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Afterwards Madame Song looked for Gu Dong Cheng.

"Grandma fainted because she was fighting with them?" Su Ran asked.

"No." Gu Dong Cheng shook his head: "Grandma let me find the family of the assistant and chatted with them, she let me to ask them to not appear on public again…."

"Finally I came there and noticed that the mistress cut her wrist to suicide. Grandma was worried about this matter and fainted."

Su Ran and Song Ting Yu looked at each other, Song Ting Yu pursed his lips: "So how's the woman now?"

"We discovered her quickly then immediately sent her to the hospital. The doctor said that the cut is not deep so it's okay. But most people know about her attempt….."

At first all the media and netizens were attacking Song family and Song company, especially at Song Ting Yu. After tis matter, now it would be too even more troublesome.

Su Ran already didn't want to look at the rumors online.

The rumors definitely totally refuted Song Ting Yu and Song family.

When they arrived at the hospital, they were a lot of reporters surrounded, but they were stopped by the media at the entrance.

Those reporters supposedly heard the news of that woman's attempted suicide so they came over to check the situation.

When they wanted to come out, they were afraid that there would be problems so they especially asked Tang Zi Chu to pick them out. Those reporters didn't recognize them so they could get inside smoothly.

If not they definitely would be blocked outside.

After that woman was conscious, she would definitely accept the interview. Didn't know what would she say, she definitely would want to make matter worese.

But now Song Ting Yu didn't have heart to think about those matter, he just looked at the surgery room's door.

The door was opened and the doctor-in-charge came out.

"Doctor, how's the patient?" Su Ran asked.

"Madame Song suffers a paralyzing stroke, but she is sent here without delay so she is okay now. But her body is still weak, don't let her to receive any shocking news. Moreover, she needs a peaceful time to recover. I hope you all could understand."

"Okay, thank you doctor."

Hearing this, all the people were relieved.

Finally she was okay.

Very quickly, Madame Song was pushed to the patient room.

The surgery took a long time, it's late night now. Su Ran told Gu Dong Cheng: "Brother Dong Cheng, you can go home first. Let me take care of Grandma here. Tian Mi was at home, she needs you."

No one told Tian Mi about what happened today, they were afraid that she would be worried. Now Madame Song had passed the critical condition so it's okay.

Gu Dong Cheng nodded and patted Song Ting Yu's and Su Ran's shoulder: "Then I will go home first. If you have some problems, call me."


Gu Dong Cheng returned home. Tian Mi had finished taking her shower, she was sitting down in front of the TV. She fell asleep.

She hugged her pillow.

The one that was employed to take care of Tian Mi also waited for Gu Dong Cheng's return. The time he was back, she said: "Mr Gu, then I will go home first."

Gu Dong Cheng nodded: "Okay."

He changed his shoes and came over to Tian Mi's side. He took the remote control and turned off the TV. Then he carried her upstairs and placed her down on the bed. He covered her body with a thick blanket.

He took the shower and went to hte study room.

Because she didn't personally saw Gu Dong Cheng's return so the time she awake and realized she was on the bed. She knew that Gu Dong Cheng was home.

This moment he was not in the room, he definitely was busy with his work.

Gu Dong Cheng always works until late at night.

Tian Mi was somewhat worried about him, she pulled her blanket and wore her slipper. The time she passed the study room. Indeed she saw the light was on. So she came down and took a glass of milk and returned upstairs.

The door was unlocked, she opened the door.

Gu Dong Cheng's back was facing her. He was calling someone.

At first she wanted to wait until he was done and passed the glass of milk. But because it took a long time and she was tired. So she planned to put in on his table and let him to drink it.

She came closer to the table.

Probably because Gu Dong Cheng was too immersed on his call, he didn't notice Tian Mi's approach. Tian Mi had stood beside her and she heard he said: "I will give Zhang An Nan to you, take care of him…."

Zhang An Nan…..

Tian Mi knew about Zhang An Nan because Zhang An Nan gave the drugs to Su Hao and Su Hao gave it to Chen Jing to harm Su Ran.

Moreover the time of Lin Cheng Huan's accident was related to him.

Didn't all this time Gu Dong Cheng keep on helping Song Ting Yu to look for Zhang An Nan, was it?

When she was about to ask question, she heard Gu Dong Cheng said: "Lin Tian You….."

This name let her to be dumbstruck

Lin Tian You…..

Lin Cheng Huan's step-brother, the one that harmed Lin Cheng Huan and let him lose his legs. For having control over Lin company, he ruthlessly attacked Lin Cheng Huan.

This moment, Tian Mi was blank.

She even couldn't believe what she heard, she looked at Gu Dong Cheng's back. The glass on her grip fell down and created a loud sound.

Gu Dong Cheng turned his body and looked at him

Without caring about the broken glass, she even stepped on it. She looked at Gu Dong Cheng and her voice brought a shiver: "Do I hear it wrong?"

Gu Dong Cheng pursed his lips and didn't say anything.

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