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Chapter 1003 - Emperor Tuo Gu

Wang Lin held the wine jug in his hand as he watched the gradually passing boat. The zither music entered his ears as if he had returned to hundreds of years ago.

However, this zither music only had the sound without the charm from back then. The person playing the zither was no longer the blind woman from back then...

After drinking a sip of wine, Wang Lin sighed. “The Demon Emperor is caring.”

The middle-aged man didn’t speak. The two of them just sat by the river and drank one jug after another...

The sun set and the earth was shrouded in darkness. There was no moon tonight.

The only thing that remained was the sound of the zither and the flickering light form the boat on the river.

Time slowly passed, and the sun appeared over the east, making the darkness fade. At the side of the river, Wang Lin was surrounded by empty wine jugs.

The middle-aged man looked at the wine jugs and whispered, “Lord Bei Lou already knows of Brother Wang’s arrival. He sent me here to deliver Brother Wang a message.”

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral. When the Demon Emperor came, Wang Lin had already expected this. After all, the Demon Spirit Land was now ruled by Bei Lou. Every time he devoured another ancient demon spirit, he would become several times stronger.

Wang Lin drank the remaining half a jug of wine in one gulp.

“If Brother Wang agrees to leave one spot open to enter the fifth cave, four out of the nine countries will be gifted to the Soul Refining Sect! Also, Lord Bei Lou will not interfere with any matters regarding the Soul Refining Sect, even the remnant of the Cloud Demon’s demonic sense!”

The existence of the black stone could deceive a lot of people, but it couldn’t deceive Ancient Demon Bei Lou. The reason he didn’t do anything for hundreds of years and let it develop in the Soul Refining Tribe was all for today.

Wang Lin looked into the distance and calmly said, “OK!”

The middle-aged man stood up, clasped his hands, and said, “Brother Wang, I have completed the task Lord Bei Lou sent me to do. Now I have a matter I’d like to request your help on.

“My Emperor Sword’s sword spirit is the daughter of a good friend of mine. However, due to certain difficulties, she couldn’t escape death except by becoming my sword spirit. She has been trapped here for countless years and has never left the Demon Spirit Land.

“I’d like to ask Wang Lin to take this spirit out of the Demon Spirit Land so she can enter the reincarnation cycle or encounter other fortunes…”

The middle-aged man’s expression was bleak as his right hand pointed at the void. A ray of sword energy came from the palace, and the Emperor Sword was inside the sword energy!

Wang Lin pondered a bit before he slowly said, “Why don’t you seek someone else?”

The middle-aged man shook his head and calmly said, “Countless people have entered the Demon Spirit Land throughout the years, but there were few who I could believe in…. However, I still had the power to protect the sword, so I missed the chance.”

Wang Lin let out a sigh. When the Demon Emperor arrived last night, Wang Lin detected a faint death aura from him. The Demon Emperor’s lifespan was about to dry up.

Although the people of the Demon Spirit Land lived longer than ordinary cultivators, they still had a limit. It there were no accidents, it wouldn’t be 30 years before the Demon Emperor died.

As an acquaintance, Wang Lin had no reason to refuse, so he nodded.

The middle-aged man smiled and revealed a look of relief. He then waved his right hand and the Emperor Sword turned into a girl. Her eyes were filled with reluctance. If it wasn’t for the fact that a sword spirit had no tears, her eyes would be watery right now.

“Be good, and don’t be so stubborn anymore…” The middle-aged man looked lovingly at the girl as if he wasn’t looking at a sword spirit but his own daughter.

After letting out a sigh, the middle-aged man clasped his hands at Wang Lin and bowed.

“Many thanks, Brother Wang.”

With that, he turned around and walked away. In a few steps, he was far away, leaving behind Wang Lin, who was holding a wine jug, and the girl, filled with sadness and reluctance.

“Let’s go.” Wang Lin drank the remaining wine in the jug and placed it on the side. Then he stood up and walked into the air.

The girl looked at the imperial capital with eyes filled with sadness. She understood that this would be the last time she saw the Demon Emperor who treated her like his own daughter. The limit of one’s lifespan was something that couldn’t be changed.

Filled with sorrow, her body turned into green smoke and returned into the Emperor Sword. She let out a sad sword hymn and followed behind Wang Lin.

The Emperor Sword was like a ray of silver light that followed Wang Lin. As Wang Lin moved forward, he waved his hand and put the sword inside his bag. Then he spread out his divine sense before taking out the celestial cave token and disappearing in a flash of golden light.

In the fourth cave, with Situ Nan leading the charge, they continued to break the restrictions inside. There were too many restrictions in the cave, and as they broke them, items that belonged to celestials appeared before them.

With Situ Nan and company’s cultivation, it wasn’t difficult to break these restrictions. They charged directly toward the center of the cave. However, the power of the restrictions here had almost reached a peak. It was not something that could be broken with cultivation alone. Instead, you’d have to understand the restriction to break it.

