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"Two and a half!" Xi Nuan Nuan pouted her little lips and yelled. Then ran quickly toward XI He, she took initiative to hold her hand.

Xi He carried the sobbing Xi Nuan Nuan, and pulled the door: "Have a chat."


"Mr Mu, hello, I'm Chief Song's assistant, Tang Zi Chu." Tang Zi Chu took initiative to speak out: "This is Chief Song's wife, Su Ran."

"Assistant Tang, although these years we never met each other, but I still remember you." Mu Chu Cheng said, then looked at Su Ran, he smiled: "Mrs Song, I am Mu Chu Cheng. I'm sorry to let you to come."

"It's okay."

Su Ran said it then looked for chairs for two of them to sit. Mu Chu Cheng's leg was wrapped. He should be unable to move freely.

Then Su Ran and Tang Zi Chu sat down, Mu Chu Cheng started to talk: "Today I ask Mrs Song to come because I want understand Mr Song's matter."

Su Ran told him the story.

Mu Chu Cheng leant on the bed and was silent for a while. He looked at her for a while, then said: "I want to meet him."

Su Ran and Tang Zi Chu looked at each other, then Tang Zi Chu said, "Mr Mu, I will arrange it first."

They kept on chatting and discussing regarding what happened in Song family. Xi He and Xi Nuan Nuan Nuan hadn't returned for a long time, probably because Xi He wanted to give them time and space to talk and also she didn't want to intervene with Song family's matter because she didn't really understand it.

They left the hospital, then Tang Zi Chu immediately arrange it. In the afternoon, he was done in arranging the meeting between Song Ting Yu and Mu Chu Cheng.

Su Ran also came together, but she didn't come and meet Song Ting Yu. She waited outside. After a while, she noticed Tang Zi Chu and Mu Chu Cheng with his stick came out.

Mu Chu Cheng took out his phone and dialed a number, then he looked at Tang Zi Chu: "Do you have any cigarette?"

Tang Zi Chu nodded and immediately helped him to light it.

Mu Chu Cheng held the cigarette with his right hand and his phone on his left hand. He told people several words then hung up. He put his phone inside his pocket again. He looked at Su Ran and Tang Zi Chu: "My leg with heal soon. I have some problems in Jiang City, I need to go back for a while. I already arrange my people to contact you, they will try hard to find Ms Tian…."

Su Ran also didn't feel surprise to hear Tian Mi's name, before Song Ting Yu and Tang Zi Chu should talk about htis.

Tian Mi is important for them, but they didn't know where Gu Dong Cheng hid her. With Mu Chu Cheng's help, they should be able to find her soon.

"Thank you, Mr Mu."

Mu Chu Cheng was silent for a while and looked at Su Ran again: "Mrs Song, I have one question for you?"

"Mr Mu, do ask."

"How long have been you known Ms Xi?"

Su Ran knew he meant Xi He. Since they knew each other, Su Ran always felt that Xi He was hiding her identity. Originally she thought Xi He was a single mother, but Xi He had a husband called Chen Xian Fei.

"I've known her for several years."

"Do you understand her?"

"What does Mr Mu want to know?"


Then a black car stopped on the front of the detention door, a person got off and opened the door. Another one came over to help Mu Chu Cheng: "Mr Mu."

Mu Chu Cheng got on the car and lowered down the window: "My people will contact you guys. That time tell him the condition, he will arrange everything."

"Thank you."

Mu Chu Cheng's willingness to help will be great hope for them to find Tian Mi. Because Mu family has a lot of connections. But Su Ran's only concern was Song Ting Yu will be prosecuted soon, she was afraid that it would be too late.

That night Mu Chu Cheng got on the plane. His assistant contacted Su Ran and Tang Zi Chu.

Tian Mi also just knew that Gu Dong Cheng had brought her back to Zn City.

When she was abroad, Gu Dong Cheng will allow her to go out with bodyguard, but now she was locked in the room and watched. She even couldn't go to the kitchen.

Tian Mi felt so hopeless. She was lack of energy. She thought that she would be crazy soon.

Now she thought that she was willing that Gu Dong Cheng kill her rather than lock her.

Finally, She kept on insisting on her mind that she would compromise with Gu Dong Cheng. She wouldn't commit suicide, because it would be too miserable for her parents and herself.

These days Gu Dong Cheng came and visited her once.

Yet the time he came, Tian Mi was laying down on the bed and basically didn't have any spirit to mind or be angry at him. She felt that someone was coming with him. But her mind was fuzzy.

When she wanted to try to hear out, but she couldn't hear anything. Her hands were put up and she felt something pricked at her arm.

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