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Chapter 1016 - Lonely Desert Smoke

This shadow became larger and larger in Wang Lin's eyes until it revealed itself!

Wang Lin's pupils shrank. He was familiar with this shadow, very familiar!

It was a black tower that stood within the this uninhabited black sand desert. It was filled with so much devilish energy that one could feel its crazy aura from far away.

Wang Lin had seen a black tower like this before. In the Sky Demon Country, a cold snort almost made Wang Lin's body collapse last time he was there.

He wasn't able to escape the spells from the tower in the Demon Spirit Land. If not for the simulation of the Celestial Ascension Fruit, he would have lost track of the scattered devil's tower!

"Scattered devil! Back then, Bei Lou said that there were nine scattered devils under the ancient devils. I met the only one in the Demon Spirit Land. I didn't think I would encounter a scattered devil's tower here!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he stopped.

His expression turned slightly red. This was the backlash from using blood escape. The remaining devilish energy in the air also dissipated.

"There is a scattered devil's tower here… And Ancient Demon Bei Lou was eager to come… The Flower Celestial said that after the Celestial Realm collapsed, Celestial Emperor Qing Lin was seriously injured. Then he was entangled by two outsiders and was forced into closed door cultivation here!

"Those two outsiders were probably Ancient Demon Bei Lou and an ancient devil!" The moment Wang Lin saw the black tower, it was as if a bolt of lightning had flashed across his mind and he was enlightened.

Various thoughts flashed through his head. Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he seemed to grasp a bit of the situation.

"Ancient Demon Bei Lou was split into nine parts and then was sealed within the Demon Spirit Land. After countless years, what was originally a celestial land was turned into a demonic land… Who was it that sealed Ancient Demon Bei Lou, and why were there only scattered devils and not ancient devils in the Demon Spirit Land?

"Where is the ancient devil? Going with this analysis, this ancient devil must be here in the fifth cave, where Celestial Emperor Qing Lin is located!"

Wang Lin was suddenly enlightened!

He had long suspected this, and once he saw the scattered devil's tower, he began to speculate!

"Scattered devil… I don't know if I can battle a scattered devil with my current cultivation level!" The origin energy inside his body moved and suppressed the injuries from him using blood escape.

Hostility appeared on his face. Half a year of waiting and the effect of the devilish energy caused him to be filled with killing intent. Especially right now, when his appearance was so ferocious.

Wang Lin stepped toward the tower!

The black tower didn't look far, but it was still a distance away inside this black sand desert. However, it was nothing for Wang Lin, and he quickly closed the gap.

However, just as he moved forward, the land before the black tower trembled. Countless grains of black sand gathered and formed dozens of people made of sand!

They all wore very ancient clothes and were filled with devilish energy. Their devilish energy fused together in the air to form a strange figure.

This was a figure of an old man. His eyes shined as he stared at Wang Lin, and then he pointed at him! The few dozen sand people let out roars and charged at Wang Lin.

Rays of spells filled the sky and the colorful spells flashed as they closed in on Wang Lin.

The ferociousness on Wang Lin's face erupted after six months of holding back. With no hesitation, he appeared before a sand person and his right index finger directly pressed down between the eyebrows of the sand person.

With a bang, the sand person trembled and collapsed into a pile of sand that scattered everywhere.

"A mere puppet wants to stop me?" Wang Lin's body flickered and immediately appeared next to another sand puppet. A spell appeared on his fingers as he swept past the puppet, causing it to collapse.

At this moment, the spells of the dozens of puppets took many forms and closed in on Wang Lin. When they closed in, there was a flash of blue light in Wang Lin's eyes. The azure light shield appeared and swept the area, causing earth-shattering explosions as the spells collided with it.

All the spells were stopped 10 feet away from Wang Lin, and not a single spell made it within 10 feet of him. Wang Lin moved like lightning and his right index finger pointed at each sand puppet as he passed them.

Boom, boom, boom. As Wang Lin moved, the explosions never stopped. Every explosion meant a puppet collapsed.

The hostility on Wang Lin's face became even stronger when his body flickered and he appeared behind the last sand person. His hand grabbed the puppet's head and mercilessly squeezed. After a shocking sound echoed, he flew into the air, but he didn't pass the 200 feet limit.

"Call the Wind!" The moment Wang Lin flew up, his right hand formed a seal and he pointed at the old man formed by the devilish energy released by the puppets.

