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Perhaps The One that You Should Married was Lin Cheng Huan (1)

Su Ran knew herself couldn't face him, if not she wouldn't be confused how to place her gaze, so she simply pulled the blanket to cover her head and said: "I want to sleep."

Song Ting Yu pushed away the blanket, and showed his dangerous smile: "The routine tasks haven't done, what sleeping are you going to do?"

Once again Song Ting Yu broke his promise, Bai Zhi Rui also didn't willing to stay at home, so she asked a few of her friends of debutante to stroll around together.

When a woman was in a bad mood, shopping is really useful.

Song Ting Yu never treated her unfairly in regarding her spending, during their time in America, she possessed his secondary credit card, basically she could spend it how she like, Song Ting Yu never would ask her anything about it.

And this time return, he also probably felt in his heart that he was somewhat unfair to her, so he would once again give her a chard.

But except spending the money, after she was discharged for this short period, he basically didn't appear in front her. Sometimes even he came over, he would only have dinner with her, he never stayed together with her.

Bai Zhi Rui was getting more and more anxious, she felt she should do something to put this situation to get worse.

Today she and few of her debutante friends were strolling all over An City large scale shopping center, she bought a lot. Originally she felt her mood was getting better, yet then she noticed again, she felt a bit gloomy.

They looked for a place to eat, she also didn't have any appetite. When her friends were talking with her, she just from time to time replied in short sentence.

She was bored to death and looked ahead, suddenly her gaze paused.

"What are you looking at?"

Bai Zhi Rui pointed out to a table that was not far from her: "That is Su Ran right?"

Her friends followed her pointer, and said with a mocking tone: "That is not Su Ran. You should be really clear, a woman toward her love rival is most sensitive."

This moment Su Ran was taking Song Wei Xi to have a meal with Lin Cheng Huan, they were talking and laughing. They really look that they were in a good mood.

Bai Zhi Rui knew Lin Cheng Huan, priorly she never saw him in the photo, she just remembered him for their encounter in the hospital. That time she already recognized something fishy, yet she didn't dig deeper.

"Is this Lin Cheng Huan has any girlfriend?"

"Should be not." Her friends laughed: "He is the most popular self-restraint man, he is good at avoiding rumor and gossip. In this middle of the city, a lot of women want to be his marriage partner, yet these years, he never had any woman beside him. Except Su Ran, and another short-hair woman. She seems to be also in a good relation with Su Ran. Just recently at Wan Da City still saw four of them together, also didn't now how now it is only three of them…"

Her friend chatted continuously, Bai Zhi Rui didn't say anything. All along her gaze was fixed on Su Ran. On her hold was a wine glass, she didn't drink it. Didn't really know what her intention.
She suddenly placed down the glasses: "I will go to the bathroom for a while."

Then she left hurriedly, when she passed the corridor, she ran into Su Ran who just out from the restroom. She smiled toward her approaching: "What a coincidental, Ms Su."

Su Ran really didn't know what should she look when she faced her. If she could, she hope she forever didn't interact with this woman. It's not because she afraid of her, but she was really didn't like to waste her mood and energy in her body.

If only she didn't appear in front of her, it was okay for her to do anything with Song Ting Yu. It was unrelated to her.

"I'm afraid it is not a coincidental? I'm afraid Ms Bai is following me?"

Just a moment when their incidental meeting, Bai Zhi Rui didn't show any shocking expression, so Su Ran could conclude clearly that Bai Zhi Rui knew that she was in the restroom so she followed her.

Bai Zhi Rui used her hand to wipe the hair from her face. She leant on the wall, and took out a lady cigarette case from her pocket. She ignited one cigarette and put it on he mouth, then she turned her head to see Su Ran: "Right, I just follow you here."

"Ms Bai put some effort to follow me here, what is your problem?"

Bai Zhi Rui spread her both arms: "I have nothing, I just want to chat with you. Because by chatting with you, I just be able to imagine the scene where I laid on the pool of the blood. Do you know what was my feeling when I knew that I lost my child? It was as if your vital part were being stripped forcefully, it was really painful…."

Su Ran frowned: "You don't need to say these in front of me. The matter of that day, you and I both know it really clear."

She didn't any mood to deal with her, she said it without any expression, then turned her body to leave.

Yet Bai Zhi Rui used one of her hand to pulled Su Ran's arm. Don't know how the cigarette from Bai Zhi Rui's hand was fell down to her hand, it burnt her clothes, and injured rapidly to her hands.

She felt the pain, then her other hand slapped Bai Zhi Rui.

She didn't think she did it unintentionally, instead, she did it on purpose.

Bai Zhi Rui didn't expect her to respond quickly, she was drizzled. Then, she used her hand to cover her side of face that was slapped by Su Ran: "Su Ran, you….!"

Of course she didn't willing to accept it, so she slapped her back. But Su Ran was ready, she blocked her hand by her own hand. Today they both wore a flat shoes, they were in the same height.

Su Ran gripped her wrist forcefully, and with her cold face, she said to her: "If you have any skill that you continue to be in fight with me. This is public place, there will be a lot of eyes to see. I don't care about it as I already had quite bad reputation, but you Ms Bai, in history is the most youngest female superstars, you had a good reputation then me. You are regarded as holy and noble in everyone's eyes, how, you want to ruin your reputation?"

Indeed, in most people's eyes, Su Ran was the third-party, yet Bai Zhi Rui was the most innocent and pathetic woman.

When this woman started her career, her image was created and set up on high like a goddess. Everyone was admiring her beauty and her title of female superstar. It also proved herself to be not an empty image of just being pretty.

Su Ran knew that before she just lost her rational, she still very careful about her image. After all, it was benefit to have that image.

At the very least now she got a complete sympathy.

She pushed away her hand.

She said something with bitterness: "Su Ran, if not Song Wei Xi's sudden appearance, would I lose my child? I tell you, I will always remember this pain, in the future, I will make you have this kind of pain too!"

Su Ran didn't have any mood to care about her words, she was going back to her place, and folded her sleeve. She saw a little red mark on her arm. She frowned and simply put it the sleeve back to cover it.

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