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"Now?" Su Ran looked at Song Wei Xi: "It's almost nine o'clock. Moreover, Wei Xi already asleep…"

"Auntie Fang will take care of him, let's go out and buy something."

Su Ran felt basically she had everything brought, no matter clothes or other daily necessities she brought it all. She also already checked Song Wei Xi's suitcase, he didn't have any lack of things, so she didn't know what things to buy when they went out.

"You didn't bring any swimsuit."

"I don't need…" Su Ran was non-swimmer, she couldn't swim, so she didn't plan to go down on the water.

Yet Song Ting Yu already pulled her out: "How could you be at Huai Hai without swimming?"

Su Ran was forced pulled by him, and placed inside the car.

This moment they sat on sports car, it was convertible car, so they could enjoy the scenery of Huai Hai conveniently.

That moment Su Ran was attracted to the beautiful scenery of the city, Huai Hai is a city that very leisure, everywhere of it was full of flower shops, coffee shops, and moreover it has a lot beautiful art. The walls around the city was full multi-colored oil painting. Every front of building would be full of flowers and plants.

Perhaps, it should be the city who whoopee, so at nine o'clock, it was completely crowded, but it wasn't as crowded as the city. The crowdedness here brought a kind of leisure, and kind of taste.

Song Ting Yu stopped the car on the driveway park area, and said to Su Ran: "Let's go take a look."

Just a moment ago, he noticed all along Su Ran was ogling the scenery here, he knew that like here.

Today she wore a green shoulder strap long skirt, and black bohemian sandal. Her hair was draped around her back. the moment she got off the car, the winds were blowing her skirt and long hair, and with her good mood, on her face appeared a distinct smile. So that moment she was really beautiful ,a so much that it could absorb people soul.

Song Ting Yu noticed it when she walked on the road side, she already absorbed some people's gaze, yet she looked as if she didn't sense it. All along she just curiously looked at the shops, look there and there.

She looked at a shop, it sold shell to make some handwork. She recalled the present that Song Wei Xi gave to her, Wei Xi gave her a wind chime from the seashells. She really loves it, so she hung it on the window.

She has interest in that craft works, so she went inside. When she about to get in, her shoulder was embraced by someone.

Her back bumped into hard solid body, she looked at Song Ting Yu's hand on her shoulder, and frowned: "What are you doing?"

Song Ting Yu's full of desire to hold her shoulders and got inside: "At night is cold, why did you wear so little?"

Is it cold?

"It's just twenty something degree, how could it be cold?"

"How could it not cold? The wind of the ocean side is big?" Song Ting Yu extended his head and pulled the shoulder strap on her shoulder, and his face looked gloomy: "Your cloth is too thin."

Su Ran was lazy to mind her, she just patted his hand: "Let me go."'

On the road, doing something like this pulling and pulling, what was it like?

Song Ting Yu didn't want to loose his hand, she said: "I want to go there to look at some seashells. I'm thirsty, you help me to buy a coconut, okay?"

The people on the road side sold a a kind of small coconuts, they will cut the thick skin directly so the buyers could drink it directly from the straw.

Song Ting Yu nodded: "Don't run around all over the place."

Su Ran struggled free from his hand, and ran into the store that she was interested. She was choosing something inside the store.

The owner of the shop was a young man, because he had live there for all the years, so his skin color was a bit dark, but it was kind of healthy dark color of skin and he had a white pair of teeth, when he smiled he looked especially handsome.

Looking at Su Ran's appearance while looking at things, he came over, "Beautiful woman, you come alone?"

Su Ran smiled, it exposed her two lovely dimples, it made the shop owner unable to shift his gaze from her.

"My products here are completely handmade, you can slowly look at it. If there's anything you like, just tell me. I will give it free for you."

Su Ran was fiddled with a little things, and startled. When she about to say something, a deep voice heard from her back: "We don't short of money."

Didn't need to turn her head, Su Ran already knew who was it. She turned her head and looked at that handsome face which was gloomier than before.

He passed the coconut to her, she extended her hand to accept it: "Thank you."

The shop owner looked like he somewhat didn't willing to give up: "Beautiful woman, this is?"

Su Ran casted a glance to Song Ting Yu, knew the reason his face looked that gloomy, so she initiatively pulled his arm: "My husband."

In a flash, that shop owner's face full of disappointment.

Song Ting Yu's corner of lips was crooked up, lowered his head to look at her: "What are you looking at? Do you want to buy something?"

"Let's bring Wei Xi then we buy it. He definitely will like it."

Su Ran loosen her grip of his hand, and nodded to the shop owner, then she exited the shop.

Looking a head for both of them figure leaving the store, the shop owner felt like his heart was really hurt, the delight woman not only married, moreover she had a kid….

Leaving the handmade shop, they both walked on the road. This time Song Ting Yu held her hand. She wanted to loosen it up, but she was helpless as it was weaker than him, so just only able to endure it.

Her other hand was holding a coconut, she felt very strenuous: "Ting Yu, if you like this, I couldn't drink the coconut."

He turned his head, and raised his eyebrow: "If not, let me feed you?"

"…" Su Ran rolled her eyes to him, and quickly finished the coconut, then threw it on the trash bin.

"There is a swimsuit store.

Song Ting Yu said it then took him to there.

Inside they had various kind of style, but majorly they provided bikini style. The sales assistant was friendly and offered a lot of styles for them. She looked at the bikini, and then Su Ran. She said: "Beautiful woman, your body is really good. Definitely you want to buy bikini to wear. That time when you go to the ocean side, you definitely will become the focus…."

She didn't finish her sentence, she just felt that someone was staring coldly at her. She was surprised and said: "This handsome, handsome man,….. Did I say something wrong?"

Song Ting Yu ignored her, and judged the inside of the swimsuit store. At last it looked like he saw something that he interested, he pointed to that swimsuit: "Please take that one for us to look."

The shop assistant went over to take it, and passed it to him. Yet she looked at it for a while, then shook her head: "Handsome man, this style is too conservative, with this beautiful and gorgeous body of the beautiful woman it should be shown off?"

Song Ting Yu raised his head to glare at her, it was colder than before, she almost wanted to cry: "All …I .. said… it's true…"

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