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Perhaps your Marriage Partner will be Lin Cheng Huan (2)

The time she returned to her seat, Lin Cheng Huan noticed she went for the restroom for a quite long time, he just about to bring Song Wei Xi to look for her.

"Ran Ran, are you okay?"

"I'm okay." Su Ran smiled, and carried Song Wei Xi: "Let's go."

To avoid the problem arose if Song Wei Xi see Bai Zhi Rui.

This time Lin Cheng Huan's return was originally for Song Wei Xi, looking at his recovery was well, and already discharged from he hospital, so he needed to go abroad again.

Song Wei Xi, this little boy of course was especially closed to Lin Cheng Huan, because they were both so close since Song Wei Xi was a little baby, so this time he wanted to personally send him off to the airport.

At first Su Ran didn't want to take him to the crowded place, she worried that he would had some incident, yet she was helpless because this little boy was too stubborn, and nagged to go.

She was forced to bring him.

Song Wei Xi was really broken-hearted to be separated with Lin Cheng Huan, he hugged his neck and didn't want to let go: "Uncle Lin, you will back on Chinese New Year right?"

It was not long time until Chinese New Year to come, Song Wei Xi expected him to be back during it, so he could meet him again.

"I will be back." Lin Cheng Huan stroked his little head, and extended his hand to do pinky promise with him: "Uncle Lin promise you, during Chinese New Year I will be back. Moreover, I will bring present for you."

"Thank you, Uncle Lin." Song Wei Xi was really happy, his face was glowing.

Lin Cheng Huan, then looked at Su Ran: "Ran Ran, come here for a while, I have something to say to you."

Tian Mi pulled Song Wei Xi over to the other side: "Go, I will take care of Song Wei Xi."

Su Ran nodded, and followed Lin Cheng Huan to the other side, then looked at him: "Cheng Huan, what's the matter?"

Lin Cheng Huan passed her a box. She had noticed it before, but she didn't really mind it, yet she didn't expect it for her.

"This is?" Su Ran was puzzled.

She just about to open the box, but Lin Cheng Huan stopped her: "This is your birthday gift, although already passed by a few weeks, yet I hope it's not too late. Open it when you are home."

Su Ran smiled: "Okay, thank you."

"Foolish girl, what are you doing by saying this." Lin Cheng Huan stroked her forehead for a while like he used to do, that he called her name again: "Ran Ran."


Su Ran felt Lin Cheng Huan was somewhat strange today, as if he had something to say to here, yet didn't know how to say it.

"Cheng Huan, if you had something, just talk about it.

Lin Cheng Huan's gazed fell on her little face: "How is your relationship with Song Ting Yu recently?"

Su Ran startled, between her and Song Ting Yu, Tian Mi knew her clearly, she believed Tian Mi already told him everything.

"It still like that."

"You are still waiting until Wei Xi recovers from his illness then you will divorce him?"

When Song Ting Yu returned from abroad, they had discussed in regard to this matter, so there would be no changes.

Su Ran said it then smiled which let him to feel relieved: "Cheng Huan, don't you worry about me and Wei Xi, our problem…."

Lin Cheng Huan nodded, and after a while said: "Actually this time my mom is rushing me to go to America, she wants me to meet a person."

When he said that, he fixed on her little face because he wanted to know her expression.

"What person?"

"The youngest daughter from Xie family."

Su Ran knew this person: "The one that is studying in America? Is she Xie Ling Yun?

Lin Cheng Huan nodded: "My Ma felt that I am not young anymore. She wants me to get marry as soon as possible," He paused: "Ran Ran, how do you feel?"

Su Ran startled for a while, inside her heart appeared a faint thinking. Actually she is bright woman, how could she didn't notice Lin Cheng Huan's intention of saying this in front of her?

He just probed her intention, wanted to see her reaction.

Su Ran knew this moment what should she respond: Xie Ling Yu is a good one, she has talents and beauty. I feel you both will be compatible for each other. You guys need to get marry quickly and have a kid. That way Auntie will be relieved."

Lin Cheng Huan laughed bitterly: "Ran Ran…."

Su Ran pointed out to safety check-in channel: "It is almost the time, you should get in." He already got his boarding passed, before they had called his flight.

Actually from earlier, he knew that Su Ran would show this kind of reaction, yet Lin Cheng Huan still wanted to be sure.

After Lin Cheng Huan checked-in, Tian Mi drove the car to send both mother and son home. She stared at the box on Su Ran's hold: "What is that?"

"Lin Cheng Huan said it was my belated birthday's present."

Tian Mi was silent for a moment: "Actually Ran Ran, you are very smart. You shouldn't not know that toward you Lin Cheng Huan…."

"Tian MI." Su Ran cut her off: "I don't want to hear these."

Tian Mi shrugged her shoulder, and somewhat helpless: "Look at you, every time I mention this thing to you, you will respond like this. Anyway for not a long time, you will be divorced with Song Ting Yu, so, why couldn't you be together with him…."

"Cheng Huan is my elder brother…."

"It just your own wishful thinking." Tian Mi hit the nail on the head: "In Lin Cheng Huan's heart, I supposedly he never regards you as his little sister. If that year not because your father's selfish act, now maybe your marriage partner will be Lin Cheng Huan. You both will live happily, and you also don't need to receive these wrongful treatment…."

"Alright, don't say these anymore…." Su Ran felt her head was very dizzy, she looked at the backseat. It's good that Song Wei Xi already fell sleep on his carseat. She also leaned back on her seat and closed her eyes, obviously she didn't want to talk to Tian Mi about these matter.

At night.

From Song Wei Xi's room, Su Ran got back to her room. She looked a the box that she placed before on the sofa. She just remembered that she hadn't opened the present from Lin Cheng Huan.

She untied the bow, and opened the box.

Inside it was a photo.

It was her photo when she was ten years old.

She knew Lin Cheng Huan when she was ten years old, yet she didn't know how could he have this photo her, and when it was taken.

She was on the room practicing to play cello. That time she felt herself to be really stupid because forever she never achieve Qiao Qing's standard of music. So she always hid on the room to practice, yet she never really satisfied Qiao Qing.

Lin Cheng Huan is three years older than her. She still remembered his appearance that day, he was wearing a white shirt and appeared on her window. His smile so warm that it could melt a winter. He passed her a slice of cake and said to her: "Happy birthday."

Previously, she never had anyone say that two words to her. Every time, she was the only one who said it to herself.

This photo probably was taken secretly by Lin Cheng Huan, he placed it on the beautiful photo frame, and presented to her.

Su Ran felt a bit moved and touched. She used her hand to touch herself on the photo

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