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Tang Zi Chu was silent for a while: "I will find people to look for her. I hope we could find her."

"Okay. Then sorry to trouble you."

The car stopped in front of the Song family. Su Ran got off the car and got inside.

Now she was somewhat afraid to go back to Song family.

Because this house was not a previous house in her mind.

In the past there was Madame Song. Song Ming Xuan also still lived there. Song Ting Yu also not being caught. All was in the good condition, but suddenly everything bad happened at once.

Now all the Song family was gone, and just she and Song Wei Xi.

Last night she came back home very late. She went to Song Wei Xi's room and noticed that he was not yet asleep.

She asked him for the reason why he was still awake. Song Wei Xi said that he was worried about his grandmother, and said that he wanted to visit her at the hospital.

Yet actually he didn't know that Madame Song has passed away.

Madame Song really cares a lot about Song Wei Xi, but Song Wei Xi was unable to see her for the last time.

Sooner or later Song Wei Xi would know about the truth, Su Ran didn't hide it from him. She said to him that Madame Song is gone, now she is beside his sister.

Sogn Wei Xi held his tear and asked her: "Then is it mean that grandmother would never returned like little sister?"

Su Ran tried to control her grief and nodded.

That time Song Wei Xi yelled "Ao" and cried. He hugged Su Ran and kept on crying: "Mama, why do they need to go? Why do they leave us? Why don't they return? What should I do if I miss them?"

It took a quite of efforts to calm him down. He also didn't see Song Ting Yu. He was afraid that Song Ting Yu would be like them too.

Su Ran promised him that Song Ting Yu would come back soo. Then he promised to sleep.

Su Ran got off the car. When she passed by the garden, she noticed that there was several cars stopped in front of the house. It was not cars of Song family member. Someone was coming to their house.

She had a bad premonition about this. She paced forward quickly.

Butler Wang kept on waiting for her: "Mrs, finally you are home." He said lowly: "Several directors and shareholders are coming here."

Su Ran came inside the living room and noticed Song Zhen Hai and others.

"Why are you guys all here?" Su Ran looked at them.

"Now I really don't know what should I address you, should I address you as Mrs Song or Ms Su? But if it's Mrs Song, it's also inaccurate. After all, Song Ting Yu is not a Song? He should be confused now about his own family name." Song Zhen Hai smiled but his eyes showed a mockery attitude.

"Song Ting Yu is a Song family member so please you call me Mr Song." Su Ran's eyes also showed a firm and persistent attitude.

"Whatever, it's just an appellation. I will do as you please." Song Zhen Hai shrugged: "Then you are still Mrs Song?"

He said and coughed lightly: "Mrs Song, with all the problems right now. I'm afraid that now it's only you and Song Ting Yu that still believe of one's own lies that he is part of Song family. We couldn't acknowledge it. Since Song Ting Yu is not Song family member then shouldn't you guys move out from this out? It's a residence of Song family, how could this place be lived by outsiders?"

They didn't wait for Su Ran to answer, Director Zhang very quickly said: "So please move yourself and unrelated person out of this house."

Butler Wang, who stood behind Su Ran, also couldn't bare to see it: "You guys are too overly. On what basis you let Mrs and little master to move out? Do you have any right?"

Song Zhen Hai laughed coldly: "How could we don't have any right? What are their identity now? For what reason they could live here? Song Ting Yu wanted to hide this matters and killed Madame Song. He is ruthless. Based on the DNA test, didn't it show that he is not Song family member? It shouldn't be a overly request to let you guys move? Madame Song had passed the responsibility of Song company temporarily to Manager Gu. Now Madame Song has passed away, Song Ting Yu is not part of our family. Manager Gu is the only grandson of Song family, we also think it's appropriate for him to take over…"

Su Ran looked at them, supposedly they already being bribed by Gu Dong Cheng so they were loyal toward him.

"Is it the order of Gu Dong Cheng that you come here? What benefits does Gu Dong Cheng give you?"

"You are joking!" Song Zhen Hai patted the coffee table: "What are you talking about? You think that we are being bribed by him that we help him? Why don't you take a look of your own status, what is your right to live it? Go and move away from this house! Today we come here to tell you to keep you from losing your face. If you don't move out we will take action!"

"For kicking us out from here, you want to ask a lot of people to be involved, okay, we will move out…"

Su Ran said it then, Butler Wang said: "Mrs…"

Su Ran knew what he wanted to say, he thought she shouldn't mind about their words.

But in this condition, it's also good for them to leave if not there might be a trouble in front of them. They might harm Song Wei Xi.

"Okay, then we will give you a day. I hope that tomorrow you guys already leave." Song Zhen Hai answered Su Ran. He seemed to be very satisfied with Su Ran's agreement.

"I hope that one day you guys wouldn't regret your decision today."

Song Zhen Hai was startled and turned his face: "I couldn't think of any future regret that I will experience. You guys are not Song family members, you don't have any right to stay here."

After those people left, Butler Wang said: "Mrs Song, you guys will move out?"

Su Ran nodded. She was quite sad. Madame Song and Song Ting Yu was in an accident, she even couldn't keep Song family.

"Butler Wang, you should stay here. I and Song Wei Xi will leave tomorrow."

Butler Wang shook his head: "No. Without you guys here. There is no purpose or meaning to live here." He had been Song family's butler for so many years. Now Madame Song is gone, there was no Song family member would stay here again. It would be a grief for him to stay here.

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