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Chapter 1041 - Inside the Deep Pit

"And also Zhou Ru… She unexpectedly became Liu Mei's disciple. There must be some secret behind this. Liu Mei's is far too cunning…"

After pondering for a long time, Wang Lin suppressed the complex feelings he had from seeing Liu Mei. He withdrew his gaze from the sky and felt the powerful origin energy throughout his body.

"Peak of Nirvana Scryer!" Wang Lin's eyes shined brightly. It was useless to think about other things. He was still inside the Celestial Emperor Cave, so he need to solve the immediate problem first.

"Everything in this world contains law. The sky, the earth, the five elements, everything contains its own law. If one wants to understand them all, it would take far too much time. The power of a person is limited, so it would be impossible to grasp everything." Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he pondered.

"So the Nirvana Cleanser and even those old Nirvana Shatterer monsters often have a law they are most proficient in. For example, Master Flamespark is most proficient in the law of fire…"

While Wang Lin pondered, thunder shot out from his right eye. The thunder rumbled out from Wang Lin's right eye and formed a bright ball of thunder.

There was a vague phantom inside the ball of thunder. It looked exactly like Wang Lin's ancient thunder dragon origin soul. It seemed like a phantom of it had appeared inside the ball of thunder.

Wang Lin stared at the ball of thunder until the way he saw it vaguely changed. However, it didn't turn into lines like everything else. Although it became more transparent, no laws appeared within it.

"I only obtained half of the ancient thunder dragon and half of it disappeared into the Tide Abyss. As a result, the power of thunder is incomplete and even the law within is imperfect."

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin squeezed the air and the ball of thunder scattered into countless bolts of thunder. At this moment, flames came out of Wang Lin's left eye, forming a sea of flames.

There was the phantom of a Vermillion Bird within the sea of flames.

Wang Lin looked closely and then the Vermillion Bird turned transparent. The endless sea of flames turned into red lines that Wang Lin could see clearly.

"According to my understanding of cultivation, to reach the Nirvana Cleanser stage, I must completely master one of these laws. Then I can use this law to absorb origin energy from the world and make it so the origin energy in my body never runs out.

"The strength of Nirvana Cleanser cultivators is greatly related to the law they choose."

Wang Lin waved his hand and scattered the sea of flames, then his eyes returned to normal.

"The laws I'm the most familiar with are thunder and fire. However, I just obtained fire and am not yet familiar enough with it. I need to comprehend it more before I can use it to break through to the Nirvana Cleanser stage.

"However, breaking through like this will cause me to lose the power of thunder. If I have to give that up to reach the Nirvana Cleanser stage, there will be regrets. If I can fuse fire and thunder and use that to reach Nirvana Cleanser stage, that power should be really strong."

Wang Lin moved while pondering and stepped into the deep pit. He directly went into the cave and arrived next to his original body.

The woman in silver was still guarding on the side. When she saw Wang Lin's avatar, her expression didn't change. Wang Lin ignored her and fused with his original body.

A moment later, Wang Lin slowly opened his eyes, and the killing aura withdrew as he returned to his normal self. His eyes lit up and he stood up.

"The Vermillion Bird I saw when I borrowed the heaven defying bead's power was exactly the same as my tattoo. I believe there is a connection…" Wang Lin walked out of the fractured cave. The woman in silver silently followed, and her gaze fell on Wang Lin's back. There was a trace of confusion in her eyes.

Just as he walked out from the cave, Wang Lin immediately retreated a step and exclaimed.

A ray of ghostly light came from the deep pit. It moved in a line and headed straight for Wang Lin. The moment Wang Lin retreated, it arrived near him.

It had slightly messy black feathers, but its eyes were still filled with intelligence. It was the Star-Marked Sable!

The sable looked very adorable. When it got close, it hung onto Wang Lin's clothes with its mouth and swung around like a swing. It also released crisp cries as it did so.

After swinging around a few times, the Star-Marked Sable borrowed the swinging force to land on Wang Lin's shoulder. It wiped its face with its claws a few times before moving closer to Wang Lin's neck and sniffing constantly.

The Star-Marked Sable liked the aura of an ancient god the most. During the time when ancient gods were still around, the Star-Marked Sable was one of the few spirit beasts the ancient gods really liked. Wang Lin had memories of this from his inheritance.

The ancient gods' aura was very beneficial to the Star-Marked Sable. If they stayed around an ancient god long enough, then it would greatly reduce their growth period. It would also cause the Star-Marked Sable to undergo metamorphosis.

Even during ancient times, a Star-Marked Sables was a powerful ally for an ancient god once it went through metamorphosis. However, it was very difficult for a Star-Marked Sable to undergo metamorphosis. It would require them to absorb the aura of an ancient god for a very long time.

