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The One Who Papa Care is That Auntie (2)

Chen Jing hadn't finished her sentence, she was immediately cut off by Madame Song. Madame Song's cold eyes looked at Chen Jing: "Why? I observed you keep on protecting that opera singer. Those who doesn't know may thought that opera singer is your real daughter!"

Hearing that, Chen Jing's beautiful face immediately transformed into sour, she turned her head to look at Song Ming Xuan.

Both husband and wife looked at each other for a while.

Madame Song pointed to Chen Jing: "I know you all think that Bai Zhi Rui was pushed by Ran Ran, ridiculous. It was clearly that opera singer was fell down because her carelessness, yet now she blamed and tarnished other…"

"Ma, you can't said like that…." Chen Jing cried out in surprise.

"Could it be I am wrong?" Madame Song cast sidelong glance to her: "The bar had CCTV. I already told someone to take the record and bring back. Now in the situation, you will know the truth! I don't believe even for a second that Ran Ran will initiatively pushed him, moreover Wei Xi!"

"Ma, it was also not possible that Zhi Rui fell down by herself? She knew clearly that she was pregnant, could it be it was her intention to fall down?!"

"Of course she would not be that stupid that she jumped from the top flower. It was not easy for her to conceive a child. How can she willingly torment it?" Madame Song laughed coldly for a few time?" Madame Song laughed coldly for a few minutes: "She only didn't expect that she will accidentally fall down. That opera singer was full of hatred, she was not careful that she even lost her kid. She naturally will not wiling to admit it, so she blamed on Ran Ran's body."

"Ma, you couldn't say something like that. Zhi Rui was pregnant with our Song Family's child…"

"Don't say she doesn't have the kid know, even she gave birth of it, I will also not admit the kid that she delivered…" Madame Song looked askance at Chen Jing, with her voice full of warning, she said: "I tell you, next time do not mention about that opera singer in front of me. If you really care about me, then you just leave this house, move and live with that opera singer together, how about it?"

Chen Jing immediately lowered her head and said nothing.

Madame Song also ignored her, she just looked toward Song Ming Xuan, and instructed him: "You go and call Song Ting Yu, let him go home for a while."

Song Ming Xuan nodded his head, and went outside to make the call.

Su Ran knew that Madame Song's action at this moment of call back Song Ting Yu, will resulted in bad situation, maybe there will be a explosive war.

She felt a bit dizzy.

She knew that Madame Song did like this, majorly for her.

She felt that Su Ran was wronged, also felt that Song Ting Yu treated her coldly.

Yet Su Ran felt unnecessary to do something like this, because she and Song Ting Yu was together, just because Song Wei Xi, to state it bluntly, they even couldn't regard as husband and wife.

Yet she, will not let herself to hold any delusion toward him.

Don't know how Song Ming Xuan urged Song Ting Yu to be back, but he was quickly backed at home.

Looking that everyone was all altogether, sat down at the living room, as if everyone was waiting for him.

He also probably could guess what they wanted to do.

His cold eyes swept pass Su Ran's side, but he kept silent.

He pace forward to the living room, Madame Song raised her eyes to look at him: "If not your father didn't call you, do you plan to never go back home again? Will it be like that previous four years, that you abandon your wife and kids, just for that opera singer?"

Regarding that Madame Song's way of addressing Bai Zhi Rui, Song Ting Yu always didn't feel satisfied, hearing it he was extremely provoked: "Grandma, I said it one more time. Bai Zhi Rui has her own name, please respect her."

"Respect her?" Madame Song looked like she was hearing a joke: "If she wanted to get respect, that at first she need to respect herself for a while! If she is not opera singer, then what is she? Not only performed on the TV screen, even her own private life full of drama. Her acting and performing skills were really awesome. It is a pity that she withdrew entertainment circle!"

Yet he obviously didn't have any patience to listen to her words, so he prepared to leave: "If grandma call me back just to say these things. Then sorry, I'm very busy, I'm not interested in hearing this thing."

Madame Song looked toward the tall figure of him, she was so angry and shivering, she ruthlessly slapped the coffee table: "Song Ting Yu, don't you know clearly who is your wife? Since you had married Ran Ran back, then you should be responsible toward her, she is your legal wife!"

Song Ting Yu paused his step, turned his body, and pointed to her: "If I didn't remember wrongly, Su Ran is you who forced me to married? So to say it precisely, Su Ran should be regarded as you who marry her."

"Bastard, what nonsense are you talking about? still not immediately come back here!" Song Ming Xuan noticed Madame Song and Su Ran's face was getting more and more paled, he worried that something bad will happen, so he immediately said something.

Although Song Ting Yu didn't say anything again, yet he still didn't go back.

Song Ming Xuan's face full of anger, this moment, if not Chen Jing's grip, he will immediately hit Song Ting Yu!

This conversation was getting more and more intense, and Song Ting Yu also didn't plan to leave. Madame Song said ruthlessly: "Song Ting Yu, if today you dare to leave this house for that opera house, then in the future you shouldn't back again. Our Song family will not your kind of grandson!"

"Ma…" Chen Jing and Song Ming Xuan all turned their head to Madame Song with unbelievable expression. This sentence was too severe, absolutely didn't expect Madame Song will say something like this. Even if four years in the past, when Song Ting Yu was disturbed awfully, Madame Song also didn't say anything.

Moreover, they all really understood, if Madame Song could say something like that, she would definitely do it.

If Song Ting Yu decided to bravely leave this Song house, then he will really not able to go back.

Despite of always thinking of Bai Zhi Rui, Chen Jing also felt a bit afraid: "Ting Yu, you go back here first, say it calmly."

But Song Ting Yu just paused his step, yet didn't turn his body.

He most hated someone coerced him, even if it was Madame Song also cannot.

He laughed coldly, and went outside.

Madame Song was so angry that she stay still on the sofa, her face was so paled, her body started to shiver: "This bastard unexpectedly had guts to do something like this for Bai Zhi Rui…"

Su Ran worried that Madame Song will fainted once gain, so she hurriedly used her hand to pat Madame Song's back: "Grandma, don't be like this…"

"He is really a disappointment…."

At first Madame Song was muttering by herself, yet this moment she stopped, she raised her head, and looked at one side, her face turned surprised.

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