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How Could You be So Clumsy (3)

No need to think, just by smelling this scent, she could easily identify whose coat was this.

It was too familiar, except Song Ting Yu, whose will it be?

She pulled away the coat from her body and threw it on the sofa. She wore her shoes and went over toward Song Wei Xi's bedside, and noticed he was not yet awake.

And outside the sun was shinning so brightly.

In this sickroom now there were only her and Song Wei Xi, as for Song Ting Yu whereabout, Su Ran didn't really have any interest to know. Perhaps Bai Zhi Rui had some problems, so he went there. Anyway, in his heart, Bai Zhi Rui is the most important, how could he let her have any problems?

Su Ran just about to pull a chair to sit down to accompany Song Wei Xi, suddenly the door was opened from outside.

The one entered was Song Ting Yu.

He already looked at the awake Su Ran and startled for awhile, it was obvious he thought that she would sleep a little bit longer.

Song Ting Yu was carrying a several plastic bags, the time he entered, he closed the door quietly. He placed the plastic bags on the coffee table, and put out the things out.

It was breakfast foods.

"Since you are awake, come here and have some breakfast."

Su Ran looked toward the table, and noticed it was her favorite breakfast from her favorite restaurant. She couldn't refrain herself to be startled for a while. How could a Song Ting Yu know her favorite?"

She suddenly remembered, when the last time she was hit by Qiao Qing, Lin Cheng Huan bought this breakfast dishes for her, and Song Ting Yu was also there.

So, is this incidental or….

He especially went there to buy it?

Actually she was more willing to think this as coincidental, despite this restaurant was really far from the hospital, it was in different areas and directions. One was in the southern part of the city, and the other one is at the north of the city.

But Su Ran didn't want to think too much, because every time she thought a lot, it would be disappointing.

Noticing that she was not coming toward the table, Song Ting Yu put down the things on his hand and moved toward her to pull her toward the table: "You haven't eat anything for a long time, your health is very weak."

Su Ran was quite disgusted with his action of holding her hand, so she turned her wrist for a while and shook away his hand: "Let me do it by myself."

She was very clearly even if she didn't have any appetite, yet she should eat something to supplement her health for a while.

She went to the bathroom to wash her hands and face, when she was out of the restroom, Song Ting Yu was done served out the steamed stuffed bun and porridge on the table.

It was a still pipping hot porridge, but as the distance was very far, and the temperature outside was below zero, so she hardly imagined, how fast he was in driving his car.

During this hour, that breakfast restaurant will be so crowded, especially during the weekend, because they are serving delicious dishes in the economical price. Usually people need to line up first before enjoying the breakfast or take out.

Today is the weekend.

No matter Song Ting Yu was doing this because of coincidental or with special intention, but he couldn't the fate to line up.

Possibly because he had stayed outside for quite some time, so now his body still brought some chillness, Su Ran could feel it when she sat down beside him.

She was silent, her eyes was glancing toward his forehead.

She knew he was in the accident when he was on his way toward the hospital that he had an injury on his forehead. It looked it hadn't been treated well, so there was still trace of dried blood on it.

He still wore the same black shirt as yesterday, it was somewhat wrinkled. This moment of him, was really different to the half himself that was cold and luxurious self.

Yet she just pursed her lips, and didn't say anything.

Su Ran took back her gaze, suddenly Song Ting Yu also raised his eyes, and their gaze met across each other.

She was somewhat panicky, and shifted her gaze. She pretended to not gazing of him, but she actually knew that it was obviously recognizable.

She started to lower her head to eat the porridge, and didn't raise her head again.

"Su Ran." Song Ting Yu called her.

Her movement stopped, yet she didn't say anything.

"Let's chat about Song Wei Xi's matter."

Su Ran raised her head, when she about to say something, the door was opened. Lu Zhan, who was wearing a white doctor robe, went inside.

He went to see them, and smiled: "You both enjoy your meal, I just come to look at Wei Xi."

Lu Zhan is a surgeon, so basically he was very busy. Now when he had some free time, he especially came to see Song Wei Xi. He visited him for a while, and wanted to leave. But when he was about to go out, he remembered that he forget something. So he went back inside and gave a bag of medicine and put it in the coffee table.

He pointed out to Song Ting Yu's forehead injury: "Before Auntie Chen called me let me help you handle the injury. But now since there is Su Ran, just let Su Ran help you to treat it. It just a simple injury, not complicated. In a while, I will have a surgery, I will go first."

He then blinked at Su Ran, then left.

After Lu Zhan's leave, the sickroom was silent, the atmosphere was very strange. Both of them didn't say anything.

Song Ting Yu extended his hand to take the bag medicine from Lu Zhan, inside it was a bandage, liquid disinfectant, and cotton.

He used his hand to touch the injury, and wrinkled his eyebrow. He unscrewed the bottle, and used it to moisten the cotton. When he was about to touch it, Su Ran extended her hand to take the cotton from his hand: "Let me."

Then she just raised up and went to the restroom to wash her hand, and wiped it with the tower. She went over Song Ting Yu and stood in front of him, she used the towel first to wipe the blood trace on his forehead.

Because it was left untreated for a night, it was somewhat difficult to wipe it clean, she added more strength to wipe it, yet carelessly touched the injury. The originally dried wound started to flow some blood out.

Su Ran noticed it, and felt terrible: "Sorry."

"Just casually treat it, it's okay just stick a bandage on it." Yet at this moment Song Ting Yu just held to her slender and white wrist.

He still concerned about the matter of Song Wei Xi.

After all, taking advantage of unconscious Wei Xi, it was better to be settle their problem during this time .

Su Ran nodded, she used the disinfectant to wipe it for a while. Then tore a bandage and stick it on the injury.


Then she noticed her distance to Song Ting Yu, they were really closed that they could feel each other's breath.

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