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"Of course you can. Wait for me for a while, I will arrange it first."

A few days ago Su Ran came to visit Song Ting Yu, he was in a detention center. She recalled the time he visited Chen Jing in the detention center. This moment she felt in this world everything was complicated and hard to explain.

Song Ting Yu's hair had been cut very short, he also wore the clothes with a yellow vest. He wore a thin clothes. The vest was not even thick and sufficient for the cold days, didn't know how he could bare this inside….

Su Ran looked at him and her tears fell down.

Now between she and Song Ting Yu was a transparent glass, she really wanted to touch his hands, but it was impossible.

Song Ting Yu sat down and took the phone. His voice was deep and sounded distressed: "Why are you crying?"

Su Ran wiped her tears:"Ting Yu, I definitely will help you come out!"

Song Ting Yu smiled. He touched then glass closed to her cheek position: "Don't cry. If you cry, I will feel very sad too."

"Em!" Su Ran nodded and lowered her head. She tried really hard to control and calm her emotion. Then she raised her head again and smiled toward him.

Song Ting Yu smiled very warmly: "You are prettier with your smile."

"Ting Yu, few days ago Tian Mi called me. I and Assistant Tang went to America because we wanted to bring her home yet Gu Dong Cheng found us out. I don't know her condition now. I'm very worried about her. Moreover, if she appears now, she could be the witness that these all are Gu Dong Cheng's doing. I will find her. Find her, then you will be okay…" Su Ran said and put her hands on the glass.

"How's Grandma?"

"She's buried already." Su Ran's voice was hoarse. The saddest part for her was the day of the funeral, she couldn't even attend it even from the far away place. Those people said that anyone except Song family members shouldn't attend the funeral.

Song Ting Yu's eyes showed his bereavement, anger, and regret. Su Ran understood his feeling.

"All the suffering happened in Song family, I will redouble it and ask for Gu Dong Cheng to return it."

Su Ran nodded.

"Right, how's Zi Chu?"

"He is injured, he is recuperating from an injury…."

Song Ting Yu is a smart guy, hearing her words. He immediately understood: "It's Gu Dong Cheng ? Is it serious?"

"It's just bruise. But his lower leg wouldn't heal quickly…."

"Let him to rest. I will be okay for now. You also no need to be worried. Oh right, you and Wei Xi just move to Lin Cheng Huan's home for now. I am worry that you guys just live alone." Song Ting Yu instructed Su Ran.

Su Ran seemed to be able to see the previous Song Ting Yu back, he already started to get himself together.

The prison guard beside them mentioned that the time was up. Before Song Ting Yu put his phone down, he said: "Su Ran, I miss you a lot."

Su Ran said: "Me too. Song Ting Yu, take a good care of yourselves….."

Song Ting Yu put the phone down. Su Ran stood there and looked he was taken bak.

Tian Mi didn't know for how long she had been sleeping. She finally woke up. Her eyes and head were aching. She used her hand to massage it, finally she could see clearly area surrounded her.

She was not in America, but also not in her residence in An Cheng. She didn't now where she was now.

She heard a sound and turned her head. She noticed that Gu Dong Cheng came over with a glass of water.

Tian Mi didn't want to see him so she quickly turned her head over again. Yet when she thought about Su Ran and Tang Zi Chu. She wanted to speak yet she noticed her throat was blocked somehow. She used her power then finally a voice came out: "Gu Dong Cheng, what did you do to Ran Ran and Tang Zi Chu?"

Gu Dong Cheng put the glass in front of her. He didn't answer her just passed it to her pill: "Eat the medicine."

Tian Mi just smashed his hand with the pill then glared at him. She once again asked: "What did you do to Ran Ran and Tang Zi Chu?"

Gu Dong Cheng again took another medicine: "Take the medicine." He once again said it, his voice started to sound dangerous.

Once again Tian Mi knocked down his hand.

Gu Dong Cheng's patience was very thin. He once again took the medicine. Then asked: "Are you eating it or not?"

"Ran Ran and Tang Zi Chu?"

Gu Dong Cheng laughed coldly and clutched her neck. He pulled her over. He forced her to open her mouth and put the medicine inside her mouth. Then poured the water.

Tian Mi coughed. Her eyes were red and Gu Dong Cheng covered her mouth: "Swallow it, swallow it!"

Tian Mi tried hard to struggle and hit him.

It's not really strong. Gu Dong Cheng just covered her mouth and raised her chin: "Tian Mi, don't you challenge my patience, I will let you feel horrible!"

Being together with Tian Mi for these long, he already understands her temper. Don't you be fooled by her normal cheerful and generous temper, her temper is especially fierce. For the things she doesn't want to do, it's useless to threaten her!

Yet she is someone that values family love and friendship. So he could use these people to let her compromise.

This moment Gu Dong Cheng said: "I know what I should do to you to make your life horrible. I've warned you to not force me. But you keep on disobeying me! Tian Mi, don't you take your parent's life and joke with it!"

Gu Dong Cheng said it, then Tian Mi slowly gave up her struggle. Her tears started to fall down and swallowed the medicine.

Gu Dong Cheng saw it and released her: "Drink the water."

Tian Mi also drank the water.

Gu Dong Cheng took a tissue to wipe the water on her mouth.

She turned her head stubbornly yet Gu Dong Cheng clutched her chin: "Tian Mi, I said it. Obey me."

Tian Mi didn't mind him. Just asked: "How are Ran Ran and Tang Zi Chu? How are they?"

Gu Dong Cheng stopped: "They are dead, they are beaten to death by me."

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