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Chapter 1033 - The Completion of Karma (1)

This complex feeling wasn't only due to Yao Xixue. In truth, after cultivating for over 1,300 years, not only had his cultivation level increased, his comprehension of the heavens had deepened. And along with his accumulated life experience, he began to gradually ponder all the killing he had done. 

Yao Xixue was merely the thing that set off his self-reflection.

Just like when he got drunk with Situ Nan, he didn't dare to look back in his life and see if cultivation was really worth it. In his 1,300 plus years of cultivation, too many people had died by his hands.

Even Wang Lin couldn't clearly remember how many he had killed. Killing was not something everyone took delight in. For Wang Lin, these 1,000 plus years of killing only made him feel tired.

However, in this cruel cultivation world, if you didn't kill, you would give away your own life. No one could do anything about being forced into the choice of kill or be killed.

You couldn't escape from it!

You either live or die, and you often only have one chance.

"If you just did this to me, then that would be the end, but you had to be so vicious against my father. Wang Lin, was there such hatred between you and I? In this cultivation world, it is common to scheme against each other. Although I, Yao Xixue, was wrong, was it enough to sentence me to death??" Yao Xixue stared at Wang Lin. The hatred burned in her eyes, and her voice was filled with sorrow.

Wang Lin silently pondered. He looked at the horizon and his eyes dimmed.

"You sealed me for hundreds of years and you used a dirty method to make it so I couldn't remain calm. All of this I can withstand because I was in the wrong first. However, you shouldn't have killed my father!!" In addition to the intense hatred in Yao Xixue's eyes, there were shining tears.

Wang Lin let out a sigh. More than 1,000 years of cultivation had made heart tough as well. However, he was, after all, a person, not a devil. He had his reasoning and his own morals.

If they don't offend me, I won't offend them!

Yao Xixue's scheme touched Wang Lin's bottom line, so she had to die! However, due to his worry about Blood Ancestor and the Blood Pill, he didn't kill her! Then, when facing Blood Ancestor, he had to resist in order to survive. If Blood Ancestor didn't die, he, Wang Lin, would have!

He had no choice! From Wang Lin's point of view, he wasn't wrong!

However, from Yao Xixue's point of view, she had suffered the price of being sealed for hundreds of years for her scheming against Wang Lin. Like she said, although she hated him, they were even.

However, with the death of her father, did she still need to reason with her father's killer? She wasn't able to see what was right or wrong. As the child, no matter what reason, she had to get revenge. From Yao Xixue's point of view, she wasn't wrong either.

"All of this is karma… The karmic cause of yesterday will produce the karmic effect of today. Each step was not something she or I could control… If she hadn't schemed against me first, or I didn't fear Blood Ancestor, then none of this would have happened.

"Once the cause is born, it will never extinguish, it will only grow. I was trapped  for hundreds of years. It's like the result of trying to keep a lie is to make even more lies.

"The me from back then didn't comprehend karma and didn't realize I was already part of the cause.

"Then when Blood Ancestor came hunting me, I thought that was the effect. However, it seems Blood Ancestor wasn't the effect, only part of the cause!

"The true effect is not having to fight Blood Ancestor or what Yao Xixue said, but my own dao heart!" There was some light in Wang Lin's eyes.

"My karma domain still hasn't reach completion, and the progress has been slow. No matter how much enlightenment I have, it seems I can't comprehend what is truly karma… Back then, I vaguely felt that in order to complete my karma domain, I'll have to complete all karma related to me. It seems my feeling back then was only partially correct." Wang Lin's eyes began to light up even more.

Yao Xixue stared at Wang Lin with a venomous gaze. The more Wang Lin remained silent, the stronger her hatred become and her resentment increased. After letting out a mournful cry, Yao Xixue formed a seal and pointed between her eyebrows without hesitation.

"Wang Lin, let us finish the matter between us. I, Yao Xixue, am willing to sacrifice my soul and my flesh to get revenge for my father!"

The resentment and hatred from Yao Xixue turned into endless hostility, making her look extremely ferocious. The moment her hand pressed between her eyebrows, the light in her eyes disappeared and was replaced with cold demonic flames.

"Demon Ancestor, I, Yao Xixue, am willing to give up the last trace of my will and completely hand over my flesh. However, you have to promise me you will kill him!!" Yao Xixue's sharp voice echoed through the world.

The moment this sound appeared, a monstrous demonic energy erupted from her body. Her appearance immediately changed due to this demonic energy. Her fingernails grew very long and gave off a cold sharpness.

