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A Desire to Possess

His mood was look good today, but Su Ran was still worried about his health, "Grandma, do we need to really take Wei Xi?"

Madame Song consoled her: "It will be okay, I already let someone to prepare doctor on the party. It's best for Wei Xi to go outside and walk, he cannot always be at home."

Hearing what she said, Su Ran was a bit relived, she held Song Wei Xi's hand, went downstairs.

Song Ting Yu still looked at the finance magazine, when Su Ran went down, the butler noticed her and said: "Mister, Mistress is ready."

Song Ting Yu closed the finance magazine, and threw it to the coffee table. He raised his eyes and looked ahead.

Su Ran wore the dress that he helped her to custom made it, it was a white dress with the mermaid skirt. Because of consider her past back injury and the injury was not completely fade, so he helped her to ask the designer to design a dress that cover her back.

Only, possible because the back was completely covered, so the designer put her literary works on the chest. This front chest of the dress's collar was slightly open, it exposed Su Ran's white satiny curved.

Song Ting Yu narrowed his black eyes, when he took the dress home, he didn't tear it open. Now he suddenly somewhat regretted, he should have looked at it first. If he knew that the neckline will be opened like that without any hesitation, he would let the designer to alter the design.

But it's pity that he didn't look at it, and the clothes already wore by her.

Su Ran could felt Song Ting Yu's profound gaze toward her, he looked like he wasn't satisfied with her attire.

Of course at first she also felt this attire was somewhat unfitting for her, and now looked at his expression, she had a kind of wants to change her clothes.

This time Madame Song also went downstairs: "Ting Yu, what do you think of Ran Ran's attire? It's beautiful right."

"It is so-so." Song Ting Yu said it lightly, while he shifted his gaze.

Reluctant to admit one's feeling!

Madame Song was smiled silently for a while, even though she had presbyopia, but she didn't blind. Naturally could look Song Ting Yu's expression while looking at Su Ran's coming.

She had been lived for so many years, she could really clearly understood the meaning of that gaze.

It was a desire to possess.

Madame Song didn't expose him, just said: "You three quickly go, it will start soon, it will be bad to be late."

Because outside's weather was very cold, the temperature was lower than zero, Su Ran wore a coat because of her dress was quite thin. When she arrived at the lobby with sufficient warmth, she took it off.

Tonight was Song clan's once a year feast, it was naturally it was full of guests. Except the employees of Song company, many famous business people of city center also attended it.

This was the first time, Su Ran showed up as Song Ting Yu's wife, so she got a complete attention of everyone, so the media or the guests in the party's focus were on her.

She followed Song Ting Yu together to appear, around them a lot of people came forward to greet hem.

Because people here was a lot of, so Song Ting Yu also carried Song Wei Xi in his embrace, and Su Ran coiled up her hand on his arm, calmly followed beside him.

Even though all along she didn't say anything, but no matter where did she go, she let everyone couldn't shift their attention from him, she looked like a dazzling stars.

Before tonight, people of An City always saw Su Ran's as a joke, they thought although she entered and married to Song Family with trick, yet she suffered the cold treatment from her husband. Her husband threw her away to go abroad, and went away for four years.

They all thought that way, so in the past, she never appeared publicly. It also because of her ugly appearance, so she didn't show up.

But today with a glance, everyone all knew, that their thought was wrong.

Su Ran was a hundred percent beauty woman, and where is cold treatment of Song Ting Yu toward her?

On the contrary, he always worried that he left her behind so his gaze occasionally fell on her body.

This family of three be together, was really extremely aesthetic scene.

Song Ting Yu knew that Su Ran didn't like all to be in this setting, and Song Wei Xi also didn't fit to follow him everywhere, so when he was started to be busy, he said to her: "You take Wei Xi to go over there to eat a bit of snacks."

Su Ran knew he was thinking of them, so she nodded, and took Song Wei Xi from his embrace: "Wei Xi, let's go eat something."

She took Song Wei Xi to the front long table and let him sit: "Wei Xi, you sit over here first. Mama will go there to take some food."


Su Ran picked few things, then brought it back to Song Wei Xi. This time she heard applause, she turned her head to look over. It turned out Song Ting Yu was represented Song clan to make a speech.

Song Ting Yu always be a conceited person, he also indeed had some capital, no matter it is appearance of his background, he was reckoned as one of the very best one in An City. Although he was born on silver spoon family, yet he doesn't like other rich family son who only knows how to eat, drink, and enjoy life. He very business-smart and full of trick. From his youth, he started to bit by bit accept and learn about Song family business. This ten years, on his hand Song company was increasingly splendind.

Su Ran's front appeared a glass of champagne, she startled, raised her head. When she looked clearly to the one in front of her, she suddenly had a kind of frosty feeling for her whole body.

Bai Zhi Rui is back….

Although she hadn't really look at her real person, and just looked at her appearance on the television.

But these four years, although she had retired from entertainment circle, and settled abroad. Yet she never fade out from public's eyes.

No matter it was newspaper or gossip magazine, always sometimes appeared and exposed her news.

No matter she once was a popular celebrity, she was in relationship with Song Ting Yu, she also received a lot of focus and attention upon herself. Then she was obstructed by Song Family, that Song Ting Yu married with other woman.

Everyone said she was the one woman that Song Ting Yu really loved. Because for her Song Ting Yu, not hesitate to have a falling out with the whole Song family.

"Ms Su, do you mind if I sit here?" Bai Zhi Rui didn't call Su Ran as Mrs Song, yet only call her Ms Su, this show the reality of Bai Zhi Rui's unwillingness to admit that position that should be belong to her was snatched by Su Ran!

Su Ran smiled: "Let's sit down, Ms Bai."

Regarding her ability to recognize her, Bai Zhi Rui didn't feel any surprise, she sat down, and observed Su Ran for a while: "Ms Su really look different with my imagination."

Su Ran didn't say anything, she thought, maybe in Bai Zhi Rui's mind, she should be a ugly person.

A lot of people in An City thought that way.

Su Ran didn't really care about how people look at her, she didn't lean on other people's judgement to live.

Bai Zhi Rui also looked toward Song Ting Yu, who stood in the middle of the party, little by little said: "Ting Yu, he is really a outstanding man, right? No wonder this whole women in this party was looking at him, even Ms Su also is captivated by him."

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