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The Light is Very Dark, They Couldn't See it (1)

Looking at her final respond, Song Ting Yu just felt satisfied. His lips crooked up and continued to eat the food.

"Isn't it Su Ran?"

When they were having dinner peacefully, a voice heard, Su Ran heard a familiar voice so she just reflexly raised her head, and looked it was Su Lai and her several friends.


"It really coincident." Su Lai raised her eyebrow: "No wonder Papa said these days he was unable to contact you, so turns out you are in Huai Hai."

She said it and her gaze fell on Song Ting Yu, immediately she changed her expression: "Ting Yu, you also here."

Song Ting Yu put down his chopsticks and narrowed his eyes as if he was judging her: "Who are you?"

Su Lai's face immediately turned sour, she didn't expect Song Ting Yu would say something like that to embarrass her. Actually they had met several years before, moreover before Su Ran called her "Sis", he unexpectedly asked who is she.

It was clear that he wanted to embarrass her, let her to be embarrassed.

But no matter how terrible she felt, this moment she still endured it that on her face was full of sweet-looking smile: "I'm Ran Ran's sister."

"Ting Yu, you look like you haven't meet me for long years? So you don't recognize me? In the past, we also…"

"Sorry, I don't have any impression of you." Song Ting Yu cut her words coldly, his long finger pointed to the distant place: "Your friends are calling you, you are not still going?"

Originally Su Lai planned to sit down, yet because Song Ting Yu said those words, she also unable to sit down. Her facial expression and smile was somewhat rigid: "I will go there, then….. next time let's have a chat again, you guys stay on this hotel? Will not be back soon right?"

"We will stay here for several more days."

"Then it's good." Su Lai clearly very happy, and looked at Song Ting Yu again, then go back to her friends.

"Four years ago, you should've meet Su Lai, moreover when you came to my house, you also saw her right?" Su Ran said after Su Lai's leaving.

Song Ting Yu raised his head, and casted a glance for her: "Unrelated person, why should I remember?"

"……." His sentence was directly left her speechless.

Song Ting Yu is this kind of people, toward the people and matters that he doesn't care, he never put it inside his heart.

Su Ran didn't say anything, she lowered her head and noticed there was a slice of meat on her bowl. Song Ting Yu put some slice of meat to her bowl: "Don't you notice you are getting skinnier recently? Eat more."

Su Ran was startled: "I'm not skinnier." She had been weighing her weight, and it was not less than before, she always in that weight.

"I said you are skinnier means you are skinnier, I could measure it."

At the first Su Ran didn't understand his words of "Measure it", then she noticed he was looking at her chest, in a split second she understood it.

Her face was blushing, if Song Wei Xi was not here, she really wanted to smash the bowl on her hand to his head.


She scooped a meat to her mouth, and muttered it to herself.

"Mama, what did you say before?"

Song Wei Xi didn't hear clearly what were she saying, so he looked up to her.

"No, nothing. Wei Xi, be good and eat your dinner. Eat it quickly so you will be able to swim."

Song Ting Yu placed down the chopsticks, and calmly and unruffled in the midst of chaos fixed on her blushed face, and all along his mouth had a charming smile.

On not distant table.

Originally Su Lai from time to time gazed toward Su Ran and her family, of course, she also able to look at the smile on Song Ting Yu's face, how did he look at Su Ran with a pampering.

This moment she was somewhat stupid….

She always thought Su Ran was suffering by marry into Song family because the night after their wedding, she just being left alone by Song Ting Yu and never went back for four years ago. She heard that their relationship was quite full of contradiction. Moreover, didn't Song Ting Yu still have the woman, Bai Zhi Rui? But why this time it looked like Su Ran and he had a good one?"

Now Su Lai felt, what mistake she had made?

That year the time Su Family was in the tight spot, Su Hao wanted to have a connection to the one in higher status for ease his trouble. That time she had a boyfriend, so of course she was unwilling to become the pion to save the family and be used by him. But it's good that Su Hao still quite fond of her so when she was unwilling, Su Hao also didn't force her, and assigned Su Ran to do it.

At last he successfully married into Song family. Then time she thought, it was luckily Su Ran be a scapegoat, if not, it would be her?

Yet these several years, her relationship with her ex-boyfriend was getting more and more bland, and moreover her ex-boyfriend came from an ordinary family. When the whole passion was gone, they got into a fight. She thought if she marry with to this guy, she definitely live a life that is different from what she hope, so they just broke up!

Recently she was in hiatus, Su Hao also helped her to seek someone, hoped to look for a one with good condition and let her to able get marry as soon as possible.

But Su Lai thought in the city who will have more good qualifications than Song Ting Yu?

She suddenly noticed, so it turned out the best one is already possessed by Su Ran?

She suddenly felt her heart was somewhat in frustration mode, moreover she couldn't shake it away.

"Mama, Auntie kept on looking at us." When Song Wei Xi was full, he liked to look around so he could noticed Su Ran continuously looked at them.

"Is Auntie having some problem?"

"No, if she has some, she would come over." Su Ran smiled, and looked at her watch. It was five o'clock.

"Are you full?" Song Ting Yu looked to the mother and son on the opposite of him.


He nodded: "Let me pay first, you bring Wei Xi up, later on I will look for your guys."

The swimming pool on the top floor of the hotel has changing rooms because the guests are unable to wear the swimsuit to go on the elevator.

The guests that stayed at the hotel could freely enjoyed the outdoor swimming pool, fortunately now there was not a lot of people, the pool is also so big and able to accommodate lot of people.

The front of the swimming pool had railing, when they went near the railing, they could enjoy the view from the fiftieth floor building, the beautiful scenery was plain visible.

Su Ran was in the changing room, she was helping Song Wei Xi to take off his clothes. She changed him to the swimsuit that she bought last night, it was a black swim trunk, and put a waterproof goggles for little kid.

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