Her hair suddenly grew until it was at her feet and was scarlet red.

The hideous scars on her face began to move. They connected together and formed a complex rune.

An extremely cold demonic energy completely erupted from her body and spread out across the sky. In the blink of an eye, more than half of the sky was filled with demonic energy.

This demonic energy was filled with cold intent. As the demonic energy spread, cracking sounds came from the ocean. At this instant, most of the ocean froze over!

The water on the surface quickly turned to ice, and it rapidly spread. Even the raging waves were frozen like ice sculptures!

Even the wall-like wave was frozen. From a distance, it looked very amazing.

"As you wish!" A cold voice came from Yao Xixue's mouth. It was like a chilly wind that swept the world.

She had sacrificed her flesh and soul to completely become a vessel for one of the nine ancient demon spirits. This was the price Yao Xixue had paid to get revenge on Wang Lin.

At this moment, the thing controlling Yao Xixue's body was no longer her, but one of the nine ancient demon spirits, the wind demon!

The ancient demon was very adaptive. Back then, he was split into nine parts, each with their own independent mind. Some wanted to fuse back together, but there were also those that didn't and wanted to remain split.

During these hundreds of years, Bei Lou had devoured seven ancient demon spirits and recovered 80% of his previous cultivation. The remaining 20% was with this wind demon.

The wind demon was different from the other ancient demon spirits. The wind demon was unwilling to fuse, and regardless of the cost, had chosen another method. After failing to fuse with countless people, he finally selected Yao Xixue. Using her obsession with her hatred of Wang Lin, he was able to successfully fuse.

This fusion was insane because it was not a possession. First, he passed his ancient demon inheritance to Yao Xixue. Then, at a great risk, collapsed his body to turn into demonic energy that had no consciousness.

As a result, it was giving up his identity as an ancient demon spirit, which was equal to death! At the cost of his own life, he didn't give Bei Lou a chance to devour him.

This was something not even Bei Lou had expected. When he realized it, it was too late because the wind demon had collapsed.

Although Yao Xixue had the wind demon's memory inheritance, she couldn't access most of it, only absorb. In these hundreds of years of absorbing demonic energy, it had gathered to a certain degree.

If she had never chosen to awaken all the memories in the inheritance, then the wind demon wouldn't have been able to awaken in a short period of time. In truth, the wind demon was gambling that for revenge, Yao xixue was willing to gave up everything for power.

Moreover, even if he had lost the gamble, it wouldn't have mattered. As long as Yao Xixue continued to absorb demonic energy, then once there was enough, it would automatically force all the memories to open up within the inheritance.

In reality, the wind demon really didn't survive. The wind demon had already died, and what remained was just his memories!

Yao Xixue was merely the vessel for those memories.

The instant the memories were activated completely, all of Yao Xixue's memories would disappear, leaving her body with a soul that only had the memories of the wind demon. As a result, she would become the new wind demon!

Facing this phenomenon, even Bei Lou was helpless. The ancient demon spirit he wanted was already gone. It had given up its identity as an ancient demon to become a demonic cultivator; it was no longer an ancient demon!

At this moment, the wind demon's memories activated along with Yao Xixue's hatred. All of Yao Xixue's memories were quickly devoured, leaving only her intense hatred for Wang Lin. Even though the wind demon had devoured her memories, he couldn't erase this hatred.

The demonic figure flashed, and the wind demon stared coldly at Wang Lin.

"I don't care about the matter between you and Yao Xixue. She has activated my memories and her existence has already been devoured by me. By doing this, I have done you a favor!" The wind demon licked his lips and slowly retreated. The frozen sea began to melt and the cold energy quickly entered the wind demon's body.

She was very cautious at this moment because she considered the cultivator before her very dangerous. The aura this cultivator gave off almost made her gasp.

She had only agreed to help Yao Xixue to deceive her to give up everything. Even the last "As you wish" was only to appease Yao Xixue so she wouldn't resist at the end.

Now that everything was done, she, the wind demon, would not risk fighting against this cultivator she found terrifying for Yao Xixue, who had lost all value.

If the person Yao Xixue wanted to kill was very weak, then she could help, but the person before her made her feel a lot of dread.

Moreover, her current cultivation level was a lot lower than that of the person before her, so she can't take any risks.

"This is one of the restrictions inside the Celestial Emperor Cave. If all the restrictions are triggered, it won't be good for you or me. Since there is no feud between us, then I'll be leaving." After the wind demon spoke, she continued to retreat.

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