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Chapter 1032 - Was I Wrong?

When the Celestial Burial Pool within the Celestial Emperor Cave shattered, the impact scattered everyone like a flock of birds. They all triggered different restrictions and disappeared.

At this moment, within an activated restriction, this place was a dense jungle. It was filled with trees with trunks so thick that they would require multiple people to encircle. At a glance, the sky was covered by the leaves, leaving only small gaps for few ray of sunlight to pass. They looked like pillars of light that descended from the sky.

The ground was filled with rotten leaves. One step and you could sink as deep as your waist. The smell of rotting beast bones was mixed into the leaves, and just one whiff would make want to vomit.

The deeper you went in the jungle, the more dense the leaves became, and the more scarce sunlight became as it couldn't penetrate into this place. As a result, it made the depths of the jungle more damp.

There was a person sitting on the endless decaying leaves within the depths of this jungle.

His body was like a top and his upper body was naked. A blood red tattoo flickered on his forehead. There were beast heads around him, and these bloody heads made this place smell like blood.

What was strange was that all the skin between the beasts' eyebrows were ripped off, revealing the fresh flesh beneath.

The pieces of skin that were ripped off was stacked beside the man's leg and gave off a ghostly light.

After an unknown amount of the time, the man slowly opened his eyes, revealing a terrifying gaze. The man was calm as he looked into the distance. After a long time, he muttered to himself,

"Although I haven't absorbed all of the ancestor's holy tattoo, I have gained a lot of enlightenment regarding the Wither Tattoo Spell… However, the memory of my previous master's figure won't dissipate…" The man silently pondered before letting out a sigh and closing his eyes once more.

Wang Lin, who was in the depths of the ocean, withdrew his gaze from the large sword. He called the sword back, took off the Wither Tattoo, and placed it inside his bag.

"With this Wither Tattoo, I will have another means of saving myself in a moment of danger, but this Wither Tattoo is indeed mysterious. After leaving the Demon Spirit Land, I must find a chance to make more. However, according to the green gas, the best material for making them is the skin between a fierce beast's eyebrows.

"The more fierce the beast, the more suitable the skin between the eyebrows will be; it even affects the power of the Wither Tattoo itself. A magic spell must be used to gather the beast's soul and blood essence between their eyebrows before taking the skin…"

While Wang Lin pondered, he took a deep breath and slapped his bag of holding. There was a flash of yellow light, and the yellow crystal appeared in his hand.

Staring at the crystal, Wang Lin's eyes became very serious. The thing that mystified him the most was this yellow crystal.

Wang Lin could vaguely feel terrifying fluctuations coming from the crystal, so he didn't dare to carelessly check it with his divine sense.

"If that mysterious person inside the hall was really Qing Lin, then what is his purpose for giving this to me?" Wang Lin stared at the yellow crystal and began to ponder.

He clearly remembered that the crystal light that was Qing Lin's avatar entered this yellow crystal. However, no matter how he observed it, he couldn't find any clues.

It was as if Qing Lin's avatar had gone missing and what Wang Lin saw was just an illusion.

After staring at it for a long time, Wang Lin withdrew his gaze. He didn't risk checking it with his divine sense and forcibly suppressed his idea. Then he put the crystal back into his bag.

He had a mysterious feeling that if his divine sense went into it, something unpredictable would occur and it would bring him no benefits.

This kind of feeling was very vague; it was a sliver of spiritual sense he had developed after cultivating for over 1,000 years.

"It is time to leave this place." Wang Lin stood up and began moving up like a dragon. The bubble moved with him.

From above, the ocean was bright blue, but inside the water, it was completely dark. However, none of this bothered Wang Lin. As the bubble rose, all the water was pushed to the sides.

Wang Lin's eyes were flashing with deductions, but just as he was about to reach the surface, his expression change. He immediately pushed his two hands to the side.

The bubble he was in suddenly collapsed and a shockwave quickly spread. It charged upward under Wang Lin's control. As the shockwave charged up, a thunderous rumble echoed as if it had collided with something.

Even the sea water was affected by this loud rumble. Wang Lin felt the sea water near him get ruthlessly pressed down by a powerful force.

His expression turned cold, and he stayed within the ocean but didn't fly up. He left the area under the pressure and looked up. The sky was filled with demonic energy that moved like demonic dragons in the sky.

