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There Will be No More (1)

The reason why Su Ran decided to leave with her, probably because she knew that she was the doctor at the hospital, and she positively didn't have any bad intention.

Because on her body, she didn't have and bring anything.

"But your legs looked like it was frostbitten, here I don't have any ointments. Remember tomorrow to buy some and smear on it." Jiang Ying looked at Su Ran's both legs, bright red.

Really unimaginable, in this cold winter, she unexpectedly would wear this few clothes, even she didn't wear any shoes.

Jiang Ying just finished her sentences, the door was knocked. She startled for a while, this late who will come?

Although she was confused, yet she still put down the chopstick on her hand, raised her body and opened the door.

Because it was too late, she also didn't directly open the door, she peeped from the door first.

It was tall man, although he was very good-looking, yet his face was gloomy.

She didn't know him, Jiang Ying didn't plan to open the door. When she about to go back to the table and ignored, the door was knocked again for several time. This time, that man said: "Su Ran, open the door."

Hearing Su Ran's name, Jiang Ying hesitated for a moment, but still opened the door: "Mister, you look for Ms Su?"

"Where is she?"

Su Ran, who was in dining room, heard that familiar voice, she was alarmed that her chopsticks fell down from her grip.

If it wasn't Song Ting Yu, who would appear here?

She just didn't expect, how can he find her? Moreover, what are he looking for her for?"

Was it possible that Bai Zhi Rui is in critical condition?

Thinking of this, her brow tightly frowned, she just stayed silent and just looked at Song Ting Yu who was pacing to her. Finally he stopped in front of her, he caught of sight of the bowl of noodle on the table: "Finish the noodle, go home with me."

Su Ran was laughing coldly inside her heard, supposedly Bai Zhi Rui really had something wrong, so he even looked for her.

Jiang Ying closed the door and went back to dining room, she felt the atmosphere was extremely strange. She looked at both of them, but also couldn't identify what was the situation now, yet she could notice, this two was not in shallow relation.

Su Ran purposely ate the noodle very very slow, she thought Song Ting Yu will get angry or without saying anything he will pull her, after all, Bai Zhi Rui was so important to him?

However Song Ting Yu didn't do any of that, he stood on the side and waited for her to finish it.

Su Ran looked at Song Ting Yu's appearance, he seemed to express that if she unwilling to leave then he will also leave here…". She couldn't disturb and trouble Jiang Ying, so she finished the door, put down the chopstick, and said: "Doctor Jiang, I will go first."

"O…. Okay." Jiang Ying still guessed their relation, she nodded, and remembered a thing: "Remember to buy the frostbite ointment, your legs were frostbitten."


Su Ran could felt Song Ting Yu's eyes on her legs when Jiang Ying said that sentence.

This moment on her body was Jiang Ying's clothes and shoes, she followed Song Ting Yu to go down.

His car was stopped downstairs, she opened the door and got inside, she leaned on the seat and closed her eyes.

Anyway when they arrived at the hospital, Song Ting Yu would wake her up, so now she would simply sleep.

She felt really tired, and felt being together with this man in this narrow space had some inability to breath.

Song Ting Yu drove the car back to Song house, Su Ran was probably so tired, that she didn't wake up when they arrived.

He opened the backseat door, and extended his hand and about to wake her up. However when he placed his hand on her shoulder, he stopped for moment, he took an opportunity to carry her toward the room.

In the house, because of worry about Su Ran, Madame Song just like before stayed on the living room to wait for the news. When she saw Su Ran, she just be relieved. At first she wanted to say few word to Song Ting Yu, however looking at the sleepy Su Ran, and didn't want to wake her up, she just only drop the subject first.

Song Ting Yu carried Su Ran to the upstair bedroom, placed her on the bed, helped her to take off her shoes, and changed into her pajamas.

She slept very heavy, so during the process, she didn't wake up.

The time he helped to cover Su Ran with blanket, he caught a sight of her snow skin legs was turned into bright red because of the frostbite, even now it seemed it was not back to warm, it still ice-cold.

His eyes were muddled, he used his hand to touch her both legs for a while, then went downstair to take the medical-kit box.

Song house medical-kit box was full of any kind of medicine, naturally, it also had frostbite ointment. He put down her legs, and cautiously smear the ointment.

This time, Su Ran actually slowly awake, also knew Song TIng Yu was helping her treat the frostbite. Yet she didn't open her eyes, didn't do any action.

Because she didn't want to face this man.

Until Song Ting Yu released her legs, and tidy up the medical-kit box. He took his clothes to the bathroom to take a bath. She slowly opened her eyes, and glared to the ceiling.

She felt, this life time she could't really think and understand clearly what was Song Ting Yu's way of thinking.

She would rather he to be like in the past estranged and apathetic toward her, paid no attention, or mocked and ridiculed also is good, and not be like this, sometimes he would show a bit of care toward her.

Her tolerance was not good, so she couldn't accept his sometimes so-what caring.

She closed her eyes, yet noticed that she didn't have any sleepiness.

She tossed from side to side that long, the sky gradually became bright.

The phone on the bedside cabinet was vibrated.

This time she knew it was Song Ting Yu's phone, so she didn't move.

The phone kept on ringing, Song Ting Yu went out of the bathroom, and answer the phone: "Ma, what happened to Zhi Rui?

Bai Zhi Rui was faintly awake.

When she opened her eyes, she was looked at something white. Her thought was stopped for a moment, but very quick she regained her sight and conscious, then she remembered what happened to her.

She suddenly raised from her bed, used her hand to press her underbelly, she felt intense pain.

So, it was not a dream.

It was a reality.

She was pregnant, you still didn't know the situation now, but her child was gone.

It came and went so fast!

She touched her empty stomach, this moment suddenly cried.

Originally, Chen Jing was sleeping on the side, because she thought she will awake quickly. But she didn't expect to hear cry, she was shocked and sobered up, and even busily went toward Bai Zhi Rui's bed: "Zhi Rui, what happened? Is there anything wrong?"

"My kid was gone? Is it true?" Bai Zhi Rui caught Chen Jing's hand, her red eyes glared at her.

Chen Jing's heart immediately sad, she busily patted her hand, comforted her: "Zhi Rui, it's okay. You and Ting Yu all are still young. You both will have the kids in the future, so don't cry, really, very quickly you will have it again…."

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