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Hi Guys! This was the really saddest part of the book! I really hate Song, Ting , Yu! So so much in this. It was a… so prepare your tissues…. When I read this novel, I was very devastated for Ran Ran, especially in this chapter. But she got stronger and stronger….

oh, and this is PG-13 scene….

Here there is the chapter 9 Song Ting Yu, I haven't prepared yet:

"Let you go?" Song Ting Yu looked like he just heard a joke, stretched out the hand that was holding the cigarette to wipe it out: "Doesn't this what do you want? I am helping you to fulfill your wish, how can I let you go."

"I don't ….ngh ngh…" She was chocked that her space between eyebrow wrinkled.

All of sudden, Su Ran felt her body was rose high into the air, she completely unprepared so she cried out in alarm. Her both hand unconsciously what to grab something, because she was carried by Song Ting Yu, she could only held to his arm.

Song Ting Yu laughed coldly: "Su Ran, why do you grab it so tight? Yet you still say you don't want?"

This man was really cruel, she exerted her strength to pound at his back, she wanted him to let her down. But for him, her these little strength, not really affected him.

He carried her toward the bed, and quickly threw her to the bed.

Su Ran was thrown to the soft bed, her first response was struggle to get up, but Song Ting Yu's tall heavy body quickly pressed her down.

Pressing her body until she was unable to move any single movement.

Su Ran felt Song Ting Yu's eyes expression was really frightening looked like deep lake water. She instinctively struggled, all her hand and limbs were used to simultaneously to struggle: "Song Ting Yu, don't be like this, let's talk properly."

Song Ting pulled both of her hands, and placed it at the top of the her head, without any expression looked at her: "Between there's nothing more to say, only have to do it well."

His eyes were dull, next second, his finger took hold of her collar, then took of her jacket and threw it under the bed. Next, he started to take off the remaining clothes on her body: "Don't you want another child? Then let me fulfill your wish?"

Su Ran looked that her clothes one by one was taken off by him, she struggled, and shrieked: "Song Ting Yu, you cannot do this, let me go, let me go….!"

When she yelled, the corner of her eyes were full of tears.

Yet Song Ting Yu still exerted more pressure to make her flail of arm legs to stop, used his tip of finger and pressed her cheeks full of tears, narrowed his to look at her fearful face: "Now the test-tube baby cannot be done, are you sure you want me to let go? Are you sure you don't want to save Wei Xi? Want to look at him die?"

Su Ran's eyes empty and spiritless.

Right, how can she give up on Song Wei Xi….

She once promised, she will let him recover.

She moved her hand that didn't any energy to push him, with her shattered voice: "Song Ting Yu, I haven't prepared yet."

At least is not today, not now, looking at how he pressed down her body, it will let her was being raped.

She really loathed that kind of feeling.

"There's no need to preparation to do this kind of thing." Song Ting Yu didn't release her, his hand violently took of the last clothing on her body: "Furthermore, don't you have prepare it long enough?"

The time Su Ran woke up, it was not daytime, outside the sky was dark.

She lied on her stomach in the bed, she can't even move for a movement, her whole body was felt like broken, there was no part of her body was not aching.

There was no light in the room, only the light from the bathroom.

Song Ting Yu was not inside the room anymore, he was taking a bath in the bathroom, therefore the sound of flowing water inside.

With her shivered hand, she pulled the blanket to cover herself. That moment she didn't want to face the outside world.

After a long moment, she heard the bathroom door was opened, Song Ting Yu came out from it, his steps was approaching, he stretched his hand to pull the blanket.

But Su Ran didn't want to look at him, therefore she forcefully held it tight.

Song Ting Yu didn't want to compete with her, pulled for a while then gave up, used his voice to say: "The dinner is prepared on the table."

Su Ran pretended to not hear it, Song Ting Yu also didn't care about her, opened the wardrobe and change his clothes then left the room.

When there was only her inside the bedroom, it was dark, Su Ran finally took off the blanket. With her empty eyes looked at the ceiling, there was no sleepiness.

She lifted open the blanked, bare-footed and naked, she went inside the bathroom. Standing under the shower, she opened the water and started to scrub her whole body.

The memory of what happened before continuously played on her mind, she finally couldn't help to control emotion so she wailed and cried.

The crying sound only to vent her feeling, because Su Ran knew that she didn't have any choice.

But still she thought her self was able to have some dignity, but in front of him, she never possessed that word "dignity", so he can do that thing to humiliate her.

She hated to do this thing, experienced what happened before, toward that thing her heart felt scared. But she understood, no matter how she loathed that thing, for being able to conceive the second child, Song Ting Yu and she must laid in bed together everyday, did that kind of thing.

Su Ran scrubbed and cleaned her skin until her skin red, still not willingly to drop it. She told herself, just this once she will cry, this will be her last time to cry, from now on, she will stay strong. No matter encountered what problem, for Song Wei Xi, she needed to stay strong and go through it.

Su Ran thought Song Ting Yu already left, so when she entered the restroom, she didn't lock the door. Song Ting Yu came over because he heard a wailing sound from the bathroom. He stood in front of the door, he caught a sight of a woman scrubbed her skin strongly. On one side scrubbed, and the other cried.

Originally her skin was fair white and delicate, how can it withstand her torment? So now her skin already change into bright red.

"Do you wish to make your skin crappy then you will stop?"

Song Ting Yu's voice suddenly heard from the door, Su Ran's whole body became rigid, like a startled fawn she took a few steps backward.

Due to bare foot, and fear out, so when she took steps backward, her feet accidentally step on the bubble, when she about to react, she was too late, she fell down to the ground.

Because from the start her body was already aching, and now she fell again, it made she hardly moved her body.

Because of the pain, cold sweat was came out on her forehead.

Song Ting Yu pursed his lips and got inside, he carried her up, she glared at him.

Song Ting Yu's eyes were somewhat cold: "What? Don't want me to carry you? But you don't have any choice, just like me didn't have any choice but to touch you."

Su Ran tried to endure the pain, she bit her lips: "Being together with Mr Song, I don't really have a choice. But when there were times to choose, I didn't required to be with you."

Song Ting Yu lowered his head to look at her, he carried her out of the bathroom, and put her on the bed: "Then it's good, since we didn't any choice, then we have to as soon as possible accomplished this mission

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