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Chapter 102 – Calamity Mourning (1)

Wang Lin had kept an eye on the person that was holding the jade containing a part of his soul. The moment he saw that the three were about to crush the jades, he opened his mouth. A green flying sword flew out and attacked the three.

The moment the green light appeared, the temperature in the area dropped. The flying sword that Wang Lin blood refined had also changed after Wang Lin started cultivating the Underworld Ascension Method. Yin energy had entered the flying sword.

The Yin energy on the sword was very tyrannical. All of the plants in the area suddenly froze. Even all of the early stage Foundation Establishment cultivators felt their bodies go numb as frost started to form on their clothes.

The cultivator holding the jade containing Wang Lin’s sliver of soul was shocked. He didn’t have time to crush the jade. All he could do was quickly back up. But not even in his dreams did he expect the flying sword to start humming then suddenly disappearing from his view. He quickly threw out magical treasures to defend himself, but it was too late.

The flying sword appeared one meter away from the cultivator and pierced through his throat. Blood sprayed out from the spot the sword pierced. He held his throat with both of his hands as he fell down with a look of disbelief on his face.

Wang Lin jumped. He grabbed the jade and threw it into his bag of holding.

All of this happened too quickly. Calling it a strike of lightning would be very appropriate. At the same time, the other two cultivators had crushed their jades. Pink smoke appeared and spread like waves into the surrounding area.

The moment the coffins that the Corpse Sect’s disciples were carrying came into contact with the pink smoke, scratching sounds could be heard from inside the coffins. It was as if people were lying in the coffins and scratching the inside with their nails.

Looking at the Foundation Establishment cultivators, they all looked like they were under the effect of a binding technique. They couldn’t move at all.

After crushing the jades, the two late stage Foundation Establishment cultivators didn’t even look at Wang Lin as they charged back toward the gate that was about to collapse.

The two disappeared into the gate in a flash and then the gate dissipated into specks of golden light and disappeared without a trace.

Wang Lin didn’t say a word. He quickly backed up as he looked at the disciples of the corpse sect and began to ponder.

The scratching sounds became even louder, until one of the coffins broke and a hand reached out, followed by the sound of heavy breathing.

Slowly, a mummy with long, black hair sat up in the coffin. Its eyes emitted a green light as it scanned its surroundings until its gaze finally landed on its master.

Its bloodshot eyes turned cold as it let out a scream and grabbed its master. It breathed viciously with its nose. The early stage Foundation Establishment cultivator trembled as his body turned into a white gas. The white gas was inhaled by the corpse puppet.

At the same time, the withered body of the mummy started to recover.

Not long after, the cultivator was a bag of bones while the corpse puppet had returned to human form.

The corpse puppet sucked again and the cultivator let out a scream and died. A yellow gas escaped from the cultivators body. The corpse puppet grabbed the yellow gas and put it into its mouth.

Soon, the corpse puppet changed until it looked exactly like the cultivator that had just died.

At the same time, one by one, the coffins broke and one by one the hands of corpse puppets reached out. All of these corpse puppets attacked their masters once they escaped.

Not all of the corpse puppets did this. About ⅓ of the corpse puppets came out and just stood there, confused.

Wang Lin was stunned as he looked at scene before him. All of the corpse puppets that had turned into something resembling their masters had late stage Foundation Establishment cultivation. Wang Lin stared at these freaks. His scalp numbed as he slowly backed up.

Screams could soon be heard from that direction. All of the corpse puppets that had taken the forms of their masters jumped on the remaining Corpse Sect disciples.

Blood and body parts flew through the air. Wang Lin turned around and escaped without a word.

After escaping far away, Wang Lin stopped right outside of a jungle. He felt like he had finally experienced how vicious the Corpse Sect was. If he didn’t stop that cultivator from crushing the jade, he would have become those creatures’ food.

Wang Lin coldly laughed in his heart. He knew that this Jue Ming Valley was very dangerous as both the orthodox sects and demonic sects were gathered here for the competition for the right to enter the foreign battleground. Wang Lin didn’t want to get mixed into this, he just wanted to find places of extreme Yin and go into closed door cultivation to become stronger.

The more he came in contact with the cultivation world, the more danger he experienced. He felt like one wrong step would lead him to his death. But since he had already entered the cultivation world, the only way to secure his own safety was to get stronger.

At the same time, the wood element the heaven defying bead needed was also an important matter in Wang Lin’s heart.

