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But I wanted to get divorce with you (2)

He didn't finish his words, Su Ran just looked at him, and said: "You just got back from Bai Zhi Rui's place right?"

Song Ting Yu raised his head, and glared at her little face. He narrowed his eyes: "What's that matter if I just got back from her place?"

His black eyes now apparently full of faint anger, Su Ran did't know where his anger came from, she used her hand to cover her eyes. She turned her head, be silent for a while, then with low voice she said: "Between us don't necessarily abide to the rule that ordinary couple had. If you need it, you could look for Bai Zhi Rui…"

She didn't complete her sentence, her chin was already clutched by him. He smiled, and his eyes were really cold: "Su Ran, you really a very generous woman. It is my first time to hear a wife would give away her husband for another woman."

"So, what are you planning? You want to force me away to Bai Zhi Rui's side, and that time you could in proper term be together with Lin Cheng Huan?"

Su Ran felt her temple to be in pain: "Could you not involve Lin Cheng Huan?"

"What about you, Su Ran? Why do every time then matters with Lin Cheng Huan's involvement, you would want to run away by shifting the topic?"

"I'm not." Su Ran's voice was somewhat cold: "I've said so many times. I and Lin Cheng Huan don't have that kind of relationship, how can you believe it?"

The atmosphere in the room turned cold, they both just be in deadlock situation, there was no one talking anymore.

Su Ran felt this confrontation let her body and mind exhausted, she took a deep breath for a while, and looked to the man in front of her: "The moment Song Wei Xi's illness be well, we will immediately get a divorce. This is what you said, Song Ting Yu, do you forget it?"

She just finished her last words, suddenly Song Ting Yu grasped her shoulder, and pressed her on the bed, he looked down at her: "Su Ran, now I don't want to get divorce with you."

Su Ran looked at him, her voice was soft yet very resolute: "But I want to get divorce with you."

Song Ting Yu's face immediately cold, he pursed his lips: "You said before you don't have anything with Lin Cheng Huan. If you don't have one, they why you are in hurry to get a divorce with me?"

"Let go of me."

Su Ran started to struggle, because Song Ting Yu worried that something would happen so his hold of her arm and shoulder was not too powerful, so she could struggle free from it. She sat down: "I want to get a divorce with you, it is unrelated to Lin Cheng Huan. It just between us, it is necessary step. After divorce, you could openly be together with Bai Zhi Rui. I also can live the life that I want, we could be free…"

"Since you want to get divorce with me, then why that year you were so take rack one's brain to marry me?"

"My Ma took a knife and pressed against her wrist in front of me. She said if I didn't agree to marry into Song family, she would die in front of me…."

"So you marry me…" Song Ting Yu's face looked so gloomy. He slowly leaned over her: "So you are helpless that you be good and listened to her request to marry me. If that event of four yeas ago didn't happen, maybe from the start you will be together with Lin Cheng Huan right?"

No matter how at last Song Ting Yu would keep on relating this matter to Lin Cheng Huan, and forcefully wanted her to answer it. Yet something that didn't happen, how could she answer it.

Su Ran looked at him: "Song Ting Yu, the first day I entered of these four years of marriage, I know that one day sooner or later I will leave. I couldn't be able to stay in this kind of marriage forever."

She doesn't need herself to marry a man that has good family background, doesn't need him to look handsome and has a lot of many capabilities. She just want to be a harmonious couple.

A marriage without feeling, too painful, she don't want to follow the same road as Qiao Qing, stayed together with a husband without any prospects.

Song Ting Yu smiled coldly: "Su Ran, let me tell you. You marry to Song family, don't you think you could go out!"


When the atmosphere between them was fell down to the freezing point, Song Ting Yu's phone rang. He kept on glaring to Su Ran, didn't go pay attention to his phone on the table.

But his phone was kept on ringing non-stop, don't know who gave call to him, also didn't know what was happening, but just could know, that it was urgent matter.

Su Ran felt the vibrate and sound of the ringing phone was very ear-piercing, moreover, she didn't want to fight with him anymore, so she said: "Your phone is ringing, you answer it first…"

Song Ting Yu took the phone, but his eyes still fixed on her. He even didn't look at the screen, just threw the phone to the ground fiercely.

Because it was too forceful, so in a flash the phone was broken into pieces. Of course, it wouldn't ring again.

Su Ran was shocked because the loud voice, she looked at the broken phone, and for a very long time she was lost in thought.

Before she regained her awareness, the room's door was knocked.

"Mister, Misses, please open the door." It was the maid.

Song Ting Yu still not wanted to move, his face was as cold as before.

Su Ran used her hand to rub her face, then she got up from the bed. She opened the door, outside it was the butler. He looked at her: "Mrs, is Mister at home?"

Su Ran inclined her body to the side, and pointed to the inside: "He's here, Uncle Wang, what happened?"

"Madam before gave a call for me to look at mister. She said Mister's phone was off…"

The butler said it while looking at inside of the room. He went over to the front of Song Ting Yu: "Mr, Madame called home and asked you to go the hospital…."

Uncle Wang felt the atmosphere inside the room was tensed, he noticed Song Ting Yu's gloominess and broken phone, he also knew that something happen.

It supposedly they were in fight.

"Uncle Wang, what happened?"

"She said that something bad happened to Ms Bai."

He didn't finish the word, another maid came and brought a phone, "Mister, Madame let you take the call."

Song Ting Yu didn't say anything just took the phone. Chen Jing's voice full of anxiousness: "Ting Yu, come here quickly. Something happen to Zhi Rui."

"What happened to her?"

"It is all you, don't you know what you are talking to her, let her be this heart-broken. She drank a lot of beer. Then drove a car to look for you. Because she was drunk, so she was uncareful that she hit the railings on the road side. Now already sent tot the hospital, come here…

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