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"He Jin is really a shameless woman……"

He hadn't finished his words, Song Ting Yu just punched him in the face for several times, Madame Song kept on saying: "Ting Yu, enough. Okay don't hit anymore. You want to hit him till he is dead?"

Yet Song Ting Yu didn't stop.

Madame Song was worried, she wanted to stand up from her bed. Because she was too fast but her both legs fell down.

Finally Song Ting Yu fell down when he heard the sound. Very quickly Madame Song was supported up by him: "Grandma, are you okay?"

"I'm okay." Madame Song waved her hands and coughed.

They then heard a sound. The time they turned their head, they noticed Song Ming Xuan went to the door and went outside.

Madame Song said busily: "Ting Yu, go and chase after him…."

Song Ting Yu just stayed calm and supported Madame Sogn up and let her to lie down on the bed: "Let me help you to call the doctor."

"No need, go chase after your Pa, chase him back…" Madame Song felt that this time if Song Ming Xuan left, then it would be so hard to find him again.

"He is not my Pa!" Song Ting Yu was still be cool, his voice was very hoarse: "Moreover, with his current condition now, what is the point of chasing him back?"

"Ting Yu!" Madame Song called him.

The door was opened again, Su Ran came inside and she was worried: "What happened? Before I saw Pa…….."

There was a nurse behind her. At first she wanted to check Madame Song up, but she heard a fight from outside. So she kept on waiting outside until Su Ran came inside.

"Ran Ran, where is he? Did you see which direction he went to? Why didn't you stop her?"

"He ran so fast…" Su Ran shook her head. Moreover she came over quickly.

Madame Song looked at Song Ting Yu: "Ting Yu, you are too, it's not easy to find him, now how could you let him run away…."

"Grandma! Don't you also see what had happened before, what did he say!" Song Ting Yu was really angry. Until this moment, his brain was still full of what Song Ming Xuan said. It was too bad, it's completely humiliated He Jin!

How could he endure it!

"You…." Madame Song coughed, Su Ran called the nurse hurriedly. This moment Song Ting Yu went outside of the sickroom.

Su Ran let the nurse help to take care of Madame Song and said: "Grandma, I will go and see him."

Madame Song sighed and waved.

Su Ra chased after him, but she couldn't run faster so she just yelled: "Ting Yu!"

Song Ting Yu stopped and turned his body to see Su Ran: "Go back, I still have something to do."

"Where will you go?" Su Ran was worried.

Song Ting Yu didn't stop this time, he went to the parking area and drove his car away.

Su Ran frowned and looked at his car leaving the parking lot. The time she prepared to go back to the sick room, her phone rang. It was an unknown number.

She answered it: "Ran Ran, hurry up come and help me.."

Su Ran could recognize that voice, it was Tian Mi's voice!

She said: "Tian Mi? What happened? Where are you?"

"Now I'm in the airport, hurry up and help me…"

Tian Mi's voice was cut off. The time Su Ran called back, it was unanswered.

She didn't care too much, she just went to her car and rushed to the airport.

She didn't know why Tian Mi called him. In the afternoon, she had met him, how could now she was in the airport?

What had happened to her?

Where would she go?

Because it was a peak hour, so the time Su Ran drove to the airport, it was a traffic jam all over the place. She was worried. She tried to call that number again. But it was off. She tried to call Song Ting Yu's number but it also couldn't be connected. At last she called Gu Dong Cheng.

Finally it was answered "Ran Ra."

"Brother Dong Cheng, where is Tian Mi now?"

"She's home, what happened?" Gu Dong Cheng asked.

"No, before Tian Mi called me and said that she is in the airport, has something bad happened to her? She seems to be in distress. She just said two sentences and hung up. She used an unknown number. The time I called her again, it was disconnected. How could she be in the airport?"

"Ran Ran, be calm. I will go to the airport to see. Where are you?"

"I also prepare to go there, but I am stuck in the traffic…"

"Don't worry, I will look for her. I also will let someone people at home to see her. I will tell you if something bad happened…" Gu Dong Cheng's voice was also worried. She couldn't dare to delay his time so he hung up.

She looked around and tried to look for for another way. There's a small pathway thought it's too far, but they could get in….

In the hospital, the nurse helped Madame Song for a while. She went to change the IV drop: "Madame Song, it's better for you rest. Don't think too much, now you are not really healthy…."

The nurse noticed that there was no pillow on the bed so she lowered her head and looked for the nurse, finally she noticed a pillow. She took it then took the pillow. She found a white piece of paper fell from the pillow.

"What is this?" The nurse was confused.

Madame Song came over and looked at it. She also startled: "Pick that up. Let me see."

The nurse nodded and passed the paper: "Madame Song, if you don't have anything else, I will go first."

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