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There was several police came toward the surgery's door, they lifted a plastic bag and put it in front of Su Ran: "Mrs Song, is it Mr Song's phone?"

Su Ran was startled and looked at the phone, she finally understood why she couldn't reach Song Ting Yu. He left his phone inside the room, supposedly after he was in fight with Song Ming Xuan….

She felt that it was not a good thing that they took the phone to her so she kept on being silent.

The police asked again: "Mrs Song, where is Mr Song now? Could you contact him?"

This time the surgery room was opened, Su Ran didn't care about anything and came toward the doctor: "Doctor, how is my grandma?"

The doctor's face was serious, he put down his mask and shook his head: "I'm sorry, she passed away…"

Su Ran felt that she heard it wrong so she asked once again: "What did you say?"

"Please restrain your grief." The doctor said.

Su Ran knew that she didn't hear it wrong, Madame Song is dead. She is really going away…

She couldn't breath. Suddenly she heard a sound, she noticed Song Ting Yu stood not far from her but he was held by two polices. He was resisting.

"Let me go…" Song Ting Yu tried hard to break free. At last, he freed himself from the police.

He got inside the surgery room. Then he looked at Madame Song, she was laying down on the bed. She was covered by the plain white cloth. He pulled it open. When he was about to touch it, he was pulled back.

Song Ting Yu was still struggling, so at at last they cuffed him: "Song Ting Yu, please cooperate to our investigation, bring him now!"

"Ting Yu……! Su Ran couldn't believe this, she just could hear Song Ting Yu's lament sound. She also ran toward the surgery door.

Song Ting Yu's eyes were very red, and kept on watching toward the surgery room.

Su Ran chased after him. She saw that Song Ting Yu was brought inside the police car. She ran over: "What would you guys do?"

"Mrs Song, we just let Song Ting Yu to follow us to go back to police station to undergo with the investigation. But he is not cooperating, so I'm sorry, we could just do it this way."

"Are you suspecting him? But it's impossible that is him, she is her grandma!" Su Ran was choking with sobs.

The polices didn't hear her, they just left.

When Su Ran wanted to chase after them, Lu Zhan stopped her: "Su Ran, don't chase again, you wouldn't be able to chase them."

Su Ran recalled the moment before.

He definitely knew about this from Tang Zi Chu so he rushed here. Yet he didn't expect that the polices were waiting for him. Moreover the polices thought he wouldn't cooperate so they used forced.

"The polices thought that this is done by Song Ting Yu." Su Ran rubbed her eyes.

"Yes, now it seems that the police makes Song Ting Yu a suspect. So they bring him to do investigation." Lu Zhan looked at Su Ran: "Go home and look at Madame Song, I will immediately contact the lawyer to see what's going on…"

Su Ran went back to the surgery room. She looked at Madame Song and came near her. She gripped her hands, it was still warm, but she is gone.


Su Ran's voice was hoarse.

She used her hands to wipe her face, she couldn't believe that Grandma would be gone just like this……..

Lu Zhan also came inside and said to her: "Be strong."

Except this sentence, he really didn't know what should he say.

"Before I contact a lawyer. Now the condition is tough. In current time, he still couldn't get in to meet Ting Yu."

Su Ran wiped her tears: "Lu Zhan, do you know? It turns out that we always be kept in the dark, it turns out we are being planned and tricked by someone that close to us…"

Yes now, she finally understands that these matters are related to Gu Dong Cheng.

They didn't have any doubt toward him because they regarded him as their relatives. Since he is a relative then they should trust him.

But Gu Dong Cheng had used their trust and did those thing.

Madame Song should be related to him? How could she just without any reason fell down and laid down on the pool of blood.

Moreover all the evidences now were pointed at Song Ting Yu.

"You mean…" Lu Zhan frowned.

"It's all Gu Dong Cheng, it's all him…" Su Ran took a deep breath and finally said it out. But she knew that it was too late.

The time she noticed these all, Madame Song is gone and Song Ting Yu was brought away……..

Now she could understand that supposedly Tian Mi found out about this so now she couldn't be reach and didn't appear.

Gu Dong Cheng used the reason of her being unwell to hide this all.

Actually Tian Mi was always kept at home. Even though today she came out but she must be warned by Gu Dong Cheng and he used her parents to threaten her so she didn't say it out.

Gu Dong Cheng didn't want her to leave in An City so he brought her away.

Grandma's accident should be related to Gu Dong Cheng.

He planned these all to attack Song family.

Su Ran kept on insisting to meet Song Ting Yu but the police didn't let her.

At last she asked Lin Cheng Huan and Lin Cheng Huan asked Mother Lin to help to give her a chance to meet Sogn Ting Yu.

Finally two days after.

Su Ran and Tang Zi Chu came together. Song Ting Yu's hands were cuffed on the table and he couldn't stand up.

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