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This was her and Song Ting Yu's Future

Chen Jing became paled because Madame Song's word.

Song Ming Xuan helped her out of trouble: "Ma, don't be angry, Chen Jing also did it unintentionally."

Madame Song is not an annoying troublemaker, so she also didn't continue to discuss it, just snorted coldly, then looked at Su Ran: "Ran Ran, recently I see you and Song Ting Yu are in a good relation, how was it? Is there any good news yet?"

The past few days Su Ran already bought early pregnancy test to test, but she still hadn't pregnant yet, yet she didn't want the elder to be worried, so she said: "It will not be too quick, grandma."

Madame Song nodded her head and slightly smiled, she used her hand to stroke Wei Xi's head: "Then you should try harder with Ting Yu, soon give a sister or brother for our Wei Xi."

"Alright, grandma."

Their conversation ended, Song Ting Yu was going down from upstairs. Yet he didn't sit down to take his breakfast, he only came over to greet: 'Grandma, Pa, Ma, I will go to office first."

Chen Jing asked: "Why don't you eat breakfast?"

"I don't eat, I still have matters to handle."

Song Ting Yu's long fingers hooked the car keys, turned his body and went outside.

Madame Song looked at his tall dashing figure, then said: "Ran Ran, you should be more strived hard, sometimes happiness depend on our effort to fight, alright?"

Su Ran knew Madame Song was for her good, but how can they get happy together? They even already promised each other for the future.

As long as Wei Xi will be healthy, they will divorced, and, forever disappeared from each other life, and never intersect again.

This was her and Song Ting Yu's future.

There was no each other in it.

So regarding to Madame Song's word this moment, Su Ran was laughing bitterly in her heart, but in front her, she could only nodded.

This moment accidentally her gaze met to Chen Jing's serene cold eyes, she shifted her gaze.

Su Ran had married to Song family for four years, she never deliberately go to win favor by fawning on someone, she only live her own life. But in Chen Jing's eyes, no matter what she does it, all bring a strong motivation, and not a good one.

These four years, they both had very few interaction.

Chen Jing hated her so much that it already implicated to her attitude toward Song Wei Xi.

This point also let her somewhat lack of understanding, because no matter how Song Wei Xi still is her own grandson, moreover, he still a three years old boy. She should not let her mood to influence her affection toward this grandson.

This afternoon, Su Ran didn't go out, she just conveniently accompany Song Wei Xi at home.

Since his illness, Song Wei Xi didn't go to kindergarten anymore. He was hospitalized for quite long time, everyday he missed the his previous moments in the kindergarten. He was a lively and active kids, and also like to play and be together with his little friends, however everyday he spent in spiritless hospital that lack of vitality.

Although now he didn't go to kindergarten, but if only she has time, Su Ran will teach him something at home.

This moment, Su Ran was accompanying him to look literate diagram. They both looked really serious, didn't pay attention to the slightest to the person who stood in front of the door.

Chen Jing already knocked for few times, but the mother and son inside didn't have any detectable movement, she pressed her fury, and said: "Su Ran."

Su Ran finally heard it, then turned her head: "Ma, is there any problem?"

"Come with me for a while, I want to talk with you."

She finished her sentence, already in advance left Song Wei Xi's room.

Yet Su Ran was startled for a while, because Chen Jing never initiatively looked for her.

Even Song Wei Xi felt there was something wrong with Chen Jing's motivation to look for Su Ran, so he pulled her hand: "Mama, why grandma is looking for you?"

Su Ran smiled: "Be good, you look at it by yourself first. Mama will go out first."

She left Song Wei Xi's room, looked Chen Jing was standing at the balcony at the end of the corridor.

Opening the French window, Su Ran went outside the balcony: "Ma, you look for me?"

On the balcony was built a tent, and there were seats.

During the summer, Song Wei Xi really like to go there, but now the weather is too cold and moreover his health reason, so he rarely come there.

Chen Jing casted a glance toward her, she went to the chair and sit sown, then said: "Sit down."

Regarding to her attitude, Su Ran was not really care, then she sat on the opposite of her.

Chen Jing didn't spoke in a roundabout way: "Su Ran, I want to know your future plan, do you really prepare to stay in the Song Family forever?"

"Ma, I don't understand what do you mean."

"Don't understand?" Chen Jing raised her brow, and laughed coldly: "You should understand my meaning. Don't pretend anymore, don't pretend to be stupid. You should recognize clearly your own path also you should know that Ting Yu doesn't love you. His future is being together with Zhi Rui. Even you worked hard to leave in the Song family it also will be useless, because forever you will not also get his heart."

So this was what Chen Jing wanted to tell er.

Su Ran's charming face didn't show any fluctuate mood, she was very calm because from the start she had understood this ending like what Chen Jing said.

"Ma, I don't care whether you believe it or not, but I never wanted to be together with Song Ting Yu. Not in the past, not now, and also not in the future. Don't you worry, I have self-knowledge, I know my status. From the start being with Song Ting Yu, we already discussed it. After Song Wei Xi recovered, we will divorced, and that time he can be together with Bai Zhi Rui…"

She stopped for a while, then looked toward Chen Jing: "Do you understand what I am saying? If there is nothing else, that I will go inside first."

There was no benefit to speak too much, she only need to tell her standpoint.

As for Chen Jing, whether she believed it or not, it didn't matter, she didn't depend on her to live.

Su Ran didn't look at Chen Jing's response, she pulled open the French window, and get inside.

All along she always knew the end of Song Ting Yu and her, so she didn't need everyone to remind her from time to time.

When she got back, she felt under her foot was somewhat impractical feeling, she leaned on the wall, closed her eyes and took a rest for awhile. After adjusting her situation, she went back to Song Wei Xi's room.

This kid clearly didn't read the book well, he always waited for Su Ran's return.

"Mama, you come back. Grandma didn't bully you right?"

"How can? Grandma just chat something with me before." Su Ran smiled, she felt this moment to be in Song family this house was somewhat difficult to breath: "Wei Xi, Uncle Lin said tonight he wants to invite us to dinner. Let's get ready, then we will go."

As now it was still a bit early, so they went for the studio for a while. Wait until it almost time, they went to the restaurant.

At night, after dinner, Lin Cheng Huan sent them both back to the house.

Along the way home, Song Wei Xi was already asleep in Su Ran's embrace.

Lin Cheng Huan stopped the car, then helped them to opened the door. He took Song Wei Xi from Su Ran's embrace, and waited for Su Ran to get off the car, then he passed Song Wei Xi to her.

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