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For Su Ran's word, Gu Dong Cheng seemed to be ignorant. He just smiled coldly: "Ms Su, you dare to say something like that, do you have any evidence? For your words you should have evidence. If you don't, I could sue you for plant false evidence against me. Moreover, Tian Mi is my wife. How can you understand her more than me? She is my most loved one. Looking at her current situation I'm also very sad, how can I be the one who drug her?"

He paused and his eyes showed a mockery: "It's clear that you are the one who seizes the opportunity and bring her here. You purposely make this mess. Let me ask, how can make my wife suitable for the court? Judge, what do you think?"

Looking at Tian Mi's condition, it's too fish and strange. She didn't have energy to do anything, how can she want to be a witness?

Because of Tian Mi's appearance before, all the evidences against Gu Dong Cheng was a failure. At last the result was unsatisfactory. They still had some time.

But Tian Mi couldn't testify again.

The court ended, Song Ting Yu was once again being brought back to the detention center. Su Ran ran over him and held his hand: "Ting Yu."

These days, it was her first time to touch him and be close with him. In the past every time they met, they would separate by a thin glass.

"Su Ran."

Song Ting Yu also held her hand tight. They were unwilling to separate.

But the police came over and took him away without giving him anything chance. Su Ran kept on following them out. Then she was stopped. She just able to look at how he was brough away.

Gu Dong Cheng and his people also came out. He looked at Su Ran and Tang Zi Chu and also Lin Cheng Huan. He smiled: "Do you think you can fight me? Mr LIn, I'm afraid that you are also in difficulty. How can you still have heart to help your old lover? Haha…"

The fight inside the Lin family has been happening since long time. Now with Lin Cheng Huan current condition of unable to walk and just stayed in the wheelchair, all the people in the company thought he was incompetent and unsuitable to take over the Lin company. All of them wanted to pass the position to Lin Tian You, but how can Mother Lin let it be?!

So the problem was worsen and getting serious!

Gu Dong Cheng just laughed and smiled coldly and got on his car.

They both just stood there together with Lawyer Zhou. They were discussing about todays' matter. Su Ran's phone rang, it was Mother Tian. She answered: "Auntie."

"Ran Ran, hurry up come over. Gu Dong Cheng wants to take Mi Mi away."

"We will go home now."

Su Ran hung up and looked at Lin Cheng Huan and Tang Zi Chu: "Gu Dong Cheng sent people to the hospital. He wanted to take Tian Mi away."

Gu dong Cheng called the driver and went to the hospital. They rushed to the hospital but ti was too late. When they arrived in the room, they looked at Mother Tian, who was sitting down on the sofa and crying. But Father Tian sighed.


"Mi Mi is taken away." Mother Tian cried: "Before the polices also come over, but he said that he is Mi Mi's husband. He has right to take her away. He said that he will help Tian Mi to recover. That evil man!"

"I will look for him."

Tang Zi Chu said it then opened the door.

"Zi Chu!" Su Ran called his name and followed him. She wanted him to calm down.

Since Gu Dong Cheng brought Tian Mi away, he wouldn't just let her go easily. Moreover what's the use for him to look for Gu Dong Cheng? It might be harmful for Tang Zi Chu.

"Mi Mi comes back to his hand. She would definitely suffer. He would torture her…" Mother Tian's heart was broke to pieces.

Tang Zi Chu was pulled back. He pursed his lips and was silent for a while: "I will give a call to Mu Chu Cheng's assistant."

Didn't know where Gu Dong Cheng will hide Tian mi.

Tian Mi woke up and notice she was taken away by Gu Dong Cheng because she knew this room familiarly. It was their home.

In the past she felt Gu Dong Cheng's room was too cold because it was decorated with grey color. So after she moved in she started to design it so it changed to be warmer. In the past she loved this room, but now she really disgusted by it.

She laid down on the bed for a day. Gu Dong Cheng was not at home. The maid served food and drink for her but she didn't touch it.

She laid down on the bed but didn't close her eyes, she was just looking at the ceiling until Gu Dong Cheng returned. He opened the door and looked at the food on the table. His face immediately turned cold. He went to the door and said several sentences.

The maid immediately came over. Gu Dong Cheng thought she was useless so he just asked her to tidy up and leave the home

The maid begged and cried. But it was no use. Gu Dong Cheng kicked her out.

Tian Mi didn't mind everything that happened, she kept on be calm. She just looked at the ceiling and be quiet. She was like a living doll.

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