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I Still Have a Request (1)

"I would be there soon."

Song Ting Yu raised up from the chair, he didn't say anything and just left the room.

Song Ting Yu left, then Uncle Wang also prepared to leave: "Then Mrs, have a good rest, I will leave first."

Su Ran regained her conscious, she nodded.

Song Ting Yu drove his car to the hospital, on the way, Chen Jing kept on calling his phone, urged him to be faster, she afraid that he wouldn't appear.

"I already on my way, how is she?"

"I don't know, she still inside…" Chen Jing cried violently:" She just got surgery for little miscarriage, now something bad happened to her, how could she be this pitiful…."

Song Ting Yu frowned: "Okay, don't you cry again. She would be okay, I will arrive soon."

He hung up the phone, and sped up the car. At last around ten minutes he had arrived at the hospital.

This moment Chen Jing still waited outside the operation room.

Looking at his coming, her emotion was even more out of control: "If Zhi Rui had some problems, then what will happen to me?"

Song Ting Yu felt her words were a bit strange, but because the situation was urgent, so he didn't think about it anymore, he thought it was because she was too worried about Bai Zhi Rui.

After all, they both are in good relationship for several years.

Chen Jing was especially hoping to be able be together with Zhi Rui, no matter in the past year, or now, she always has this kind of thought.

Song Ting Yu took a handkerchief and passed to her: "It would be okay, I can guarantee."

"What is the use of your guarantee?" Chen Jing kept on crying, so she coked with emotion: "If it's not you, how could she be like this? How could you be this ruthless? Zhi Rui had followed you for five years, you said that you don't want her, then just don't want. Moreover you don't want her because of Su Ran, what can she do? Now you and Su Ran are in very much love, and threw away Zhi Rui, let her to go back to America. You really extremely ruthless. After your coming to her place, you said that ruthless word, she drank a lot of alcohol and drove away to look for you, how could she don't have any accident?"

Chen Jing was losing control of her emotion, Song Ting Yu patted her shoulder: "Ma, calm down."

"Ting Yu, if something happened to Zhi Rui, then how? How?" Chen Jing this moment grasped his arm, and kept on asking the questions.


The door of operation of room was opened. The doctor and nurses came out, in a rush Chen Jing came forward: "Doctor, how is the patient? Is she okay?"

"There is no big injury, it just hurt her ankle. Just operated to take out the broken bone then it's okay."

"Then would the operation affect her ability to walk?"

"Madam, it will not. Don't worry, just persist in recovery, it will be okay. But she was driving drunkly before, you need to urge her, to be more careful, and not drink before drive. This time could be seen as have a good luck."

"I will, doctor, thank you."

Bai Zhi Rui also very quickly pushed out and sent to the sickroom.

Because she was drunk-driver, she violated a criminal law, so the police very quickly came to handle it, Song Ting Yu needed to personally go there to handle it.

After finished with it, he went back to the sickroom, it already midnight. Chen Jing didn't go home, she just stayed at the hospital to take care of Bai Zhi Rui, and Bai Zhi Rui still hadn't regain her consciousness.

Looking at hiss return, Chen Jing asked nervously: "How is it?"

"It's okay." Song Ting Yu looked at Bai Zhi Rui. He realized that after her return from America, she looked skinnier, probably because she had experienced a lot of troubles.

Chen Jing looked at him: "Tonight just stay here, no need to go back home. This big thing happened, she definitely will look for you the first time she opened her eyes. Ting Yu, just see as my request okay?"

Thinking of his and Su Ran matter, now he didn't want to go back and faced it. He just nodded, and went to the sofa. He took off his coat and threw it to the sofa.

Chen Jing finally could feel relieved as she saw Song Ting Yu was staying, she laid down on another bed.

The sickroom was dark, Song Ting Yu leaned on the sofa. He closed his eyes, but he didn't have any sleepiness.

Now inside his mind was full of Su Ran's words.

So it turned out Su Ran always thinks of divorcing him…..

The room is very quiet, quite until Chen Jing's breath could be heard, she and Bai Zhi Rui had enter sleep mode.

Yet no matter how hard Song Ting Yu tried to sleep by closing his eyes, he still didn't have the sleepiness.

He simply grasped his coat then left the in-patient area, he went to the park outside to smoke.

Bai Zhi Rui didn't have any great injury just hurt her ankle, so the next day she was awake.

Looking at Song Ting Yu inside her room, her tears were unable to be controlled: "Ting Yu, I thought I will never see you again…."

"Alright, don't cry."

At first Song Ting Yu had some guilty feeling toward her, she had followed him for several years and moreover she also lost her kid because of him.

He took the tissue and wiped her tears.

Bai Zhi Rui took the opportunity to grasp his arm: "Ting Yu, I beg you. Don't throw me away to America? I just had some silly moment. You also know I'm not that ruthless woman. I just lost my kid, so I…."

This moment Chen Jing also came over and said: "Yes, Ting Yu, Zhi Rui is not that kind of woman. You've been together with her, how could you don't understand her? Moreover, she would be alone there, it's too pitiful! Do you really have heart to look her be in that situation?"

"Ting Yu, I want to stay here. I want to do the come back. I should have my own profession. So it perhaps will make me more relaxed.

Song Ting Yu was startled to hear it: "You want to do a come back?"

Cannot blame him to surprised, because at the beginning career was currently popular, she suddenly announce to retreat from entertainment circle. Moreover during the press conference, she didn't say anything to him, she just say it after it was done.

That time he asked her, why, she just said she was to fed up with this job, she wanted a peaceful life.

But after these four years, she said to want a come back.

Bai Zhi Rui nodded: "Em, I should continue my career."

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