A person stood at the center of the demonic energy. This person was surrounded by demonic energy, making it impossible to clearly see this person's appearance, but you could vaguely see it was a woman.

When Wang Lin approached the surface, he felt a spell charge down toward him. This was why Wang Lin had collapsed the bubble.

"Wang Lin, come out for me!!!" A voice filled with extreme hatred echoed across the world. It even caused the sea water to spread out.

When Wang Lin, who was in the ocean, heard this voice, his eyes narrowed.

"Yao Xixue!!" He couldn't see her appearance, but the familiar feeling along with the familiar voice allowed Wang Lin to immediately identify her!

Wang Lin revealed a bitter smile and let out a sigh. The grudge between him and Yao Xixue was complicated. Back then, she wanted to use Wang Lin and was in the wrong first. Wang Lin was never one to go easy on a woman, but due to his own cultivation and his fear of the Blood Pill and her father, he sealed her instead of killing her.

Although Wang Lin was hostile toward Blood Ancestor, he admired Blood Ancestor. After all, everything Blood Ancestor had done was for his daughter. If someone had done the same to Wang Ping, he would've done what Blood Ancestor had done, but first he would learn what happened.

Blood Ancestor obviously didn't know what had happened, and he didn't consider Wang Lin a threat; he even had killing intent. He didn't care about what happened, he only needed to know who had taken his daughter. That was enough.

If Wang Lin was at his current cultivation level back than, Blood Ancestor wouldn't have been so extreme; he would've found another method to deal with this.

In the end, Wang Lin wasn't strong enough for Blood Ancestor to take any notice of. Even if he knew what happened and knew that his daughter was at fault, he would've still used his powerful cultivation to solve it by force. He would've killed Wang Lin to vent the anger in his heart.

It wasn't that Wang Lin hadn't considered returning Yao Xixue; he had even considered bearing responsibility for sealing Yao Xixue for hundreds of years. As long as Blood Ancestor's request wasn't too extreme, he would have agreed. After all, he was too weak back then.

However, Blood Ancestor didn't give Wang Lin a chance to explain, and things eventually ended up like now. Every time Wang Lin thought about this, he would let out a sigh.

He clearly separated his gratitude and grudge. He admired Blood Ancestor, which was why he had promised Blood Ancestor another chance to meet Yao Xixue.

After coming to the Demon Spirit Land, Wang Lin knew that it was likely he would meet Yao Xixue. However, the Yao Xixue he remembered was too different from this person covered in demonic energy, so he didn't recognize her at first.

When Wang Lin looked at the Yao Xixue floating in the sky, he couldn't help but sigh.

These thoughts flashed through his mind as Yao Xixue's voice continued to enter his ears.

"Wang Lin, come out! Today, you and I will finish the matter from back then!" As Yao Xixue spoke, both of her hands formed a seal, and demonic energy moved. The demonic dragons in the sky moved and charged at the surface of the ocean. A storm appeared above the ocean and set off monstrous waves.

Endless large waves moved, and as the demonic dragons charged in, the waves spread in all directions, making it seem as if a huge hole had appeared in the ocean. Wang Lin let out a sigh as he shot out from the sea like a ray of lightning and charged straight for the sky.

The moment Wang Lin appeared, hatred came from Yao Xixue's eyes within the demonic energy. She walked out of the demonic energy and revealed herself to Wang Lin. Her face was filled with scars. She was no longer a beauty like she was in the past, but instead was an ugly woman.

The skin she revealed was completely filled with shocking scars. Wang Lin took a closer look, and he revealed a bitter expression once more.

He vaguely he seemed to see the cold and stunning figure that had appeared before him back then. However, no matter what, he couldn't seem to match that figure with the person before him.

"Who can clearly say who was right or wrong back then… Her father's soul is sealed with the Celestial Sealing Stamp, and in order to get revenge, she became like this. Was I wrong…" In Wang Lin's life, the only thing that mattered to him was to never do something his conscience wouldn't allow. However, right now, a complex feeling appeared in his heart.

"Wang Lin, you sealed me for hundreds of years. Although I hate you, I can look past it. After all, I did scheme again you first. This matter I can endure, but my father died because of you. My father's revenge is not something I can let go. I can't kill you, but there is someone else who can!!" Yao Xixue stared at Wang Lin, almost gnashing her teeth!

Wang Lin silently pondered.

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