could use it without refining it.

This iron sword that was very different from traditional treasures confused Wang Lin. However, to complete the killing formation, he set used he it without any hesitation.

Wang Lin was already prepared for it to absorb his origin energy. Although a large amount of origin energy was leaving his body, he didn't panic and remained calm.

The moment Master Void clawed at Wang Lin, Wang Lin lifted the iron sword once more and took a deep breath. Origin energy surged out from his body as the sword was covered in a silver light once more and he slashed down. 

The silver light was bright when Master Void's right hand violently waved backward and his expression became extremely gloomy. He was a bit anxious now as being inside the source origin meant he would constantly be attacked by it even though it didn't hurt much. In comparison, this amount of source origin wasn't even one ten thousandth of his origin energy, but just this small amount of source origin required a majority of his origin energy to resist.

He also had to immerse his entire mind to comprehend it while resisting it. Before, Master Void didn't consider Wang Lin a threat, but he never expected Wang Lin to have a Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure!

As a result, he had to pay attention, but he was unwilling to give up this chance to comprehend source origin. His killing intent toward Wang Lin had reached a limit.

"I only need seven more minutes and I'm confident I can understand the mystery behind this source origin!" Master Void slapped his bag of holding and a purple ice cube appeared in his hand. The moment the ice cube appeared, the entire hall was enveloped in an icy chill.

Feeling his heart ache, a portion of Master Void's origin soul split to form another Master Void. Then that body swallowed the purple ice cube and charged at Wang Lin like a bolt of lightning.

Wang Lin waved the iron sword, and with a flash of silver light, the illusion of the giant silver sword appeared once more. The sword shot toward Master Void's origin soul avatar. The avatar formed a seal and pointed at the giant sword. There was a loud bang and the avatar was pushed back. The avatar dimmed greatly, but the illusionary sword also collapsed.

The moment the purple ice cube appeared, Wang Lin felt an aura similar to that of his iron sword and Esteemed Xuan Bao's arrow. It was obvious that the purple ice cube was also a Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure.

At this moment, Wang Lin had lost a large amount of origin energy in his body, but right now it wasn't the time to worry about his origin energy. The killing formation had already begun, and Wang Lin was unwilling to give it up. He had used the source origin as bait to set up this killing formation. If he couldn't kill or cause some serious injuries to Master Void, it would be considered a failure on his planning.

Not only did he expose his source origin, but he even exposed his Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure. However, if he could seriously injury or kill Master Void, it would be enough to deter the beautiful woman and the man in black.

After taking a deep breath, Wang Lind decided to close his eyes. When he used this iron sword, he had a feeling that this iron sword had its own spirit. Wang Lin wasn't able to display its true power due to his cultivation level, but since this iron sword required no refining to use, there was a way to display its true strength. He only needed to treat the treasure like a person.

The moment Wang Lin closed his eyes and gave up control of the iron sword, the iron sword let out a sword hymn. Master Void's avatar charged out once more. The purple ice cube inside the avatar emitted endless chill. Before it even got close, powerful cold energy was already closing on Wang Lin.

The iron sword in Wang Lin's hand suddenly rose up, but that wasn't Wang Lin who moved, it was the iron sword who pulled Wang Lin's hand. Wang Lin's origin energy left his body like crazy, and the iron sword released heaven-shaking sword hymns as if it was happy. Just as Master Void's avatar closed in, another giant silver sword appeared.

However, this silver sword was different; it looked like a real sword. It was impossible to tell it was an illusion at all. The moment it appeared, the giant silver sword immediately slashed down!

With a bang, Master Void's avatar collided with the large sword and retreated a few steps. However, the large sword didn't disappear, and its silver light shined even brighter. Then it moved in an arc and attacked from the left side.

The second attack connected with the first attack as if it was a mortal using sword martial arts. If that was it, it wouldn't be shocking, but as soon as the silver sword collided with Master Void's avatar a second time, it immediately moved and attacked from below.

There was no pause at all; the large silver sword turned into a ray of silver light and continued to attack Master Void's avatar like a silver dragon. Strike after strike, the silver sword attacked Master Void's avatar.

Its speed became faster and faster. The first strike was a bit slow, but the second strike was a bit faster. Now, in the blink of an eye, seven strikes connected into one.

All of Wang Lin's origin energy had disappeared in the sixth strike. As for the seventh strike, it absorbed his body's essence. Fortunately, his ancient god body was very strong and was able to endure it.

After the seventh strike, the eighth strike struck like a silver dragon, and following that were the ninth, tenth, and eleventh strikes!

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