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I said you are skinnier means you are skinnier, I could measure it (2)

This time Su Ran slept through the night until the sky was bright, didn't know whether it was because she was too tired, or because their coming to Huai Hai. In short, when she was awake it was already nine o'clock.

Song Ting Yu already not inside the room so she changed her clothes quickly, and tidied up Song Wei Xi's room.

He already awake since the early morning, now he was in the balcony to bask under the sun, eating his breakfast on the stool. Moreover he also didn't forget to swaying his legs, he looked very extremely happy.

"Mrs, you are awake?" Auntie Fang was tidying up something, she looked her coming, and greeted : "Mister and Mr Tang was out to handle some business. He instructed me to not wake you up and let you have some sleep first, he said that last night you are too tired…."

Didn't know why Su Ran felt when Auntie Fang said it, her eyes look somewhat strange, and brought an ambiguous expression like last night she was in some "sport activities" with Song Ting Yu so today morning she couldn't get up….


Su Ran felt somewhat helpless, she just tired, purely exhausted. They didn't do anything….

But this moment to say something like this, supposedly like a sentence "A cover up only makes matters more", she simply neglected the her eyes, nodded: "Have you have breakfast?"

"I have eaten, Misses. What do you want to eat? I will call it for you, Mister said this afternoon he would not be back. He arranged people to bring you and little Mister to have fun. He said that tonight he will back to have dinner with you and little Mister."

"Okay." Su Ran smiled slightly, at first Song Ting Yu came here to work. She and Song Wei Xi could look for some place to play, moreover this little guy had a good mood and spiritual, he should want to stroll around.

"Just help me to order some food, I'm okay with everything." Su Ran instructed Auntie Fang, then she started to go to balcony.

Song Wei Xi was raising his arms up, and spread out his arms to the sun. He narrowed his big eyes and let the sun shone his face.

He heard the voice, and turned his little face and noticed Su Ran. He immediately blossomed his smile: "Mama, you are awake?"

"Right." Su Ran sat down beside him: "Wei Xi, later on after the breakfast, let us go out. Where do you want to go?"

"Mama, let's go stroll around okay? Let's not go swim first, I want to wait for Papa to be back tonight and swim." Song Wei Xi wanted to swim together with Song Ting Yu let him to teach him how to swim, because he felt his Papa should be able to swim really well.

Moreover the fact that Su Ran is non-swimmer was known by him, so he couldn't ask her to teach him swim.

"Okay." Su Ran smiled and pinched lightly his little chubby cheeks, she also didn't want to swim, so as to avoid there would problem arose that she was unable to cope.

Very quickly, the waiter served up the breakfast. Su Ran accompanied Song Wei Xi together to have a breakfast, then the driver appointed by Song Ting Yu came and picked them up, they went out to stroll.

This driver was a kind of middle aged man, he was a local Huai Hai's people. With one look, he could be seen as an experienced driver so his driving skill was very good, also very familiar with the local amusing and interest places.

He brought Su Ran and son went to a lot of places to stroll. The whole day they strolled, Song Wei Xi bought a lot of little things, he said he wanted to bring it home to give to his little friends, and also wanted to give some gifts for the family members.

Su Ran checked for a while of the things he wanted to buy, then purposely teased him: "Which one is the present for Nuan Nuan?"

"Her utmost hobby is eating, she wouldn't like these, and I couldn't bring some snacks home, so I wouldn't give these to her."

Didn't know where this little guy learnt about hypocrisy, it was clearly the time he bought the things, he especially picked a rag doll that would be loved by any little girls, it shouldn't be for a boy, so definitely it was for Xi Nuan Nuan, but he still reluctant to admit.

Su Ran also didn't want to expose him, so just said: "Nuan Nuan looked at you give all the little friends are the gift, she definitely will be heartbroken."

Song Wei Xi frowned his little nose: "Xi Nuan Nuan loves to cry."

"If she cries, will your heart ache?"

"I don't feel heartache." Song Wei Xi still reluctant to admit it: "But when she is crying, it will be too troublesome. She will continuously cry nonstop, really troublesome. I also don't want to hear her cry so just give it to her."

Song Wei Xi said it then he took out a little rag doll from his pocket, a delicate handmade rag doll.

Before during Su Ran was at the cashier, she clearly looked at this rag doll, but when she checked in after, she didn't see it, so it was took by this little guy.

She restrained her laugh, in deadly earnest, she agreed with him: "Right, this gift is good. Nuan Nuan definitely will like this."

"I don't mind whether she likes it or not, anyway it's good to give it to her…" Song Wei Xi muttered.

Su Ran wanted to say more, but this moment her phone rang. She took it out to look, it was Song Ting Yu's number.

He already finished her work and asked her to bring Song Wei Xi now to go back, they would have dinner together then go swim.

"Okay, we are on the way back."

The time Su Ran and Song Wei Xi were back, Song Ting Yu already ordered some dishes while waiting for them.

She brought Song Wei Xi to wash hand, then dishes was served out one by one.

"Papa, the dishes you ordered are all my favorite food."

Song Wei Xi sat down on the chair, and his pair of eyes were fixed on the dishes on the table. He smiled happily.

"It also your favorite dishes." Song Ting Yu picked some food into his bowl.

"Thank you Papa."

He played a whole day and also felt very hungry so just sit down goodly and eat the food.

When Su Ran lowered her head to eat, she noticed the man on the opposite of her was fixed his gaze on her body and let her unable to ignore him.

"What happened?" She raised her head to ask.

"Later on you also go swim."

"I don't want to swim."

"You buy a swimsuit."

"I just set it aside first, next time I will swim."

Song Ting Yu wouldn't let her off easily: "We will not go to that ocean, just swim in the outdoor swimming pool of this hotel on the top floor. We can swim while enjoying the view."

Su Ran still wanted to shook her head. When she was little she was afraid of water so she couldn't master the swimming skill. Now she also felt somewhat terrified.

Yet this time Song Ting Yu said to Song Wei Xi: "Wei Xi, your mama said that she will not swim."

He used the trump card.

Song Wei Xi directly asked: "Mama, together together, I want to be together with you."

How could Su Ran able to endure his appeal so she just nodded, she just wished that time she would not lose her face. If she knew from earlier, last night she would persist on not buy any swimsuit, now she also didn't have any excuse to avoid this.

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