At this moment, there was a flash of golden light on the platform outside the cave, and Wang Lin appeared. He didn’t hesitate and rushed directly into the cave. Along the way, he saw all the broken restrictions. Aside from the few at the entrance broken by others long ago, the rest were all broken by Situ Nan and company.

Shortly after, Wang Lin saw Situ Nan and company.

The three Chen brothers were sitting there cultivating with white gas surrounding them. It was obvious they had wasted a lot of energy breaking a restriction and were recovering.

Big Head was next to the three Chen brothers. What surprised Wang Lin was that Big Head had some unexpected talent in restrictions. He was leading Lei Ji in calculating how to break a restriction.

Master Hollow Wind had also studied restrictions, so he became the main force in breaking them. As for Situ Nan and the woman in silver, they became responsible for any retaliation that might occur once the restrictions were broken.

Wang Lin slowly arrived and immediately caught the attention of everyone. Situ Nan had been here for a several days and was already impatient. The restrictions around him made him dizzy as he only knew a little about restrictions. In his view, no matter how strong the restrictions were, as long as his cultivation level was high enough, he could break it.

However, because he was in charge of dealing with the changes that might occur after a restriction was destroyed, he couldn’t leave. Otherwise, with his personality, he would have already charged ahead by himself to break the restrictions.

When he saw Wang Lin return, Situ Nan’s eyes lit up and he laughed. “You finally came back. I’m about to be bored to death here. This celestial cave isn’t big, but it’s not small either. We headed straight here, but there might be treasure elsewhere. I’m going to explore first!”

With that, he didn’t even wait for Wang Lin to reply. He walked into a bamboo forest on the side and disappeared.

With Situ Nan’s cultivation, Wang Lin wasn’t worried about him. As for the poison, the two of them had spent some time and had come up with a method to temporarily suppress it without the need for a female cultivator. Worst case scenario, Situ Nan would just be trapped and Wang Lin could rescue him later. Without stopping, Wang Lin arrived next to Master Hollow Wind and looked ahead.

There was a small, flowing river 100 steps before them, and there was a thin layer of mist around it. There was a stone bridge that connected the sides of the river.

This stone bridge was the only entrance.

“This place is very strange. We have already been blocked here for five hours. No matter how I calculate, I can’t seem to get a clue of this restriction. However, I have a feeling that if we open it by force, it will cause an unimaginable chain reaction, so we can’t use force.” Master Hollow Wind nodded at Wang Lin and explained in detail. He feared Wang Lin didn’t know much about restrictions and would demand to open it by force.

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral as his gaze fell on the stone bridge, and he didn’t speak.

“This celestial cave is double-layered, and we are at a junction where the inner and outer layers connect. Once we pass this river, we will enter the inner part of the celestial cave. The restrictions here are too complicated, so we can’t get past them in a short period of time. Big Head suggested that we don’t cross the stone bridge but break the side and enter through the river.” Master Hollow Wind spoke as he glanced at the Big Head, whose eyes were flashing as he gave an order to Lei Ji to throw punches at the restrictions ahead.

Master Hollow Wind frowned as he looked at the river and said, “The three Chen brothers have consumed too much and are recovering. Fellow Cultivator Situ’s plan was to wait for them to recover and we break it with our combined forces. I still have my reservations about that method.”

In his view, Wang Lin couldn’t have cultivated for a long time. He had learned a few things about Wang Lin.

“To reach such a cultivation level in just over 1,000 years of cultivation is inconceivable. I’m afraid this Wang Lin doesn’t know much about restrictions. After all, he hasn’t had the time to master restrictions! It will have to depend on me and Big Head.” Master Hollow Wind sighed inwardly. He knew his restriction abilities weren’t very strong, and while he could handle the restrictions on the outer layer, he was already feeling like he was losing control at this junction.

Wang Lin looked at the stone bridge and couldn’t help but frown. No wonder Master Hollow Wind was stuck here. It was indeed as he said, if it was broken by force, the chain reaction would be unimaginable.

“I’m afraid this is the first hurdle to enter the inner part of the celestial cave.”

Although the 100 step before them looked ordinary, aside from what Master Hollow Wind said, Wang Lin noticed other potential threats. The restrictions here were very different from those in the outer layer.

“I need to experience it to see if it is as I suspect.” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he slowly said, “Silver corpse!” 

The woman in silver’s eyes narrowed and she moved next to Wang Lin. Her intelligent eyes stared at Wang Lin, waiting for his order.

Wang Lin didn’t look at the woman in silver. He looked at the stone bridge and calmly said, “Advance 10 steps!”

Master Hollow Wind couldn’t help but frown. This was the most unwise move to him. The restriction might be activated just like this.

However, he only looked at Wang Lin without speaking. Instead, he took a few steps back and began to observe.

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