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Chapter 1042 - Iron Sword

Looking at the ancient god head filled with regret and anger, Wang Lin silently pondered. After experiencing so much, Wang Lin understood that the ancient gods weren't an eternal existences among the stars. However, they were the strongest clan!

The ancient god clan from back then was almost extinct. Wang Lin didn't believe that it was due to cultivators. Even the powerful Thunder Celestial Realm had to use so much power to fight a weak 8-star ancient god. Only with countless celestials attacking did they manage to win with heavy losses.

What kind of power could still cut off the head of this ancient god after he had shattered all eight stars?

Although shattering eight stars at once wasn't enough to reach the power of a 9-star ancient god, it was still enough to destroy the heavens and earth.

While pondering, Wang Lin slowly descended and arrived next to a block of ice that was blocking the way. Origin energy surged out from his arm and into the ice.

In an instant, fire appeared on the edge of the ice and even inside it. In an instant, the ice turned into white mist and floated up into the sky.

The celestial corpses were immediately turned to dust by the flames and scattered.

After opening a passage, Wang Lin closed in on the giant ancient god head. While he examined the head up close, the pressure of facing a real 8-star ancient god suddenly pressed down.

After letting out a sigh, Wang Lin slowly descended down the ancient god head to where it was cut off. The ancient god head was wrapped in a thick layer of ice. The cut on the neck was extremely clean and smooth.

Staring at the neck of the ancient god, while his expression remained calm, his pupils shrank and shock filled his heart.

From the looks of this wound, this ancient god had his head cut off in an instant. There was no pause and it was an extremely clean cut!

The meaning of this wound made Wang Lin's scalp tingle. He couldn't imagine who had the power to cut off an ancient god's head clean off with one spell!

"Could it have been Qing Lin?" Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He was aghast at the situation. If Qing Lin had this kind of power, he was far too strong and already surpassed Wang Lin's imagination.

Wang Lin's expression became gloomy as his divine sense carefully spread out around the head. After a scan, he found nothing abnormal and began to carefully examine the wound. After a long time, Wang Lin exclaimed. He moved closer to the ice, and his eyes were like lightning as he stared at the wound.

Deep within the edge of the wound, there were some dark red crystal particles. If one didn't look carefully, it was easy to confuse it with clogged blood.

"This is…" Wang Lin silently pondered as he raised his hand and placed it on the ice. He carefully spread out his origin energy and filled his right hand with it. Large amounts of white mist appeared under his right hand. He carefully controlled his origin energy to melt a hole in the ice.

This gap was like a tunnel that extended to the wound on the ancient god's neck. Wang Lin then created a suction force to pull one of the crystal particles into his hand.

His fingers held the dark red crystal particles and his divine sense slowly scanned it. As he carefully observed, Wang Lin was gradually able to see an invisible energy inside. This energy seemed to be slowly moving within the crystal and could dissipate at any time.

Wang Lin's divine sense surrounded the invisible energy, and after pondering a bit, his divine sense moved toward the invisible energy to investigate.

However, just as his divine sense entered, he suddenly felt an indescribable pressure coming from the invisible energy. It was as if Wang Lin had left this world. The entire universe was dark, and only the pressure from this invisible energy existed.

This aura was so strong that just a small sliver had made Wang Lin gasp and almost subconsciously retreat. However, he forced himself to hold on and began to carefully observe it.

The more he observed, the more he frowned. Even after over 1,000 years of cultivation, he had never encountered such a strange invisible energy.

This wasn't celestial spiritual energy or spiritual energy. It didn't even have the slightest connection to origin energy.

However, when he carefully observed it, he could see that it contained celestial spiritual energy, spiritual energy, and origin energy, along with another energy he wasn't able to understand.

It was a pile of things thrown together, yet they were perfectly combined, which caused Wang Lin a lot of confusion.

What terrified Wang Lin even more was that even within this small trace of energy, there was law. It was this law that made Wang Lin's scalp tingle.

There wasn't just one law, but countless laws! Almost all the countless laws Wang Lin had seen with the help of the heaven defying bead was inside. There were many laws Wang Lin hadn't seen within it as well.

