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Tian Mi kept on struggling, at last she successfully let herself free. Her wrist was red, without doubt he exerted great energy to drag her.

She rubbed her wrist and looked at him fearlessly: "It was me who gave it, so what?"

"You really have a big gut, it seemed you have completely forgot what had I say yesterday…"

"What would you do? if you have some problems, then just take it to me, no need to get my mother and father involved!"

Tian Mi said immediately.

"I will not attack you, it's more useful to attack your Pa and Ma. Tian Mi, this time I will forgive you. If you do it one more time, I will let you taste an experience of regret."

He said it then, pulled Tian Mi to leave. He took her upstairs.

Because it was a beginning of winter, it was started to cool up. Madame Song's sickroom's door was closed.

Now except Madame Song inside the sickroom, there was only Su Ran and a maid. Song Ting Yu was not there, supposedly he was busy taking care of his business.

Gu Dong Cheng and Tian Mi knocked the door to get inside. Su Ran knew it was them so she opened the door: "Brother Dong Cheng, Tian Mi, hi…"

She said it and suddenly stopped when she saw Tian Mi's injured face.

She touched it lightly: "Tian Mi, what happened to your face?"

Tian Mi smiled: "I was careless that I scrape it…."

"How could you scrape this? Is it serious? What did the doctor say?"

"It's the time I peel the fruit. It's okay, Ran Ran. No need to worry."

Tian Mi didn't finish her words, Madame Song heard it and asked too: "What happened? What happened to Tian Mi?"

Gu Dong Cheng pulled Tian Mi inside: "Grandma, Tian Mi's face was scraped by the fruit knife, she was careless…."

Madame Song looked at her, indeed her face was wrapped by gauze: "Tian Mi, come here."

Tian Mi came over and Madame Song examined her carefully: "How could you be so careless? Dong Cheng, what did you do? Why don't you take a good care of her? How could you let her use any fruit knife? Is it serious? You should know that woman loves beauty, for woman, face is the most important thing, is it deep? Could it be cured?"

Madame Song asked continuous and lot of questions. Tian Mi shook her head: "It's okay, it's not deep."

"Then it's good." Madame Song sighed. "It's good that it will not leave any mark. It should be treated well, but now you are pregnant, you couldn't be in surgery. We just can wait. You are too careless…"

Madame Song was really feel sorry for her, and patted Tian Mi's hand and sighed.

Tian Mi lowered her head and controlled her emotion: "Grandma, I know…"

"It's been a long time since the last time I saw you. So I asked Dong Cheng about you, he said that your are not really in a good health. How are you? Is it better now? Did you guys just go to have a pregnancy check up? How's your kid?"

Tian Mi didn't answer her question, she just gripped Madame Song's hand tightly and bowed her head.

Looking at this condition, Gu Dong Cheng came over and placed his hand on Tian Mi's shoulder: "The doctor said that the baby is very healthy, so Grandma, you just relax."

Madame Song showed a smile: "Good good. But although she is a girl, but she seems to be naughtier than a boy. How could she love to disturb her mama, later on when she is born she should be a very lively and cute little girl."

Tian Mi was really clear what was Gu Dong Cheng's intention to come over, stand beside her and place his hand on her shoulder. He was asking her to not mess around and make trouble.

Tian Mi smiled toward Madame Song, her smile was somewhat stiff.

She really wanted to shake off his hand from her shoulder!

Madame Song coughed several time, she seized the opportunity to wave off his hand: "Grandma, drink some water."

"Okay." Madame Song drank the water.

She looked at Tian Mi: "Tian Mi, your pregnancy is harder, you need to take care and get a good rest. Now there is a lot of problems in Song family, Dong Cheng is so busy and has less time to accompany you, for this grandma feel very sorry toward you…."

"Grandma what are you saying, I'm okay." Tian Mi looked at Gu Dong Cheng. Now she hoped that Gu Dong Cheng wouldn't show up anymore in front of her.

Looking at him, she would remember everything that he did.

Tian Mi hadn't come out for several days, she had not time to communicate and interact with. She was locked inside the room and monitored. She didn't want to see him or talk with him.

Now she was here with Madame Song, she was unwilling to leave quickly.

She sat down and chatted with everyone.

Because now there was a lot of trouble, the situation was a bit critical. This moment they were talking about uncritical topic, they tried to avoid that topic, they just talked about the happy things.

They were talking about Song Wei Xi's recovery after the surgery and Tian Mi's pregnancy.

Gu Dong Cheng also was not in hurry to leave the hospital. He was sitting down on the sofa and watching them.

During their chat, for once Tian Mi went to the restroom. Then when she returned they continued their chat.

The time passed very quickly, Tian Mi also stayed there for two hours. Madame Song felt Tian Mi's health was not really good so she was afraid that she would be too tired so she asked Gu Dong Cheng to bring her home to get a rest.

Gu Dong Cheng stood up and smiled: "Okay, Grandma."

He also said: "I will go to the restroom for a while."

Tian Mi looked at his leaving figure, she smiled coldly.

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