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Chapter 1030 - The Eternity Between True and False

In the vastness of space, aside from the bright nebula and countless meteorites, there was also endless dust. Each particle of dust was often very small. Though some could be seen by a cultivator's divine sense, most couldn't be clearly detected by cultivators.

In the corner of the universe, there were some dust particles that were so small that not even Nirvana Shatterer cultivators could detect them with their divine sense.

These dust particles were very small, but there were other worlds within them!

The Demon Spirit Land, the former Celestial Spirit Heaven Realm, and Celestial Emperor Qing Lin's cave were here.

Aside from the East Demon Spirit Sea, which was an immeasurable distance away, there was no other entrance to these places. Within the dust, there was a grant palace at the center of the Celestial Emperor Cave.

This grand palace was completely purple and gave off a majestic aura. There were 99 candles placed in a formation on the ground. At this moment, 64 candles had already extinguished...

There was no person inside the hall, only ashes on the ground. The remaining 35 candles flickered, and their light scattered in the hall. It gave the hall a grim aura.

At this moment, it was as if wind had blown in from outside the hall and swept through. The fire flickered violently. Out of the remaining 35 candles, 23 of them shook violently as they struggled to stay burning. However, the wind was too cold, and as it blew by, countless tattoos flickered within the wind.

In the end, the 23 candles extinguished one by one. When the candles went out, the hall became more dark. The smoke released by the candles seemed to form a devilish shadow that was silently laughing.

The smoke dissipated. The moment the 23 candles extinguished, a figure sitting in a large throne in a hall identical to this one violently trembled and coughed out black blood.

Blood also came out of his orifices; it was a shocking sight to behold.

The environment here was exactly the same as the hall above. However, there were no candles here. Instead, there was a huge throne. The man covered in the black mist trembled and then opened his eyes.

His eyes were cloudy. If Wang Lin saw this place, he would recognize it as the place his Nether Guide showed after it was altered!

The mysterious man was the person who gifted him the yellow crystal!

"23 candles have extinguished… Only 12 left. Qiu Yao, even as you die, you must hurt me so… Did I really make you hate me this much…" The bitterness in the man's face was very deep.

"When your Tattoo clan arrived from the outer realm, your clan wanted to forge an alliance with us. I opened up a realm for your clan to live in… However, after your clan arrived, a large amount of celestials went missing. All kinds of signs pointed to your Tattoo clan being responsible for the disappearance of those celestials.

"I didn't believe it at first, but when I went to the Tattoo clan's realm, I saw your clan take the souls of celestials to activate your clan's Holy Tattoo...

"Since you all acted like this, how could we not go to war? How could I, Qing Lin, not be angry? If that hadn't happened, could the most miserable war since I became the Celestial Emperor have occurred? If it wasn't for this, how could the Celestial Realm have lost so much vitality that we weren't able to resist the catastrophe that caused the Celestial Realm to collapse?

"Moreover, the collapse of the Celestial Realm was one of your plans!

"The Tattoo Clan Holy Ancestor is only an avatar. Your true identity is the daughter of the Supreme of the outer realm. Your purpose for coming here wasn't what you said at the beginning, it was to destroy all forces within the sealed realm." The man's face became even more bitter. His eyes were cloudy and there was a hint of reminisce in them.

"You became my Celestial Cave Concubine and forced the Flower Imperial Concubine to become a flower soul so she could only exist as a Flower Celestial only because she found out about you. I personally witnessed this after I became suspicious. You failed, but not only did you not repent, you wanted me go to the outer realm with you and become the disciple of your father, the Supreme. I'm the dignified Emperor of the Celestial Realm, a ruler and native of the sealed realm: how could I betray my home?!

"Your eyes contained the primordial force, but it was because you used your time with me to activate it. This primordial force was the seed your father placed to destroy the sealed realm. If it had spread, everyone within the sealed realm would've been destroyed along with countless mortals. This was all so you could make the sealed realm into a ruin so it would make it easier for you all to search for the so-called Heaven's Gate.

"I dug out your eyes, but can the pain you felt even match up to one ten thousandth of the pain I feel!?

"Even then, I couldn't bear to kill you, so I sealed you within the Celestial Burial Pool instead. I told everyone else that you died. Do you know the pain in my heart?

"Qiu Yao, what right do you have to hate me? Even today, you didn't hesitate to destroy your avatar to confuse the people I lured here. You even borrowed the destruction of your avatar to extinguish 23 of my Life Candles!" The man's face was filled with pain, and black gas surrounded his face. The black gas turned into a devilish shadow that seemed like it wanted to devour him.

"You have no right to hate me. The remnants of your Tattoo clan are a danger to the sealed realm, so how could I leave them be and leave endless trouble for the future generation of my sealed realm!? They can exist, but only as eternal slaves to my celestials! I kept them alive as a reminder. To never forget the powerful killing intent from the outer realm."

The black gas around the man's face became even stronger. It gathered between the man's eyebrows as if it wanted to break through. However, just as it was about to break through, 12 points of light appeared, preventing the black gas from breaking in.

"Do I still have enough time…" The man sighed and slowly closed his eyes.

At this moment, Wang Lin's eyes were fierce as he looked ahead. He was in an endless ocean where he couldn't see the end, and there were only waves before him. He stood above the surface of the ocean and pondered.

After he triggered the restriction within the flowers, he was teleported here. The first thing he saw was this blue ocean.

"The moment I was teleported here, I vaguely saw another person who also fell in the flowers not far from me… It was the person covered in demonic energy. I felt a familiar feeling from her."

While pondering, Wang Lin's expression suddenly changed and he suddenly raised his head. He could see an angry wave forming almost a wall in the distance.

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