The old man's face was filled with shock. What happened just now was too fast; before he could even respond, the slaughter was over. In his view, the ferocious youth before him was more of a devil than him!

He didn't know after gathering devilish energy for half a year, Wang Lin's demonic side had broken free!

After he said "Call the Wind," black wind appeared, forming four roaring black dragons. However, a strange change had occurred to the four black dragons.

There was a single long horn on the heads of each of the four black dragons. Their fangs were all longer as well; just looking at those sharp teeth was enough to make your scalp tingle!

What kind of celestial dragons were these? They were clearly devil dragons!

The four devil dragons that appeared didn't blast out cold wind. Instead, they inhaled, and the black wind around them was devoured.

As they devoured the black wind, popping sounds came from their bodies. Black armor appeared on the bodies of these four devil dragons.

This armor wasn't complete; only part of it had appeared. However, the ferocious-looking armor and sharp thorns made the devil dragons look even more evil!

Not only the old man, even Wang Lin was startled; however, he didn't have time to think about it. Only one line echoed inside his head!

"What kind of celestial spell is this? It is clearly a demonic art!"

Wang Lin pointed and then the devil dragon charged at the old man. The old man's expression changed greatly and his hands formed a seal to use a spell.

However, just at this instant, the four devil dragons let out a unified roar that shook the world. The black sand in this world began to rise into the air!

The sound wave created by this roar contained a devilish intent, and the old man's spell was interrupted by it. He quickly retreated and was about to return to the black tower in the distance!

The four devil dragons chased closely after. Their large heads, ferocious teeth, and slobber that fell from their mouths were very shocking!

Killing intent filled Wang Lin's eyes as he flew toward the black tower behind the four devil dragons. However, he always remained below 200 feet, and the four devil dragons were the same.

Fear filled the old man's eyes as he escaped like crazy toward the black tower. However, his cultivation was only at the early stage of Nirvana Scryer, so he couldn't escape from the devil dragons at all. As the four devil dragons closed in, the old man roared in desperation, "Lord Fallen Devil, save me!"

Just as he shouted, his vision went black and intense pain traveled through his body, causing him to lose consciousness.

The four devil dragons seemed like they were fighting for food as they fought each other until one of them devoured the old man. A few dozen more people suddenly flew out of the tower. They were all dressed in black and their heads was covered. They stared at the four devil dragons with cold gazes.

"A total of 32 strands of divine sense. The old man that died was one of them, so 31 left!" Wang Lin remember each of the divine senses that had swept by. There were only 32 divine sense!

None of the people that had flown out of the black tower were weak. Killing intent filled Wang Lin's face. He clearly understood that if he wanted to leave, all the answers were in this place!

Even if he didn't kill them, they wouldn't let him go!

Wang Lin charged at those people with the four devil dragons circling him!

"Lord Devil slaughter!" An old voice came from these people in black. Every one of them formed a seal and pointed to between their eyebrows!

In an instant, a large amount of devilish energy was released and formed the shadow of devil above them.

Before the shadow could form, Wang Lin didn't hesitate to point at it, causing the four devil dragons to roar and charge at the illusion. Wang Lin revealed a grin as he charged out like a sharp sword toward the crowd!

When he charged out, his right hand reached out and the God Slaying Spear formed. While filled with killing intent, Wang Lin threw the spear!

The God Slaying Spear was like a bolt of black lightning when it caught up to the four devil dragons. It was as if it had turned into a fifth dragon, and it collided with the shadow.

This created a loud sound that caused the earth to tremble, and it was as if the sky was going to crumble as well.

The devil dragons dissipated and the God Slaying Spear also shattered. The devil shadow let out a roar, and the powerful impact it created caused Wang Lin to retreat a few steps and look at it with a gloomy gaze.

After letting out a roar, the devil shadow twisted and shattered into pieces. Even the men in black that created the devil shadow collapsed.

Just as they collapsed, Wang Lin took a step and quickly arrived before the men in black. He swept his right hand and all of their heads flew off. All the heads looked different and were shrouded by black gas.

"I have great use for your heads!" Wang Lin stared at the 100 foot black tower, and his eyes fell on the top. He could see a person standing silently here!

"I'm the fallen water scattered devil, Ming Hai. If you can kill me, then you have the chance to obtain Celestial Emperor Qing Lin's Mountain and River Painting, Lonely Desert Smoke!"

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