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Chapter 1020 - Qing Lin?

Wang Lin originally intended to borrow the power of Nether Guide to open a path to the outside of the bottle. However, as the devilish energy invaded the vortex from the other side, the Nether Guide went out of control!

The devilish energy was so dense that Wang Lin immediately retreated when he felt a sliver of it. There was a trace of shock in his gloomy expression.

This was the first time he had used Nether Guide, and he didn't expect the tunnel to lead to such a place.

In his experience, the scattered devil gave off the most devilish energy, followed by Ming Hai, but the devilish energy from neither could even remotely compare to the devilish energy coming from the other side of the vortex!

The devilish energy from the vortex was very pure. It was the an extreme devilish energy that could be the ancestor of all devilish energy.

The scattered demon and Ming Hai were like fireflies, while this was like the bright moon!

In particular, the person sitting on the throne in the mysterious hall made Wang Lin's scalp tingle, and his heart trembled from just one look.

At this instant, Wang Lin could only hear his heart rate accelerate, and even his breathing stopped. He didn't hesitate to immediately cut off the Nether Guide, and the vortex began to collapse.

As the vortex collapsed, the shadow of the dozens of people killed by Wang Lin appeared. They stared at Wang Lin with vicious gazes and let out ghostly wails. It was as if they wanted to rush out of the vortex and devour Wang Lin.

The figure sitting on the throne slowly raised his head and a muddy gaze gradually appeared from inside the fog. It pierced through the collapsing vortex and fell on Wang Lin's body. The muddled eyes suddenly became focused.

The moment the mysterious figure's eyes became focused, a blue light flash out of Wang Lin's right eye and he retreated without any hesitation. The azure light shield immediately appeared before him.

Just at this instant, the mysterious figure on the throne raised his hand. He was holding something in his hand, and he threw it!

A ray of yellow light shot toward the collapsing vortex. When the yellow light entered the vortex, it caused a loud rumble and made the vortex collapse even faster. The moment the yellow light pierced through the vortex, the vortex disintegrated.

The dozens of ferocious shadows let out screams before exploding into countless black specks that dissipated instantly.

The yellow light charged out of the vortex and instantly landed on the azure light shield. However, it went directly through the shield as if it was incorporeal and closed in on Wang Lin's face in an instant. The yellow light stopped just three inches away from Wang Lin's nose.

At this moment, the vortex disappeared and peace returned to the black tower.

However, cold sweat appeared over Wang Lin's forehead. Taking a close look at the yellow light, he saw a diamond-shaped crystal inside.

After retreating a few steps, Wang Lin had an gloomy and uncertain expression. After silently pondering for a long time, he reached out and the crystal flew into his hand.

"I didn't use Nether Guide wrong, but another powerful spell interfered. It made me lose control of Nether Guide and led me to some place I don't know!" Wang Lin looked at the crystal in his hand. Given his intelligence, he only pondered for a bit before he understood.

"That mysterious person probably interfered with my Nether Guide. It's unfortunate I couldn't see his appearance due to the dark fog. It was obvious he did that to give me the crystal!"

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he frowned. The Celestial Emperor cave was too mysterious; there were too many things he could only speculate about and not obtain real answers.

"Is that mysterious figure… Qing Lin?" Wang Lin silently pondered and muttered, "What is his goal for giving me this crystal…"

Staring at the crystal, Wang Lin didn't spread out his divine sense to scan it. Instead, he put it on the side, retreated a few steps, and sat down to cultivate.

His physical body was injured and he had lost a majority of his blood, making him feel dizzy. What really made him feel danger was that he didn't have much origin energy left in his body.

If this was all, his situation wouldn't be so serious, but even the celestial origin energy inside his body was almost depleted.

"I have consumed too much of the celestial origin energy brother Qing Shui gave me. I must find way to replenish it as soon as possible. The amount danger in this battle was something I've rarely encountered in my life."

Thinking about the celestial spell Ming Hai used, Wang Lin couldn't help but feel dread. He looked outside the tower and saw the flames that covered the world.

Although he couldn't feel the heat from inside the tower, when he looked outside, his vision was distorted by the heat waves. It was as if his vision was being burned into dust, so he couldn't see far.

"I wonder how Situ and company are doing…" Wang Lin let out a sigh. He was inside the tower, and everything outside was covered in flames. It was as if Wang Lin was the only person left in this world.

