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Yet Madame Song didn't let him go: "I want……"

Madame Song didn't say anything but she fell because of Gu Dong Cheng used his strength to let her release the grip. Her head hit the bedside cabinet. Immediately, she fell down. The blood bled out from her head.

Gu Dong Cheng just stood there coldly, he just took his handkerchief to wipe his fresh blood and put it back to his pocket. He went to the restroom. Then the time he came out, he took the paper and put it inside his pocket.

Even the cup that Madame Song used to hit him was handled cleanly by him.

He wiped his both hands then went to the sickroom. Very quickly he answered the call from his assistant. He answered: "Have you sent him away?"

His assistant was responsible to send Tian Mi abroad.

Since the beginning, he already knows that Tian Mi wouldn't obey him and listen to him. She was unsuccessful to pass the paper through the doctor, she would definitely look for the second way.

But that time he didn't think and notice any papers inside Madame Song's sickroom or bathroom.

He felt if Tian Mi left in An City, she would definitely make effort to pass the news to Song family. It's too risky so he suddenly decided to send her aborad.

He asked his assistant to take her to the airport, but didn't expect that she could call Su Ran….

That time he was already on his way to the hospital, he got a call from Su Ran. He deceived Su Ran.

Then after that he immediately got a call from a nurse in the hospital and said that she found a piece of paper in Madame Song's paper. Although she didn't know what was it but because Gu Dong Cheng had asked the nurse to inform him of any strange thing happen so the nurse called him.

The time he got that call, he already in the parking area. So he rushed inside and indeed he noticed a paper on Madame Song's hand.

He was pounded by Madame Song. Although it was not really deeply bruised, but it bled. So the time he left, he went to the restroom to cover it with towel. He then went to the parking area and left.

The time Su Ran arrived at the airport, she tried to call that number but it was still off.

It let people felt strange. Gu Dong Cheng unexpectedly didn't return his call, didn't know what had happened…

She went to the airport, but she couldn't find Tian Mi. So she went to the Gu Dong Cheng's residence. She pressed the bell, but there was no one came out.

She felt something was off, so she called Gu Dong Cheng: "Brother Dong Cheng, how's Tian Mi?"

Gu Dong Cheng was silent: "It's okay. She is at home. Ran Ran, don't you be too worry."

"At home?"

Su Ran pressed the bell and knocked at the door. But no one opened the door!

If Tian Mi was at home, how could no one open the door?

Moreover, Gu Dong Cheng seemed to be off and strange. If Tian Mi had something bad to happen, he wouldn't be that calm, it's not his former self!

Su Ran was felt anxious and said to Gu Dong Cheng: "In the morning, Tian Mi said that she was in the airport…."

Gu Dong Cheng laughed for a while: "Ran Ran, don't you be too worry. Don't you joke around with me. Just like that, I am still working. Later at night we will chat again. That time I will take Tian Mi to meet you."

Gu Dong Cheng said that and hung up.

Su Ran pursed her lips and stood up.

Gu Dong Cheng's action was too unusual.

Tian Mi was also not a kid. How could she joke around like this? Moreover Tian Mi's tone on the call before was authentic, how could be a joke?

Moreover, he unexpectedly said that Tian Mi already at Gu family. But now she was standing on the door and felt that there was no one inside.

Su Ran took the phone and left. She remembered that Madame Song and she noticed something off with Tian Mi. Moreover, the time she explained about her injury, her explanation is too far-fetched.

Gu Dong Cheng seemed to be really weird……

Her heart had some bad premonition.

She took her car to leave and she got a call.

"Mrs Song? We are the hospital. Madame Song is in accident. Please come to the hospital. We keep on calling Mr Song but it's off. Please think of the way to call Mr Song and please come to the hospital. Madame Song is not really in a good condition…."

Su Ran heard this and felt worried. After a while, she said: "What happened?"

"The time Madame Song's maid came inside the sickroom, she noticed that Madame Song fell down and be in pool of blood. Now she is in the surgery room, she is in rescue now…."

How could this be…..

She hung up and rushed to the hospital.

Song Ting Yu couldn't be contacted so she called Tang Zi Chu.

She originally thought that Tang Zi Chu would be with Song Ting Yu, but Tang Zi Chu also didn't know where was Song Ting Yu.

Tang Zi Chu noticed at her anxious tone and asked: "What happened?"

Su Ran was choking: "Grandma has an accident but Song Ting Yu couldn't be reached. Assistant Tang, could you look for him for a while……"


She arrived in the hospital and got off the car. She went rush to the surgery room.

Madame Song was still inside.

Lu Zhan this moment also came over and waited outside. He looked at her and asked: "Where is Ting Yu?"

Su Ran shook her head: "I couldn't contact him. Before he was in fight with Papa, I don't know where he is…"

Song Ting Yu isn't not someone without norms, his phone should be fell at somewhere….

Lu Zhan nodded: "Madame Song's condition right now is not really good…"

Su Ran covered her face and said: "What is happening?"

The maid said: "Mrs, the time I went inside Madame Song was on the ground, she lost a lot of blood…."

Lu Zhan said: "The hospital has called the police, now the police is still not coming…."

Supposedly because the maid is the witness so they kept watching at the maid. The sickroom of Madame Song was blockade.

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