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Chapter 1031 - Wither Tattoo

As the waves raged above the blue ocean, layers of waves merged together to form a large wave. From far away, it was like a blue line that slowly spread toward Wang Lin.

Before it even closed in, the rumbling sounds of the wave could be heard. It was loud enough to make your ears buzz and make you feel very small.

Wang Lin's eyes became serious as he stared at the wave before him. His feet stepped on the ocean and he immediately retreated. As he moved away from the wave, he thought in his heart,

"The place I landed in was only a field of flower. Even though I triggered a restriction, I should not appear in the ocean…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he watched the waves move faster and faster. In the blink of an eye, it was already before him, and it came crashing down on him.

"The shockwave from the collapse of the Celestial Burial Pool injured my body and even shook my origin soul. Right now I need to quickly heal up. Since this strange sea is part of the restriction, then there must be endless follow ups…"

As the wave closed in, dense water vapor filled the area. From afar, it looked like there was mist in front of the wave before it was shattered by the wave.

The wave roared and continued to become taller as it closed in. The wave went higher and higher in the air and then mercilessly slammed down on Wang Lin.

At this instant, Wang Lin's eyes flashed, and with a step, he suddenly sank into the water. He rapidly descended as if he was a heavy piece of metal.

The moment his body disappeared, the wave crashed on the surface of the ocean. An invisible vibration was set off across the sea, causing more waves to appear. The wave swept by.

Wang Lin's body continued to sink, and he avoided the vibration caused by the waves. He ignored the violent waves on the surface and charged toward the bottom of the sea.

As he moved forward, he began to frown.

"This isn't a real ocean. I didn't see a single creature present along the way… Besides, more importantly…" Wang Lin's body stopped. Then his right hand formed a seal and he pointed. A vortex immediately appeared. At first it was not very large, but soon, it spread. In the blink of an eye, it was 100 feet wide and pushed the water away. From a distance, it looked like a huge bubble.

Wang Lin was inside the bubble, and his right hand reached forward. A small, fist-sized ball of water entered the bubble. The bubble trembled as the water entered and landed in Wang Lin's right hand.

Holding the ball of sea water, Wang Lin placed it next to his nose and smelled it. His eyes lit up for a moment.

"It was indeed as I expected. This sea water doesn't smell like the sea!" Wang Lin put the sea water next to his mouth and licked it.

"It's not sea water!" His right hand viciously squeezed, and the ball of sea water immediately collapsed.

Wang Lin raised his head and pondered. There were flashes of deduction in his eyes.

"This is dew! During my early days of cultivation, I depended on the dew from the heaven defying bead, so I'm extremely familiar with it. This isn't an ocean, it's a drop of dew on a flower petal or a blade of grass!"

Wang Lin's eyes became enlightened as he looked around in admiration.

"What a powerful restriction. To trap someone within a world inside a drop of dew." After seeing through this ocean, not only did Wang Lin not relax, but his expression became more serious.

"Restrictions focus on trapping and attacking; very few focus solely on trapping. This is the Celestial Emperor Cave, and from what the Tattoo Clan Holy Ancestor, Qiu Yao, said, Qing Lin is a ruthless person. There is no way the restrictions here would merely just trap someone." While Wang Lin pondered, he couldn't help but look at his bag of holding. Before he entered, he clearly saw Qing Lin's avatar enter the yellow crystal inside his bag of holding.

"From Qiu Yao's expression, it doesn't seem like what she said was false. However, after 1,000 years of cultivation, there is no way I would take people's words at face value. Just like black and white, if one looks at them separately, they are very distinct, but if you mix them, then grey appears!" To Wang Lin, unless he saw it himself or figured it out on his own, then while he would listen to them, he would never thoroughly believe what someone else told him.

This was the experience he had gained after 1,000 years of cultivation. If this was when he was a mortal or when he just joined the Heng Yue Sect, he would have believed it.

"Whether it is true or false, it doesn't matter. At least I was able to gain some of Qing Lin's personality. I can't activate the restrictions here!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he carefully manipulated the bubble to descend further.

After a long time, he landed at the seabed. The seabed was grey and gave off a hazy feeling. Wang Lin sat at the sea bed and closed his eyes to heal.

Although he was healing, he didn't close off his divine sense. His divine sense spread out 100 feet around him and he carefully observed all the changes around him.

Time slowly passed, and in the blink of an eye, seven days passed. On the eighth day, Wang Lin opened his eyes, and there was a flash of flame in his eyes.

