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The night is Cold, Why You Wear so Little (2)

"Mama, yesterday night great grandma gave me a look of several photos of Huai Hai's city, it's really beautiful…." To mention to have fun together, Song Wei Xi's both eyes were gleaming and full emotion.

"Later after breakfast, hurry up to tidy up your things." Madame Song said.

"….. Okay….."

Su Ran looked at how he eager he was to join this trip, she didn't want to see him to be in despair, and there in Huai Hai indeed is a beautiful place, it is located in the southern end. It is actually a small island, at first it belonged to another city, but after a partition, it become an individual administrative area.

Su Ran never go there, but everyone knows about the beauty of Huai Hai.

After the breakfast, Song Ting Yu had some matters to handle first so he went to the company for a while. Su Ran was in the room to pack her things up. Just a moment ago, she checked the temperature of Huai Hai City. At the morning, there is no difference in temperature, and it would be like around twenty degrees celsius.

The location in the northern of An City had entered the deep winter, yet Huai Hai still in summer time.

Su Ran took her several summer dresses and put it inside. She was rarely go faraway, so while she was packing, she kept on asking what should she bring again?

There was knocking sound from outside, she thought it was Auntie Fang, who in-charge in taking care of Song Wei Xi, so she didn't turn her head: "Get in."

Yet until that person stood in front of her, she just realized it was Chen JIng.

Chen Jing's face was so gloomy, and she was looking silently at he, Su Ran greeted her: "Ma."

"Where are you going?"

Chen Jing asked, but not waiting for her answers, she said again: "Song Ting Yu go out to Huai Hai for a business trip, why happened to you? You also want to follow him?"

Su Ran nodded: "I and Wei Xi will follow him to go together."

Chen Jing's face turned to be sourer, looked like she was enduring something. Her body that moment even shivered, at last she still didn't explode out. She just said with a low voice: "Su Ran, thing that belong don't you, it's best that you don't carried away by your wishful thinking."

Su Ran knew she was indicated to the Song Ting Yu's wife and the future mistress of Song family. She kept on saying the same thing over and over, this time she smiled: "Ma, I've never get carried away by wishful thinking for things that don't belong to me. Yet the things that already belong to me, I will firmly grasped it.

She said it then Chen Jing was angry. Does she want to declare that Song Ting Yu already belong to her?

Thinking of how pitiful Bai Zhi Rui's appearance when she cried broken-heartedly, and compare this moment Su Ran's appearance, Chen Jing's heart be even more unbalance. Yet didn't wait until she said something, Madame Song said something from outside the door: "Su Ran, are you done?"

The time Madam Song got inside and noticed Chen Jing's existence after a night of disappearance, her face was cold: "You still think to go home? I thought you will move out and live together with that opera singer?"

"Ma, I just worried that Bai Zhi Rui would have some problems, so I go there to see here…."

"You always care for her." Madame Song laughed coldly: "I've never saw you that nervous when Wei Xi had an accident. Why? Last night did she want to jump from a building to kill herself or cut her wrist?"

Chen Jing didn't expect Madame Song would say something like this, her face turned pale: "Ma, don't you say something like that…"

"Okay, you go first. I don't want to see you anymore. You just mind your business. If I didn't consider the time your Chen Family's help during our hardship, maybe twenty years ago you already not our Song family." Madame Song waved her hands, obviously she didn't willing to say something again to her.

Madame Song always dignified, so this moment Chen Jing didn't dare to say anything, she turned her body and left the room.

Su Ran knew she was angry, so she shifted her focus, and pointed on her suitcase: "Grandma, what do you think I need to bring?"

Madame Song's focus was successfully shifted by Su Ran, she went over to look at Su Ran's suitcase, and said some things that she needs to take, at last she said: "Oh right, Ran Ran, this time let Auntie Fang go with you. She always being in-charge of taking care Wei Xi and at her young age she also a nurse. With her presence with you, I will be more at ease."

This also what Su Ran thought, but before she mentioned it, Madame Song already stated it out.


They had lunch at home, at one o'clock in the afternoon, they went to the airport. This time Tang Zi Chu also followed along, he already waited at the airport.

Because Song Wei Xi didn't have his afternoon nap, so originally Su Ran was a little bit worried whether he will be tired, yet she didn't expect him to be in a good vitality.

From setting off from home to the airport, he always looked around curiously.

Thinking it was his first time since his birth to go to distant place, it also his first time to be on the airplane, it was no wonder he would be that excited.

Huai Hai was quite far from An City, it needed around four hours to arrive there.

They arrived there around seven o'clock at night.

Because it was closed to the ocean, so the wind in there was quite huge, yet didn't really cold, it just felt a bit cool and refreshing.

After getting off the airplane, there was someone who picked all of them up, and took them to have dinner first.

Possibly because he didn't have any afternoon nap, moreover to be in excited mood during on the airplane, he kept looking at the window to look at the sky and cloud so during the dinner, Song Wei Xi was tired. His little mouth was chewing while he closed his eyes.

Su Ran extended her hand to take his bowl, when she was about to wake him up, he awoke again his little mouth opened slightly: "Mama, I eat it by myself."

He said it and tried hard to open his eyes bigs, took a mouthful bite, yet after a short time, his eyes were closed again. He looked extremely cute, the whole people on the table unable to restrain a smile.

Su Ran took his rice bowl and put it on the table, she used a napkin to wipe his little mouth for a while: "Wei Xi, are you really tired?"

"Mama, I've very sleepy…"

Song Wei Xi snuggled up in her embrace, and mumbled for a while, and mucked up his little lips, and finally closed his eyes.

Because they had dinner in the same hotel as they were staying, so Su Ran carried Song Wei Xi: "You guys enjoy your dinner, I will carry him up to sleep."

Auntie Fang followed her.

After a short time they went up, Song Ting Yu also went up.

Su Ran helped Song Wei Xi to take off his shoes, used towel to wipe his little mouth, hands, foot. Every movement of her was completely soft, like she was afraid to wake him up.

She did it all by herself, basically Auntie Fang didn't meddle her.

All along Song Ting Yu was standing on the side and observed her movement. Then, Su Ran pulled the blanket to cover him up. After that he pulled Su Ran's wrist and asked: "Do you want to go out for a while?"

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