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"So you mean, Gu Dong Cheng, since the beginning it is your plan.." She looked at him: "How much do you hate Song family that you need to do all of this, you even killed the kid inside Su Ran…..

Gu Dong Cheng held both of Tian Mi's hand: "Because Song Wei Xi is the root of Song family. The old woman loves him so much. If he is dead, all of Song family member will receive the utmost attack…."

He hadn't finished his words, Tian Mi exerted her greatest power to slap him ruthlessly: "Gu Dong Cheng, you are really despicable!"

Tian Mi hit him continuously.

Gu Dong Cheng didn't stop her. When she was out of breath and her palm was hurt, he just held both of her hands again: "Are you done?"

This moment her hands were gripped tightly by him, she couldn't let him loosen his grip. She just glared at him: "Gu Dong Cheng, you've done so many mean things, you harm a lot of people, you will not live that easy!

"Don't you think to keep on going. I will let Ran Ran and Song Ting Yu know about your action. Gu Dong Cheng you are so mean. Song Ting Yu wouldn't think that you are the master-planner of this. They all trust you and see you as their relatives. You are a bastard, you want to ruin the whole Song family!"

Gu Dong Cheng smiled coldly: "I tell you Tian Mi. If it's not because of two old people, my parents would not be dead. Jiang Rou will not be dead. Jiang Rou's death is related with Song Ting Yu. That year that two old people used every possible ways to stop us to stay together. Even they employed someone to watch me. They stopped me to go out. I let Song Ting Yu to look for Jiang Rou, but he didn't go to find her so Jiang Rou is dead. My parents, Jiang Rou. All of them is dead because of Song family. Shouldn't I avenge them. What will happen if you heard it? You think I will let you have chance to tell them?"

"Gu Dong Cheng, you stay together with just because of my face right? Just because my similar appearance with Jiang Rou that you like me right? Gu Dong Cheng, I am really blind that I could be together with you. I never thought that the man slept beside me, unexpectedly is a devil. I want to get divorce with you! Divorce!" Tian Mi's eyes were red.

Gu Dong Cheng just looked at her coldly: "You think with your want to divorce, you can get a divorce? Now you still have my kid…."

"I will abort this kid right now…."

"You dare!" Gu Dong Cheng yelled, his voice was so intense that one can feel the goosebumps. He pressed her down on the bed.

Tian Mi started to struggle free again. She used both her hands and legs. She hoped that she could be set free from this man. He never loves her, he keeps on keeping her because of her face. Moreover, he just used her.

"Why do you think I wouldn't dare? Gu Dong Cheng, I hate you! I hate you bitterly!" Tian Mi couldn't be free, her tears started to fall down. Luckily Gu Dong Cheng placed his hand in front of her face so she bit him.

It was her second time tonight to bite him.

He just stayed calm.

"Whatever, I don't care if you hate me or not…" The time Tian Mi said "hates….", Gu Dong Cheng's movement was stiffen for a while. He said with his hoarse voice: "You can do whatever you want, but Tian Mi, a divorce, no way…"

Tian Mi wiped her tears : "Even if I'm dead, I will not be together with you!"

She took her phone from the bedside and tried to hide it. Gu Dong Cheng didn't pay attention to it. However he soon found out her action because of his sharp eyes. He took his phone "Bang—. It fell to the ground.

"Who would you call? Su Ran?"

"It's too unfortunate, it's too late. You will have no chance…" Gu Dong Cheng pressed her shoulder and let her unable to move: "Tian Mi, it's better for you to be good. Just be good and stay by my side. I will treat you well."

"I don't cherish it." Tian Mi glared at him,.

"It's not up to you." Gu Dong Cheng kept his hands on her shoulder.

"Gu Dong Cheng, you are a bastard. It's best that you let me go…"

This moment Tian Mi had lost all of her rationality, she just felt so disgusted and wanted to leave him far far away.

Gu Dong Cheng just looked at her and didn't care of her struggle. He just kept his calm: "Tian Mi, your words are true. Indeed I don't love you, I've never love you. I am with you because of your face. Because you look like Jiang Rou, right? Especially your eyes, it's simply a exact copy. I promise to be together with Jiang Rou forever. But she has gone for several years, until I met you….."

Tian Mi was hurt and cried hurtfully. Now she almost mentally-collapsed. She couldn't accept the fact this man is a real devil. Now hearing how he admitted that he never loves her and regarded her as a substitute.

She cried until she was out of breath.

After he said it, he just looked at her and didn't say anything. After she cried and calmed down, her eyes were looking at ceiling.

Gu Dong Cheng slowly let her go: "For the last time let me remind you, I will not let you leave."

Tian Mi just looked at the ceiling and didn't respond.

Gu Dong Cheng looked at her for the last time and noticed her tears. He just stood up and took the phone. He threw the broken phone to the trash bin.

"This period of time, it's better for you to just stay at home. Don't you go anywhere. I will ask someone to watch you. Don't you dare to communicate with Su Ran, or tell anything to Song family." He continued, "I will cut down all the communication and line at home."

Tian Mi was still quiet.

Gu Dong Cheng thought it was really strange. When he was about to turn, he suddenly heard something sharp and clear. He immediately turned his head.

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