He pondered for a bit. At the bottom of the quiet seabed, Wang Lin recalled everything that happened in the Celestial Emperor Cave, like the unexpected Vermillion Bird Awakening that broke the bottle world. Wang Lin's memory locked onto the scroll that appeared in Ancient Demon Bei Lou's hand.

"I presume that was the Lonely Desert Smoke Painting of the Mountain and River Painting.

"The Vermillion Bird awakened at a bad time… I didn't think the Vermillion Bird Awakening would penetrate all 99 realms and allow everyone to know about it. Thanks to that, they all think I'm someone from the Four Divine Sect.

"Although I couldn't see any clues in that Master Void's gaze, I feel like there was a needle pointed at me.

"There was also that beautiful middle-aged woman. She is only at Nirvana Cleanser stage. Although she hid her gaze very well, I still saw a trace of hostility.

"Also, the girl suspected to be the Brilliant Void Saintess was the same."

He had to be even more careful from now on in the Celestial Emperor Cave. Otherwise, it was likely to invite a fatal disaster due to the Vermillion Bird Awakening. Wang Lin touched the Vermillion Bird tattoo, and his expression became gloomy.

Only after recalling what happened to Ta Shan did Wang Lin's expression change once more.

"Ta Shan… He was originally my celestial guard. Unfortunate… However, encountering the Tattoo Clan Holy Ancestor was his fortunate. I just don't know where he is right now or if he still remembers me." Wang Lin let out a sigh. After thinking about Ta Shan, he thought about the green gas Qiu Yao had given him.

Wang Lin raised his right hand, and with a thought, green gas came out from his hand to form a ball of green gas.

This ball of green gas wasn't static but constantly moved. After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin split off a bit of his divine sense and charged straight into the green gas.

Wang Lin's expression changed and he gradually frowned. As he observed the green gas, sometimes he was pleasantly surprised but sometimes he was confused.

After a long time, Wang Lin squeezed his hand and the ball of green gas dissipated.

"Wither Tattoo… It is something that only the Tattoo Clan can make, and if an outsider wants to make it, they will need the help of a Tattoo clan member to activate it. Its power is mainly divided into four different types: seal, collapse, escape, and break!" While pondering, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and a yellow talisman with a complex rune on it appeared. It looked quite old and the color had faded.

Wang Lin originally had two of these talisman he got from Allheaven. He had studied them for a long time but still didn't know how to use them. The only time he used one was when he battled against a member of the Yao family in Allheaven.

After looking at the green gas, Wang Lin could determine that this talisman was the Wither Tattoo!

After carefully looking at the complex rune on the talisman, Wang Lin began to ponder. A moment later, he bit his left index finger and squeezed out a drop of blood. Then his left hand quickly formed the seal recorded in the green gas and pointed at the blood.

The blood immediately paused in the air and countless bumps appeared on the surface of the blood. Then it exploded into a red mist and went toward the talisman.

It was very fast, and it instantly went into the talisman. Wang Lin stared at the talisman. The spell he just used was one to check what kind of Wither Tattoo it was.

A moment later, the talisman suddenly moved and a black whirlwind appeared. The whirlwind was so fast that the moment it appeared, it caused the surrounding sea to change.

The vague shape of a large bird appeared within the whirlwind. This bird was completely black and its eyes were like lightning. It swept through the whirlwind once and disappeared along with it. 

"This is an escape-type Wither Tattoo that has already been activated by the Tattoo Clan!" Wang Lin's eyes narrowed and he slapped his bag of holding. A big sword flew out. It was one of the 99 swords he obtained from the Slaughter Realm.

Although he had exploded more than 10 of them, Wang Lin still had a lot of them.

Holding the Wither Tattoo, Wang Lin pressed it down on the big sword without hesitation. Then his right hand formed a strange seal and he pointed at the sword. A whirlwind appeared around the sword and then it instantly disappeared.

It disappeared so fast that even Wang Lin only saw a blur. When he took a closer look, the big sword disappeared before him and appeared 100 feet away.

Although it was impossible to see its full speed with only 100 feet, Wang Lin could speculate with this.

"What fast speed!!!" Wang Lin gasped as he stared at the sword 100 feet away. The whirlwind had disappeared and the rune on the talisman had faded a bit.

"Even if I use my full power, it would be difficult for me to achieve this speed. Perhap it can compete with a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator's speed! If it is used with Spatial Bending…" Wang Lin's eyes shined.

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