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Song Ting Yu, You don't deserve to be Song Wei Xi's Papa(3)

Worried that the dress would slide, this moment Su Ran didn't dare too excessively used her strength to struggle.

Yet Song Ting Yu seemed to be ignoring her, only carried her downstairs.

Their both struggling noises let everyone to wake up included Madame Song. She opened her room's door then went out. She looked at how Su Ran's appearance with her not in order clothes, and Song Ting Yu was carrying her.

"Song Ting Yu, what are you doing?" Madame Song was angry: "Hurry let Ran Ran down."

Madame Song looked at her unable to help Su Ran, so she instructed the maid: "You guys don't stop him?"

Several maids went forward, but was intimidated with Song Ting Yu's cold glare: "Go away!"

Su Ran still was put inside the car by Song Ting Yu, moreover, once they were inside, he immediately locked the door.

Even though Madame Song brought several people to run out, at last still they couldn't do anything, only could look at his car moved away.

Su Ran was so in pity situation as she didn't wear any shoes, and except her underwear, she was covered by thin material of dress.

This moment her whole body was shivering. She was thinking if there was something in her hand, without hesitation, she would smashed it onto his head!

Song Ting Yu completely ignored her, and drove carefully."

The car moved speedily.

Su Ran looked at her dress, luckily during the struggle, it didn't tear. If it was tear, when they were in the hospital, with his ignorance, she will be really embarassed that everyone may have a full view of her body.

She didn't utter any words.

Via the rear view mirror, she could see clearly her chaotic and disorder appearance.

She laughed for herself, also thought, how can she still be laughing?

Arriving at the hospital, Song Ting Yu didn't even park the car in the carpark. He just stopped on the side, and opened the back door and pulled Su Ran out.

Of course Su Ran didn't comply, but her strength was incomparable with his!

She didn't willing to go, so he carried her to operation room.

When they were in the elevator, he put her down. She directly drew back until the corner, and took precautions for the man in front of her.

The elevator had an air condition, deep winter, and moreover it was late night, yet Su Ran didn't wear any shoes and only had thin dress on her.

She already could felt the chillness covered whole body.

She couldn't help but to shiver, and moreover she sneezed.

Finally Song Ting Yu raised his head to look at her, and extended his hand to pull her to his side.

Su Ran unconsciously struggle, yet he tightly gripped her hand. He didn't ay anything, just tightly wrapped her wrist.

They both wore only few clothes, on his body except that shirt, didn't have any kind of warm clothing.

Although when he leaned forward, his temperature let her to be slightly warm, yet she loathe his grip and embrace, so she tried to push him.

"Song Ting Yu, don't be insincerely courteous, I will not give transfusion for Bai Zhi Rui!"

Song Ting Yu appeared to be provoked that he pressed her toward the corner and said: "You don't have a choice."

When he was done with his word, the elevator's door was open, they arrived to their destination.

He pointed out toward the open elevator's door: "If you want to look something bad happen to Song Wei Xi, then you can hurriedly leave."

Su Ran was stiffed, and looked at Song Ting Yu disbelievingly.

That moment, she thought she heard wrong.

Yet she knew she didn't.

She heard it clearly.

Song Ting Yu used Song Wei Xi's life to threaten her.

She felt her whole body shivered, but not due to the cold weather but because from her heart.

When she was not yet responding, her hands already moved. She ferociously slapped Song Ting Yu's face.

"Song Ting Yu's you didn't deserve to be Song Wei Xi's papa!"

She done it, then went out of the elevator. Yet she didn't leave and just followed him toward the operation room.

She didn't have any choice.

For Bai Zhi Rui, Song Ting Yu could say something like that, what else could she do?

She actually wanted to see if Bai Zhi Rui is dead, will he let them to follow to, but she couldn't bet on Song Wei Xi's life.

Because Song Wei Xi is her life.

Chen Jing indeed looked as if she was expecting Su Ran, she kept watch outside the operation room, she looked like anxious and worried.

When looked at Su Ran, she was so emotional and pointed to her: "Ting Yu, what time is it? Why did you bring her here? Don't you forget now Zhi Rui has lost your child, all because of her."

Song Ting Yu pursed his lips: "She is B blood type."

In flash Chen Jing looked hopeful, and looked toward the doctor: "Doctor, hurry, take her to do transfusion to help her."

The doctor instructed the nurse to take Su Ran to go to transfusion room. Su Ran followed, the time she laid down on the bed, probably because her attire was too strange, so the nurse glanced to her for several time.

Su Ran felt her was so heavy, but she ignored it.

"It will be a little hurt, please bear with it."

Su Ran didn't say anything, closed her eyes, and felt the sharp syringe plucked into her skin.

She felt her head more and more dizzy, hurt, also didn't know whether is finished or not. She closed her eyes and slept.

When she was awake, looked at her surrounding. She noticed herself to be already not in the transfusion room, but just a sickroom, on her body was covered with a big coat.

She didn't know how she ended up here, and didn't know whose coat is sit, but the sky outside was still very dark.

She threw the coat away, and raised up from the bed.

This time the door was opened.

She looked ahead, it were Song Ting Yu and his assistant, Tang Zi Chu.

Song Ting Yu looked at her for a while, and didn't say nothing.

Su Ran knew, his coming to here meant that Bai Zhi Rui was already passed the critical moment. So it meant that she, the blood bank, was not needed anymore.

She didn't look at him, just passed by him, and prepared to leave.

"Where are you going?"

Song Ting Yu pulled her arms, opened his mouth, his voice was somewhat hoarse.

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