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The Night is Cold, Why You Wear This Little (1)

The window of the living room was opened, his and Chen Jing's voice during quarrel was quite loud, she definitely could hear it clearly. Yet Su Ran this woman, supposedly also would not pay attention to it.

Looking at how Song Ting Yu just stood there silently and looked at here, she startled, and passed the glass of milk on her hand to him: "Do you want to drink?"

Song Ting Yu pulled her to the dining room: "Su Ran, I'm hungry. Cook some thing for me to eat."

Tonight he practically didn't eat anything, before he just left with Tang Zi Chu. Su Ran knew about this, she placed the glass on the table, and said: "You wait for me for awhile."

She entered the kitchen, and stood in front of the refrigerator and hesitate for a moment. Because she was clueless of what Song Ting Yu likes to eat, so she just took some eggs, other ingredient, and noddle from the refrigerator.

When she was cooking, Song Ting Yu got in. She asked: "Is noodle okay?"

Song Ting Yu is not a picky eater: "Okay."

"Then you go out first and wait for me a while, it will be done soon." Su Ran doesn't use to be watch by others when she is cooking, it will let her feel awkward.

Song Ting Yu nodded, and went outside.

Su Ran felt this night of him was a bit strange. Yet when he thought about his leaving when they had dinner, she looked like she understood a bit of it.

Su Ran's movement was very quick, in a short moment, she brought out a bowl of pipping hot noodle and placed it in front of Song Ting Yu.

Song Ting Yu picked the chopsticks and started to eat. Su Ran looked at how he was eating, and sometimes used her hand to massage her temple. She said: "Are you very tired?"

Song Ting Yu put down his chopsticks, then crooked his hand to her: "Come here."

Su Ran didn't know what was happening, yet she still came over him. He grasped her hand and placed it on his temple: "Help me to massage it for a while."

"…" Su Ran massaged his temple with sufficient strength, it's just perfect, as if could undid this tightening feeling.

This moment, Song Ting Yu kept on eating, and Su Ran was standing behind him, massaging shis temple. The dining room ceiling's chandelier was turned on and full of rays of light, it hit on their body, and created a shadow.

Su Ran looked their shadow, unexpectedly it looked warm.

Yet she felt, it should be an illusion.

Between her and Song Ting Yu, where can it be warmth?

Song Ting Yu finished the noodle, put down his chopsticks, and pulled her hand to let her sit by her site; "Su Ran, do you have any question to ask me?"

"Yes, I do." Su Ran nodded, looked at him: "Is the problems solved yet?"

"It's solved."

"Then it's good." It was the answer she hoped to hear, since she already heard it, then she had nothing to ask anymore. She just stood up and tidied up the bowl an chopsticks, then she entered the kitchen to wash it.

Song Ting Yu got inside, he stood behind her, and hugged her shoulder: "Don't you want to know, who did it?"

Su Ran shrugged her shoulder, because she knew the answer, and she had said it to him and he didn't believe it. She just knew what she guessed was right.

"I know." She put down the clean bowl. She didn't use to the way Song Ting Yu hug her shoulder, so she pushed away his arms and leave the kitchen.

Didn't today's Song Ting Yu's dispirited mood already pointed out?

Su Ran brought the milk before and sat down on the bed, Song Ting Yu also went back to the room.

Song Ting Yu still looked at her as before, and after a while said: "I let her to go back to America."

Su Ran nodded, from earlier she already presumed that Song Ting Yu wouldn't do anything to Bai Zhi Rui: "It's good that it's done, later on this kind of problem will not happen again. Song family also will not facing this kind of problem, Cheng Huan also don't need…."

She said it while drinking her milk then put it down on the bedside cabinet. Suddenly she was pressed down on the bed by him. On her lips there was still trace of milk, Song Ting Yu licked it clean.

That movement was really too exotic, the time he licked it, he even more stayed on her lips, used his tongue to trace over her lips.

"You think about others, don't you ever think for yourself?"

Su Ran didn't answer his question, she turned her head over. She felt his hand groped inside her pajamas so she extended her hand to stop him.

This man really uses his action to prove his word that day.

All the time, incessantly….

"It's very late, tomorrow you will got on the afternoon three o'clock flight to Huai Hai City, are you forget?"

Every time they did it, it took a long time. Su Ran felt she couldn't take it, but this man's energy is really wonderful, no matter how late he sleep, the next morning he would get up like usual.

"Right." Song Ting Yu released her, and turned his body to lay down on the bed: "Have you sorted the things?"

"Your things were already sorted by Auntie Fang."

"I said yours."

Su Ran raised from the bed: "You are the one who go, what is the relation to me?"

Song Ting Yu used his hand to support his head and inclined his body to look at her: "You and Wei Xi go together with me."

The morning Su Ran woke up she noticed her suitcase was placed inside the room on the carpet. Song Ting Yu was changing his clothes, obviously, he was the one who put this one out.

He said from inside: "Prepare your things for a week, including clothes and necessities."

She remembered last night she had rejected the idea of going together with him to the Huai Hai…

She didn't mind him, and placed her suitcase back on the cabinet, then went downstair.

In the dining room, except Chen Jing, everyone was present even Gu Dong Cheng, these days he always went back every morning to have breakfast with grandma.

"Grandma, Pa, Bro Dong Cheng."

Su Ran greeted all of them, and sat on the side. Madame Song turned her head to look at her: "Ran Ran, have you tidied your things?"

Su Ran didn't respond: "What things?"

Song Wei Xi spoke out, he looked very especially happy today: "Going together with Papa to Huai Hai, Mama, Papa didn't say it to you? He said this afternoon will take me out to play…"

"Papa is going for work."

"Who say going to business trip couldn't bring wife and kid? Moreover, on side working also can on the other have fun. Wei Xi wants to go. Ran Ran, you just bring him together with Ting Yu. Huai Hai is different from An City, it has a good weather now. It's okay to wear sleeveless clothes. Wei Xi also like ocean, just take him to stroll around, just see it as holiday…." All along Madame Song always think that Wei Xi shouldn't be at home all the time. Even though he is sick, yet he should go out and have fun. She thought if people had a good mood, it will help their illness to get better faster.

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