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The Little Man

Within Song Ting Yu's eyes, there was hatred and loathed, it looked like a knife stabbed to Su Ran's heart.

Madame Song was so emotional, her old hands pointed at him: "You…" then she hadn't say anything, suddenly, she fainted.

"Ma!" Madame Song fainted, and shocked all of the member of Song Family. Song Ming Xuan caught her, and used his hand to press down her acupuncture point, and carried her to her room, with stern voice said: "Call the doctor now!"

Song Ming Xuan took Madame Song up to her room, everyone was so busy and followed him up. The butler, Lao Chen, called the doctor, after a while, the doctor came.

When the Song family private doctor was diagnosed and treated, Song Ming Xuan pulled Song Ting Yu aside, with ashen face looked his son, suddenly stretched out his palm to slap him. When he about to slap, his hand was gripped by Chen Jing: "What are you doing? Is the situation not yet chaos enough?"

Song Ming Xuan shook off his wife's hand, in a towering rage, he looked at Song Ting Yu: "It best for you to pray that Grandma will be okay."

In fact, there's nothing serious happened to Madame Song, her health was okay. She fainted because she was angry and emotional.

Under the help of family doctor, she already gradually opened her eyes, and woke up, everyone was encircled her.

Madame Song raised her head and looked at everyone, struggled to remember what happened. Su Ran helped her to sit down, and placed a pillow on her back.

Madame Song patted her hand, told her, "I'm okay."

Song Ming Xuan came over: "Ma, you are okay, right?"

"I'm okay." Madame Song replied, and looked at Su Ran: "Ran Ran, you go first, go accompany Wei Xi."

Su Ran understood Madame Song wanted her to go away, and wanted to talk to Song Ting Yu and his parents, she nodded her head: "Then, grandma, you need to rest well, I go first."

When she passed by Song Ting Yu, Song Ting Yu glared at her.

Su Ran laughed bitterly inside her heart for a while, turned her body to leave, and closed the door.

Before because Madame Song wanted to chat with Su Ran and Song Ting Yu, she let little nanny to bring Song Wei Xi to his room, and didn't let him to come out for the time being.

Although Song Wei Xi didn't nag that he want to come out, but he understood they were having an adult talk, and they wanted him to hear it.

He sat down on the bed and drew something, the little nanny was on his side, weaved a handkerchief. When Su Ran pushed the door to go inside, she told little nanny: "You just go down first, let me take care of Wei Xi."

"Yes, Mrs."

Looking at Su Ran, Song Wei Xi slightly laughed toward her, he put up the drawing book he just put down: "Mama, look at this, this is my drawing of you, is it look alike?"

Su Ran went over and took the sketch book and observed it attentively, nodded her head: "It looks alike."

Song Wei Xi tidied up the sketch book and crayon, then his serious face looked at her: "Mama, what did great grandma talked to you guys?"

Su Ran stroked her hair: "Wei Xi, the little child no need to care what the adults' business."

"I have grown up." Song Wei Xu spread out his both hand: "Do you forget it? I said when I grow up and become a little man, I want to protect you."

Su Ran was touched, she pulled Wei Xi's little body to her embrace, and kissed his cheek: "Of course, I remember, I always wait for that day."

Song Wei Xi clasped Su Ran's face: "Mama, don't cry, I already a little man, you don't need to wait anymore."

Su Ran nodded her head, and took a deep breath. When she about to say something, the door suddenly opened by the person outside.

Song Ting Yu's tall figure was standing in front of the door, and glared at her for awhile then spoke.

"Su Ran, come outside to talk with me."

Song Wei Xi felt that Song Ting Yu's face was not really right, he used his little hand to clasp her clothes tightly, didn't want her to leave.

Su Ran didn't want to worry Song Wei Xi and didn't wish him to see anything bad happened, she held her hand: "Wei Xi, you just draw for a while, there's something that we need to talk."

After leaving the room, Su Ran looked for the little nanny to ask her to care for Song Wei Xi, then she went back to her bedroom.

She knows, Song Wei Xi already inside and waited for her.

The reason why he was mad was because he thought Su Ran was the one who told Madame Song about test-tube baby matter. She didn't know what have they discussed inside the Madame Song's room. But it probably didn't make Song Ting Yu satisfied.

Su Ran's heart was uneasy, she opened the bedroom door, and entered. Song Ting Yu was standing near the window, his long finger was holding a cigarette, when he looked at her, he said: "Close the door."

Su Ran closed the door, but she didn't come near him: "What happened today was not my fault, I really don't know how can grandma know about this."

This matter was not her doing, she could not just accept the blame.

Song Ting Yu used her fingertips to play with cigarette ash, he crooked the corner of his mouth smiled in mockery: "I don't say anything, why you need to explained it in a hurry? Don't you know your action of trying to hide it makes it more conspicuous?"

"'s up to you to think that way." Su Ran turned her head, anyway that matter was not her doing, and Song Ting Yu always prejudiced her, blaming her for this kind of this, was not really an odd things.

She felt the atmosphere of the room was really strange, staying here for a long time could make someone felt unable to breath, so she didn't want to stay here together with Song Ting Yu. She placed her hand on the door handle, about to pull opened the door to leave.

But one big hand stretched out to stopped her.

She was surprised, didn't realize when did Song Ting Yu shifted his position to her side.

"Where do you want to go?" Song Ting Yu opened his mouth, it was faintly tobacco scent inside his mouth.

"I don't think between us there is something good to talk." His prejudice toward her was deep, and she saw him as a stranger, so their chat will not bring anything good.

Song Ting Yu held tightly to her hand on the door handle, pried opened her hand, and turned her body so her body was pressed between the door and his chest.

His scorching hot breath was continuously sprayed in front of her face, she tried to turn her head to avoid it, she even didn't dare to look at him on the eyes. She felt that man's eyes, was full of flaming rage.

"What are you doing?!"

Song Ting Yu stretched his hand and pinched her lower jaw to rise up her head: "Don't you plan a thousand ways, a hundred plans to let me touch you? Why? Now you still want to pretend in front of me? Don't you know it was boring to keep on acting?"

After all, he still thought that this matter was her doing.

Su Ran's lower jaw felt ache because of his pinch, but she had no choice but to open her eyes. He was on purpose puffed out the cigarette smoke toward her face, to let her coughed and choked severely, even her tears too come out.

"Song Ting Yu, you are a bastard! Let me go!"

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