Remembering what the Star-Marked Sable looked like after it had gone through metamorphosis from Ti Su's memories made Wang Lin reveal a strange expression. After looking at the Star-Marked Sable on his shoulder, that strange expression became even stronger.

"In Tu Si's memories, every ancient god with a Star-Marked Sable that had undergone metamorphosis cherished them greatly. They treated the sable like a treasure and wouldn't allow anyone to hurt it. They would become furious if an outsider even touched the sable."

As the sable sniffed Wang Lin's aura, its intelligence eyes were filled with excitement. It decided to simply lie on Wang Lin's shoulder.

Wang Lin raised his hand and grabbed the small sable from his shoulder. The small sable seemed very dissatisfied, and his claw grabbed hold of Wang Lin's cloth. It roared at Wang Lin as if it was brooding from having to leave Wang Lin's shoulder.

Wang Lin held the Star-Marked Sable before his face and took a closer look. He had seen this sable hundreds of years ago when he first arrived on planet Tian Yun, and he had taken a liking to it back then. He never would've thought the sable would come to him hundreds of years later.

This sable was very exquisite, and its intelligent eyes looked at Wang Lin while Wang Lin looked at it. After a long time, the sable grew impatient. Wang Lin revealed a smile and let go of his hand. The small sable immediately returned to Wang Lin's shoulder. It sniffed around and looked very comfortable.

No longer paying any more attention to the small sable, Wang Lin was about to leave here. He was going to explore the Celestial Emperor Cave using the map in the jade.

However, just as he stepped out, the Star-Marked Sable immediately looked down into the deep pit. Its eyes lit up, then it flew out and roared a few times at Wang in before it flew down into the pit.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he looked down at the deep pit. After pondering a bit, he descended along with the Star-Marked Sable.

"Star-Marked Sables like the aura of ancient gods the most. Could it be that there is something that belonged to an ancient god down buried under the Celestial Burial Pool?" Wang Lin immediately thought of the red tendon that trapped the Tattoo Clan Holy Ancestor.

This pit seemed bottomless. No matter how much Wang Lin descended, it seemed like he was no closer to the end. The cold energy coming from the bottom became even more intense until a layer of frost appeared on the walls of the pit.

It was as if there was an endless abyss down there. Although Wang Lin looked calm, he was extremely cautious. The Star-Marked Sable was obviously very familiar with this place and had long disappeared.

The deeper he went, the colder it became. Every time he exhaled, it looked like gas dragons were rushing out of his nose. The surrounding walls were covered in ice. Sharp icicles were sticking out from the side of the wall in a ring formation.

Wang Lin controlled his descending speed. After an unknown amount of time, the Star-Marked Sable flew out like a ray of ghostly light and landed on the ice. It jumped off it and landed on Wang Lin's shoulder.

Slivers of cold energy came from the Star-Marked Sable, but none of this caught Wang Lin's attention. Right now his eyes were locked on the thing below.

When the Star-Marked Sable closed in, Wang Lin vaguely felt a gaze that pierced through all obstacles and landed on him.

Wang Lin stared at the bottom and remained motionless. After a long time, his origin energy began to move and two balls of flames appeared in his eyes. The flames came out of his eyes and turned into a sea of flames, spreading downwards.

Borrowing the light from the sea of flames, even the darkness that his divine sense couldn't penetrate scattered a bit. Wang Lin descended downwards. That gaze made a big doubt appear in his heart, and he vaguely had some speculations.

As he descended, there was more and more ice around. After seven minutes, Wang Lin was at the bottom of the pit. At this point, he could clearly see everything below him, and it was a world of ice. Large ice blocks surrounded the area, making this palce look extremely dangerous.

There was a lifelike corpse inside each ice block. Their bodies were frozen right before they died. This quiet, deep pit where no one could reach caused a chill to arise in Wang Lin's heart.

The people inside the ice weren't enough to shock Wang Lin. What really shocked him was the existence deeper down. It was sealed by all the surrounding ice, leaving only some small gaps.

This was the source of that gaze!

Wang Lin clearly saw what was below through the gaps in the glacier. At this moment, his pupils suddenly shrank.

Below the gaps between the glaciers, down in the depths of the pit, there was something thousands of feet tall!

This giant thing was a skull! The skull of an ancient god! The skull was frozen, but its expression was clear. The eyes, which weren't closed, were filled with regret and anger.

The gaze Wang Lin felt earlier came from this skull.

Although countless years had passed and the ancient god was already dead and without a trace of any ancient god power left, his gaze before he died was still so lifelike that it would startle anyone who saw it! Only traces of eight broken stars remained.

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