Wang Lin carefully withdrew his divine sense. His face was somewhat pale as he stared at the crystal. At this moment, he felt like he wasn't holding an insignificant crystal particle but a powerful bomb.

It was this power that cut the head of the ancient god, and it was not Qing Lin who possessed this power! Wang Lin stared at the crystal in his hand and thought back to planet Suzaku, when he fought against the heavens to save Li Muwan.

The messenger of the heavens was unexpectedly an ancient god, an ancient god with his stars sealed. At that time, although Wang Lin was shocked, his cultivation level was too low to comprehend it. Thinking about it now, it wasn't just shocking, there was a heaven-shattering secret behind this!

What kind of power could seal an ancient god and control him to become a messenger of the heavens? The answer came out almost immediately!

"Heavens' dao!" Wang Lin stared at the crystal in his hand. The moment he felt this invisible energy, his intuition told him that it was related to the seal on the ancient god who was the messenger of the heavens.

However, the heavens' dao was an ethereal thing, so how could it do all of this? Wang Lin silently pondered and recalled what Ancient Demon Bei Lou had said about the Ancient Order's secret and how they defied the heavens.

Closing his eyes, an image seemed to appear within Wang Lin's mind. An 8-star ancient god was rampaging across the endless stars, but at this moment, an indescribable force descended from the heavens. In order to resist, the 8-star ancient god shattered all his stars, but his head was still cut off!

Then the head was obtained by the Celestial Realm and placed here for an unknown reason. The force that cut the head off this ancient god didn't dissipate with time. Instead, it became these crystals.

Wang Lin didn't know if any of this was true or false; he merely speculated from what he knew. He opened his eyes. After pondering a bit, he carefully put the crystal into his bag.

There were still some crystals in the neck inside the ice. Wang Lin carefully pulled the crystals out and put them inside his bag.

He was very careful during this entire process and pulled them one by one. Including the previous one, there was a total of 23.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin stared at the wound at the ancient god's neck. There were no more crystals remaining. After pondering a bit, Wang Lin was about to leave, but his eyes suddenly narrowed and he stared into the wound on the neck. For a moment, he felt liek there was a red flash.

His divine sense spread out but found nothing.

After pondering a bit, origin energy filled Wang Lin's right hand and the fire origin energy reached the ice. There were some cracking sounds as his origin energy tunnelled through the ice and spread toward it.

As the tunnel extended forward, Wang Lin stared forward without blinking. Soon, the tunnel extended deep into the ice block.

At this instant, Wang Lin saw the thing that caused the red flash!

It was an iron sword that was covered by countless red lines. These red lines were moving and entangled around the sword.

This iron sword looked very ordinary; there was nothing abnormal about it. However, when Wang Lin saw the iron sword, he immediately felt like it was very familiar, as if he had seen something like it before.

Before he could remember where he had seen this iron sword, he immediately felt a terrifying danger from the red lines around the iron sword.

Wang Lin's expression changed. When his divine sense swept by with the ice in the way, he couldn't see the iron sword or the red lines. However, now that the ice had melted, they appeared clearly before his eyes.

Due to caution, Wang Lin's divine sense slowly spread out and again he couldn't detect the iron sword or red lines. It was the same as before, and there was no abnormality with the head. However, he could clearly see the iron sword and red lines with his eyes, which made Wang Lin extremely vigilant.

Wang Lin calmly retreated. The iron sword and the red lines around it were too strange. It was best not to mess with them.

While he retreated, his eyes were still on the iron sword. There were some rust on the iron sword, as if it was a mortal object.

"Very familiar…" Wang Lin suddenly stopped and felt as if a bolt of thunder had exploded in his mind. His eyes suddenly widened as he stared at the iron sword and sucked in a breath of cold air. He remembered!

Back on planet Suzaku, inside the Suzaku Tomb, he saw the same iron sword, only the rust markings on it were different! That iron sword was taken by Tuo Sen's messenger. The ecstasy on the messenger's face was something Wang Lin clearly remembered even now!

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