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This Time Don’t Buy too Small

Now on Song Ting Yu’s hand was the most complete conservative style swimsuit, it was not a one piece swimsuit. The top was a high collar, and the bottom was culottes, it had an okay color, yet it just a bit conservative.

Su Ran also didn’t want to wear a bikini, that three pieces thin materials. She felt that wearing something like that was like just wearing underwear in the public. She didn’t use to it, so she felt Song Ting Yu’s choice of swimsuit was also good.

She looked at it for a while, and took it: “Just this one.”

The shop assistant was confused when she heard Su Ran said something like this, immediately she said: “Beautiful woman, this should be wear by someone with common body. Someone like you should wear a bikini. Really, you look, in our store there are a lot of types and styles of bikini. I usually didn’t recommend people to buy, why, because most of them didn’t have the body. A woman like you with a good shape of body that people yearned in theirs dream, I must recommend you to wear it.”

“No need, I just want this one.” Su Ran waved her hand hurriedly, and felt somewhat helpless.

“No no no, beautiful woman. Listen to my word, wearing those kind of swimsuit, you will definitely good…” The shop assistant said it while she took the most beautiful bikini suit that she preferred and put in front of Su Ran’s body: “Ze Ze Ze, beautiful woman, I really envy your body, your waistline, your long legs, and this…..” Her gaze stopped on Su Ran’s ample chest: “This at the very least should be C right?”

Su Ran was felt extremely awkward when heard her, moreover, she could felt clearly that SOng TIng Yu’s body had emitted a coldness, that could let people freeze. She didn’t know whether the shop assistant had a natural disposition or not, she looked like she didn’t be affected at all by him, she kept on urging Su Ran a bikini.

The store was quite crowded, moreover the shop assistant’s voice was getting louder and louder, originally the appearance of beautiful woman and handsome man, like Song Ting Yu and Su Ran, already sufficient to attract public attention. Because of the shop assistant of chattering and jabbering on and on, it successfully placed their attention more on Song Ting Yu and Su Ran.

Song Ting Yu’s face already reached the extreme point of gloominess, and the store manager noticed this situation, she came over hurriedly, then asked the shop assistant to hurry to the side: “Don’t listen to her nonsense, actually this mister’s vision is really good. This is the product and style that most popular in our store, it is very suitable for this Miss.”

“Boss, that conservative one how…” The shop assistant didn’t want to accept, yet the boss was glaring at her, and it scared her so she didn’t say anymore.

The store manager felt she was already crazy that she could search someone like this to be a sales assistant, this girl clearly unable to observe people’s facial expression. It was clear that this man didn’t want his woman wear too little so he chose the conservative one, yet she still insisted.

It almost made his business ruined.

“You guys want this one right?”

Song Ting Yu nodded, Su Ran smiled: “Just this one, please wrap it up.

She suddenly remembered that Song Wei Xi also didn’t bring a swimsuit, should buy a swim trunks for him, maybe he also wanted to seim.

She looked around the store, and chose one that a little swim trunk for Wei Xi. Song Ting Yu took out his wallet to pay at the cashier, the woman cashier looked at the Su Ran’s chosen swim trunks, she said surprisingly: “You are this young, and already have a kid?”

Because the incident before, all along Song Ting Yu showed people around him his cold face, so Su Ran had to responded: “Yes, he already three years old.”

“It’s good, the little kid definitely a very handsome one? Like you guys, hahaha….” The cashier settled the bill for them, and passed the plastic bag to her.

“Thank you.”

Su Ran took the plastic, and pulled the cold face Song Ting Yu to leave the swimsuit store.

On the way, she peeked to the man beside her, she really didn’t know what was he angry about, it just a little cloth material. At last she also didn’t choose to buy that swimsuit. She swayed the plastic in front of him: “At last I buy this one, you don’t look satisfied. It looks like you like the previous one, if not let me change it?”

She said it then loosen her hold of his hand, and stroke a posture of walking back to the store, yet she just stoped by him: “Just this one.”

Su Ran held his laughter: “Then are you satisfied?”

“Em.” This man was extremely awkward, he just nodded.

It was the first time, she noticed that actually this man also had the childish side, at a moment ago at the swimsuit store, he was like a not yet grow up big guy.

She shook her head helplessly, didn’t say anything, they both walked forward.

She wanted to stroll around here for a while, she was taking notes of some attractive store so that tomorrow she could visit it with Song Wei Xi.

Her gaze finally paused on certain place, she looked at Song Ting Yu, wanted to say something but then she hesitated.

Song Ting Yu said with a relaxed tone: “If you have something to talk, just say it.”

“You wait for me here for a while, I will go inside for a while.”

Su Ran pointed on the certain place, it was underwear store for woman. When she saw it, she just remembered that looked like she forgot to bring her underwear.

She was packing hurriedly before, didn’t have time to check. Although grandma helped her to check, yet she didn’t aware of it.

A man like Song Ting Yu, positively wouldn’t willing to accompany her to get inside the underwear store. Moreover, she also didn’t need him to escort her. Otherwise, she would feel awkward.

She said it and went over there, Song Ting Yu pulled her hand. He lowered his head, and said on her ear side: “36D, this time don’t buy too small again.”

“I know my own size!” Su Ran’s ears were burning hot, she struggled free from his grip, and went hurriedly inside the store.

“Really? But how could you buy the small one before?” Son Ting Yu indicated to the moment when Su Ran’s veiled button was loose. He always thought it was because her underwear was too small.

Su Ran glared at him, and ignored him

Yet Song Ting Yu just laughed lowly.

Her face was getting redder, she used her hands to pat her cheeks. In her heart, she cursed him: “Rogue!!!”

Because Song Ting Yu was waiting outside, Su Ran didn’t take a long time, in anyway these things are wearing inside, it wouldn’t be seen by anyone, so she didn’t really care about the style, just choose several match size.

The time she went out, she noticed Song Ting Yu was sitting on the railing on the front of the store with his back on her sight. Under him was the ocean, he was smoking.

He looked sexy when he was focused on looking at the scenery.

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