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Chapter 1047 - Resistance

However, what shocked him was that not only did Wang Lin's body not collapse, but he didn't even immediately die. That shield that suddenly appeared had cancelled out 70% of his power.

However, just the remaining 30% was enough to kill this Wang Lin, and what shocked Master Void was that this 30% portion only made Wang Lin cough out blood. Wang Lin only ended up seriously injured and not dead!

Wang Lin floated in the air as the ripple raged inside his body and charged at his origin soul. Although Wang Lin's origin soul had the Ancient God Leather Armor, the vibrations still caused his origin soul to become bleak. He coughed out another large mouthful of blood and his body was violently thrown back.

The pain from his body showed that even with his ancient god body, he was seriously injured. However, Wang Lin's gaze was still calm as he stared at Master Void.

When he was thrown again, he landed at the center of the gaze of the two statues in the hall.

"You didn't die? Let me let me fix that!" Killing intent appeared in Master Void's eyes. He vaguely felt like there was something wrong with the location Wang Lin was in. He lifted his right hand and mercilessly slammed down toward Wang Lin!

In his mind, he would definitely kill Wang Lin with this attack. A rumble echoed within the hall when Master Void attacked Wang Lin. A yellow sandstorm appeared and charged at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's expression was still calm, and there was even a hint of ridicule in it. He knew that he was not Master Void's opponent. Wang Lin felt that this person had ill intent toward him back at the Celestial Burial Pool. After learning about his Vermillion Bird awakening, Wang Lin was 80% sure this person had the intention to kill him.

Now that they were so close within the hall, Master Void would definitely reveal his killing intent. Wang Lin understood that it was futile to resist with his current strength. Fortunately, he had vaguely found the entrance to the second floor. He simply borrowed the attack to be thrown to this position. In addition, he had built a killing formation in this short period of time. The target was Master Void!

If others don't mess with him, he won't mess with them! If Master Void hadn't attacked, Wang Lin wouldn't have used this killing formation. But since the other party had attacked, then Wang Lin wouldn't simply do nothing!

"Even if I can't kill you, I must leave behind a deep impression!"

Wang Lin's hand formed the same seal as the two statues. At this moment, purple light came from the gazes of the two statues.

The two rays of purple light charged out and circled Wang Lin, forming a vortex. Wang Lin's body was dragged toward the vortex.

However, Master Void had cultivated for a very long time, so he naturally had strong intuition and immediately realized that there was something wrong with were Wang Lin landed, so he immediately added an attack. The sand storm formed by his spell charged at Wang Lin inside the vortex.

If Wang Lin moved according to the speed of the vortex, then the sandstorm would arrive and Wang Lin would die before he could enter.

Master Void charged at Wang Lin.

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes. The moment the sandstorm closed in, his third eye opened up. Wang Lin's third eye was his strongest spell, and it was something he wouldn't dare to casually use. However, with Master Void closing in and facing this life and death crisis, he opened it without hesitation.

"Master Void!!!" Killing intent filled Wang Lin's eyes as he let out a roar. The vertical third eye opened and the red light from within opened up like a fan.

The moment Wang Lin's third eye opened, Master Void's calm expression changed for the first time! It wasn't just a small change, it looked like his world had just been flipped upside down!

"Source origin!!!" Master Void's eyes were filled with disbelief, but were then filled with ecstasy. At this moment, he forgot about the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect and the Cultivation Alliance. The only thing in front of him was the source origin that came out of Wang Lin's third eye.

Not only his, but even the expression of the man in black changed greatly. He stared at Wang Lin with shining eyes filled with disbelief.

Only the beautiful woman revealed a strange expression that didn't contain any greed. She looked at Wang Lin and frowned.

The source origin filled the red light, and the red light collided with the sandstorm. The sandstorm trembled, and even though it contained the power of a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator, it rapidly dissipated.

Wang Lin felt pain from between his eyebrows. He originally didn't have much source origin left, and it was rapidly dissipating when facing off against the sandstorm. However, he didn't withdraw it, and instead, with eyes filled with killing intent, the source origin poured out from his third eye.

Wang Lin knew in his heart how important source origin was to people who were seeking the third step, so he know that Master Void would take the bait!

The red light expanded greatly and the sandstorm immediately collapsed. The source origin shot out from the red light and went straight at Master Void.

Master Void's expression changed, but the greed in his eyes became even stronger. He wanted to dodge it, but he was unwilling to give up a 1 in 10,000 chance to feel source origin personally.

With this hesitation, the red light from Wang Lin's third eye surrounded Master Void. At this moment, Master Void's body seemed to be peeled away layer by layer and turned half-transparent.

"Source origin… source origin!!" Master Void's eyes were filled with greed, and his divine sense spread out and observed the source origin. He completely ignored the fact that he was in a battle right now, as Wang Lin was simply too insignificant in his eyes. He was confident he could understand this source origin, and once he did… His old heart suddenly felt like he was in the prime of his youth and his face became even more agitated.

He could had never dreamed that that he would encounter the legendary source origin that was rumored to be the key to reaching the third step, and it happened when he was only trying to eradicate a possible future danger!

Wang Lin's body slowly sank into the purple vortex, but the killing intent in his eyes increased greatly. He had already laid out the killing formation, and Master Void had entered it. Now the only thing left was for him to act!

He slapped his bag of holding and a sword sheath appeared in his hand, and inside the sheath was an iron sword! Wang Lin's eyes became very cold as he held the sword's handle.

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