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Mama Went to Find Uncle Lin (2)

Su Ran nodded, leaned back on the chair. She closed her eyes yet she also didn't really want to sleep. Something had happened to old grandma, her whole mood and body was not calm.

The moment she closed her eyes, it appeared an image of that kind old grandma.

She couldn't bear this torment, so she opened her eyes. Tian Mi looked at her: "You couldn't sleep?"

She shook her head, her brows were frowned slightly.

"I know you are thinking about Lin Cheng Huan's grandma. Everyone couldn't accept this…" Tian Mi said, "also didn't know how did the nanny take care of her that in the middle of night she could run outside. I felt she definitely was looking for Cheng Huan, but she ran across the train railway and went there. That time it was dark, she couldn't step aside, so the accident happened. Yesterday in the afternoon, I went to funeral parlor, it wasn't any remainder, it was completely smashed up… Grandma is a good person, how could it this be….."

Until the end, Tian Mi's voice of full with sobs.

Su Ran's tears also started to fall.

"Ran Ran, you think, Cheng Huan would really be there?"

"Maybe, I also didn't can be hundred percent sure. But it is a place that he frequently goes with grandma." Su Ran covered her eyes.

"Then we go there to look for him. If we couldn't find him there, let's go to other places, at last we definitely will find him. We may not able to do anything for him, but we can accompany him."

"Em." Su Ran shifted her gaze to the outside scenery.

Outside unexpectedly already started to snow, the sky still dusky, as before there was no sunshine.

The place that they were going was quite far, even by car it would take around one hour.

When they were little, Tian Mi, Su Ran, and Lin Cheng Huan all lived here, afterwards they one after the other moved from here.

Tian Mi drove her car to Lin Cheng Huan's grandma's house. These years, everyone was moving out successively except for old grandma.

Lin Cheng Huan thought about taking her out of this place, yet all along she loves to live here.

After the accident happened, the nannies were also gone. Now the house was empty.

Su Ran and Tian Mi got off the car and knocked the door, but there was no response. Tian Mi was somewhat anxious: "Ran Ran, do you have a key? Maybe Cheng Huan is inside, but he isn't willing to open the door."

Su Ran shook her head: "I don't have."

"Then we could just knock the door."

They were knocking the door for several moment, and called Lin Cheng Huan's name, but there was no any movement from inside.

"Let's go, supposedly Lin Cheng Huan isn't inside.

Tian Mi said with some concerns: "Then what to do? He even is not here, where would he be?"

Su Ran thought about it, then she pointed at far away direction: "Let's go there and take a look."

Tian Mi followed her pointer, startled for a while: "You mean Mountain Yu Xiu?"

"Em, maybe he is there."

On top of Mountain Yu Xiu is a temple, Lin Cheng Huan's grandmother is a Buddhism believer, so from little age she always went up to do some volunteer work, and she often took her and Lin Cheng Huan up.

"Then let's go. But Ran Ran, now it's snowing, supposedly it wouldn't be an easy walk. We need to be careful." Tian Mi was most worried about Su Ran's condition.

"It's okay. The road there had been reconstructed, so it would not muddy road."

Tian Mi rarely went up when she was little, so she didn't know the condition.


They got in the car and got off again at the bottom of Mountain Yu Xiu, because to reach at the top they need to walk by foot.

Su Ran pointed at a black car.

"That is Cheng Huan's car!" Tian Mi could recognize it, she was happy: "Cheng Huan really on the top."

"Em, let's go."

"Come, let me hold you." Tian Mi knew it was not easy for Su Ran to walk like this while being pregnant. Moreover she underwent hard moment to conceiving this child, Song Wei Xi also need this kid, so they should be careful.

Before Su Ran asked Tian Mi to go together with her, also because she wanted someone help to protect her.

She also very cautious and careful.

"It's okay, you can just hold my hand." Su Ran changed the position to holding hands. They both followed the path and the cement stairs.

The mountain is quite high, it was not easy to reach to the top. Until the middle, the gradient already very steep.

Tian Mi didn't dare to be too fast, she held Su Ran and walked slowly.

"Ran Ran, be careful."

Didn't know how long it take to finally reach up, Tian Mi then pointed at the temple: "Will Cheng Huan be inside?"

"Let's go inside and take a look." Although Lin Cheng Huan is not Buddhism, yet beside the grandma's house, he frequently went to the temple, so it's not weird for him to be isnside.

Yet when they went inside and looked, Lin Cheng Huan was not inside.

Originally this normally was not really crowded, because the weather today was not also really good, so the people around was lesser than normal so the situation here was more peaceful and calm.

This also the reason why old grandma like to come here.

In her healthy years, she always went here everyday. But when her health was gradually declining and her feet was not really convenient, so she rarely came. Yet because Lin Cheng Huan knew her heart so every year he would look for a day with good weather, then he would support her with his hand and go up step by step.

"Ran Ran, what's to be done? His car is on the bottom, how could he is not here?"

Su Ran stood on the ground, and looked around, said: "Come with me."

Su Ran went over to a place, it is the back of the temple. There is a small road, they passed the road and finally could see a tall figure.

Lin Cheng Huan was sitting down on the bushes. In front of him was a small brook which was freezing because of the winter time.

"Hurry, go over there and look."

They went closer to see him, beside his feet unexpectedly was two bottles of beer. On his knees was placed a drawing board. He was holding a pen with his head down. He noticed some movement from behind, but he didn't stop his movement.

"Cheng Huan, why are you here? We've been looking for you for long time," Tian Mi said: "Here it's so cold, how long have you been here?"

Lin Cheng Huan didn't answer her.

Su Ran knelt down beside him, and used her hand to touch his arm: "Cheng Huan, auntie is very worried about you. Give her a call, then go back with us, okay?"

Lin Cheng Huan as before still kept his gaze on the paper, he didn't raise his head, didn't know whether he heard them or not.

Tian Mi and Su Ran looked at each other in dismay.

"I know you are hurt because of old grandma, we also feel the same. But you cannot always stay here…."

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