While thinking about this, Wang Lin suddenly stepped back. A black light zipped by where Wang Lin was just standing. It was followed by a laugh.

“Brat, you dodged pretty quickly.” A youth wearing luxurious clothes slowly walked out. After checking out Wang Lin, he asked, “What sect?”

Wang Lin coldly replied, “Corpse Sect.”

The luxuriously dressed youth was startled. He asked, “Corpse Sect? The rumor is that all of the Corpse Sect disciples carry around a coffin. Where is yours?”

Wang Lin stared at the youth and frowned.

The youth coldly snorted. He pointed his finger at Wang Lin and a black light appeared in his hand as he said, “It doesn’t matter if you’re from the Corpse Sect or not. Leave behind your bag of holding.”

A cold light flashed across Wang Lin’s eyes. He spread out his divine sense and found that there were three more people in the jungle. He didn’t say a word as he backed up a few steps.

When the youth saw Wang Lin back up, he revealed a look of contempt. He waved his hand and shot the black light toward Wang Lin’s chest, aiming for the heart.

Wang Lin raised his brow and waved his sleeves as the attraction force technique formed a giant hand before him. The black light penetrated a few inches into the attraction force technique before disappearing.

Wang Lin coldly looked at the youth. He noticed with this divine sense that the three hiding in the jungle were quickly heading over. He didn’t want to waste time with them, so he quickly backed away.

The youth became angry. Although both of their cultivation levels were early stage Foundation Establishment, he had three brothers coming, and one of them was already at the mid stage of Foundation Establishment. The four of them didn’t move with the other people of the Tian Dao Sect. They decided to use this as a chance to steal from others.

It has to be said that during this competition, all of the sects had given out a lot of magical treasures to raise the power of the Foundation Establishment disciples.

When the youth saw that Wang Lin was only one person, he had the urge to kill him, and now that he saw Wang Lin trying to run away, he slapped his bag of holding and an eight inch ruler flew out.

This ruler was completely green. When it appeared, it emitted a powerful fragrance. The youth took a deep breath and without a word, pointed the ruler forward. The ruler shook and a large black mushroom grew out of it. The mushroom detached from the ruler and floated in the air.

The youth’s expression was serious as he quickly took out something from his bag of holding and threw it. Wang Lin saw a flash of red light as a red wasp flew toward the mushroom and devoured it with only a few bites.

The wasp suddenly became several times bigger. It was the size of a fist. It let out a scream and charged toward Wang Lin.

Although all of this sounds slow, it all happened in the blink of an eye. Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as the small, green flying sword appeared before him and charged toward the wasp.

The wasp let out a hum and dodged to the side of the flying sword, but at the same time, the flying sword suddenly disappeared. The flying sword reappeared before the youth and pierced through his chest, leaving a bloody hole there.

The luxuriously dressed youth wasn’t even able to react before he died.

The moment the youth died, the ruler dimmed and fell to the ground. Wang Lin used his attraction force technique to quickly grab it, as well as the youth’s bag of holding, and left.

The wasp circled once in the air and quickly chased after Wang Lin.

At the same time, three figures charged out of the jungle. There were two males and one female. One of the males’ face was gloomy as he looked at the body on the ground and shouted, “Chase!”

In this very moment, in a small town at the northern border of Zhao, appeared two uninvited guests. One of them was very skinny, wore a black robe, and had eyes that contained a poisonous gaze.

To his side was a very fairy-like person. This person was very old and full of wrinkles, but had a special air about him. The aura he released made a clear contrast with the dark aura of the skinny man.

Currently, he was standing outside the town with an ancient mirror. His hand constantly formed seals as he was calculating something.

The black robed man was filled with killing intent as he said, “Fellow cultivator Qiming, did you manage to calculate it?”

The cultivator frowned and said, “Teng Huayuan, you don’t know that person’s name or appearance. How am I supposed to find him with just the power of a curse?”

The black robed old man was Teng Huayuan. He stared at the other man and said, word for word, “Fellow cultivator Qiming, I’m willing to take out Wu Feng Valley’s token for your ability to predict the heavens. If you can find me that person’s family, then I’ll help you with anything you need, as long as I’m capable.”

The cultivator pondered for a while. He sighed and said, “Fine, I’ll try my best. But fellow cultivator Teng, all vengeance has a start and all debts have a collector. I hope you don’t kill too much…”

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