After pondering for a long time, the pills Wang Lin swallowed began to show their effects and his physical injuries gradually healed. Then he slapped his bag of holding and a milky white light appeared in his hand.

There was very pure celestial origin energy inside this milky white light.

"The origin soul of Esteemed Xuan Bao now has its use!" Wang Lin placed the ball of light before his nose and inhaled. Then two strands of celestial origin energy came from the ball of light and entered Wang Lin's nostrils, making their way into his body.

Time slowly passed. Several days later, Wang Lin opened his eyes. The celestial origin energy in his body had been restored and even increased a bit. However, Wang Lin knew he couldn't keep too much celestial origin energy inside his body; otherwise, it might cause his domain to disappear.

The passive recovery ability of ancient gods was very strong, so in just a few days, all his injuries had disappeared. Even the dizzy feeling was gone. However, the problem Wang Lin faced now was recovering his origin energy.

It wouldn't be a problem for Wang Lin to recover origin energy if he was outside. With his cultivation, he could easily absorb the world's origin energy when he cultivated.

However, after several days of cultivation, the recovery of his origin energy was very slow. He could vaguely perceive that there wasn't much origin energy in the black sand desert. The remaining origin energy had all fused with the endless flames outside.

As a result, it would be difficult for Wang Lin to absorb it, as it would be no different from pulling a chestnut out of an open fire.

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin stood up and looked at the yellow crystal not far away. However, he chose to ignore it and arrived next to a window and looked outside the tower.

The flames still covered his vision, and crackling sounds came from the sky. The mirror-white surface was covered by the black smoke from the burning flames. From a distance, the entire sky was covered in a dense, dark cloud.

"I can't recover my origin energy, so my cultivation can't reach its peak, meaning I can't carelessly explore that yellow crystal or leave the black tower." While Wang Lin was cultivating, his divine sense spread across the entire black tower, but he found nothing abnormal.

While he pondered, he looked at the dense flames outside the tower and began to calculate. Then he clenched his teeth and took one step outside the black tower!

With one step, Wang Lin landed on the ground. The moment his feet touched the ground, the flames seemed to notice him. They immediately charged at him to devour him.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he raised his right hand and reached out. A portion of the flames were caught by him, and in that instant, he retreated back into the black tower.

The moment he entered the black tower, the flames arrived and the entire tower was devoured by the flames. After a long time, the flames gradually subsided and retreated like the tides.

Wang Lin's face was pale as he sat on the floor of the tower. In his right hand was a flame the size of a soybean, giving off powerful heat. Cracks began to appear on Wang Lin's right hand.

Staring at the flame, Wang Lin's eyes became bloodshot. Before the light of the flame, he revealed an uncertain look. Wang Lin was struggling with a difficult choice right now.

After seven minutes, Wang Lin revealed a decisive gaze!

"Although this flame is dangerous, there isn't too much of it. I have already done some calculations, so there shouldn't be any issues. It's useless to be indecisive about this, so I might as well try it!"

Wang Lin hit his body with his right hand and his bag of holding flew into the corner. Then he placed some restrictions over it. After taking a deep breath, he brought the flame to his mouth and swallowed it without any hesitation!

The moment the flame entered his body, an intense heat erupted inside him. The heat from the flame was unimaginable, and at this moment, Wang Lin's body turned red. He opened his mouth and a painful roar echoed from within the tower.

At the same time, a large amount of flames came out of his pores and his clothes instantly became ashes. The flames expanded outward and covered everything within 30 feet of Wang Lin.

Large amounts of sweat instantly turned into white gas that surrounded Wang Lin's body. 

At this moment, he felt like he had devoured burning coal. Due to the Ancient God Leather Armor, his origin soul wasn't injured. However, his remaining origin energy seemed to integrate with the flame and was burning Wang Lin's body.

Wang Lin endured the intense pain. After the flame had integrated with his origin energy, it started to move toward his origin soul.

"Only by allowing it to enter my origin soul can I really absorb the origin energy inside!" After making a few calculations, decisiveness filled his eyes. He pointed at his chest and the Ancient God Leather Armor left his origin soul and flew out.

Without the Ancient God Leather Armor, the origin energy within the flame entered his origin soul!

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